Notice on the convening of the 2013-2014 Interim General Meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen

Notice on the convening of the 2013-2014 Interim General Meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen

Service teams:

        In view of the need to amend the Articles onotice用法f Lions Club Shenzhen (2002 edition), and in accoclub怎么读rdance with the relevant provisions of the arlions怎么读ticles of Lions Club Shenzhintermediateen, the 2013-2014 annual Board of Lions Club Shenzhen has discussed and approved, the 2intermittent013-2014 annual Temporary member Representative Meeting of Lions Club Shenzhen is scheduled to be held on January 19, 2014 (Sunday). In order to make good preparations for the convening of the provisional General Meeting of members, the relevant matters are hereby notifiegeneralbutchd as follows:

       I. Meegeneraltingclubs time: January 19, 2014 (Sundameetingy) 2pm & MDash; 6 PM

        Venue: Multi-functionclubmed官网预订 Hall, Lilions是什么意思ons Club Office, Shenzhen

&nmeeting怎么读英语bsp;    generalbutch  Participnotice同义词ants: ex officclubmedio representatives of the 11thlion是什么意思中文翻译 Annual Convention ofclubs Lions Clclub翻译ub shenzhen and elected member representatives of each service team

      &conveningnbsp;Imeetingv. Membership Representative Qualification:

       According to the articles of Association ofclubmed Lions Club shenzhen and the resolution on the election and Qualification of the 11th Annualgeneralization Convention of Lionotice的形容词ns Club Shenzhen, the ex officio representatives of the 11th Annual Convention of Lions Club Shenznotice用法hen and the elected members’ representatives of thclubmede service teams shall exercise the membershilionsp rights.
&nbspclub用英语怎么说;      1. Each service team shalmeetingsl elect one official represnotice过去式entative for every 10 members accordnoticeding to thelions actual number of members who have pmeetingsaid the membership dues by June 6, 2013. If a servmeetingice team with less than 10 memclub是什么意思bers does not have a delegatnoticeablee, one delegate can be sent to attend the annual meeting. Thisclub delegate does not have a vote. In order to ensure full attendance at the annual conference, each full delegate may ellions英语怎么读ect one deputy delegate.meeting If one of the principal representatives is unable to attend tgeneralhe annual meeting for any reason, theclubmed alternate deputy representative shall attend the annuclubmanal meetinconveningg.
       2. During the periodnotice翻译 when the general Assembly is not in session,generally there will be no additional member representatives (including new sernotice用法vice teams established after Jmeeting的音标une 6, 2013, new members who join the asnotice用法sociation, and old members who pay membership dues).
      &nbsinterim和temporary区别p;3. The former director and members of the disclub翻译trict counnotice翻译cil from 2012 tomeetings 2013 are ex officio representatives ameeting是什么意思中文翻译nd do not occupy the quota of representatives of each service tnoticeableeam.
    &nclubmedbsp;  4meeting腾讯会议. The qualifications of representatives are examined by the Credentials Commimeetingttee.

       V. Main conmeetingtents: Review and approve the Constitution of Shenzhen Lions Club (clubmedRevised).

       Six, dress: wear red dress

       Member representatives are requested to reply your attendance status to szlionsnotice过去式_pub@163.cclub翻译om by January 4, 2014.
       Office conotice的固定搭配ntact: Zhang Lichen 25688890, Li Jiangping 25688590. Fax: 25688900.  
       This temporary general meeting is very important. We hope that the presidents of the service teams will pay attention to thlions英语怎么读is matter, assist in the organization of the general meeting, and mobilize the representatives of the members of the service teams to acclubstively participate in the business and attend the meeting as scheduled.

       Notice is hereby given.
  &meetingyou是什么意思nbsp;    Wish the lion luck changlong!


       1. Resogeneral什么意思中文lution on The Election and Qualification of delegates to the 11th Annual Conference of The Lions Club of Shenzhgeneralize是什么意思en

    &lions翻译nbsp;  2. List of delegates for the 11th Annual Convention olions的音标f Lions Club Shenzhen (as of June 6, 2013)

                         generally         Shegeneralnzhen Lions Club
                  &nnotice是什么意思bsp;             2013-2014 Director Wu Xiaoming
                  Dmeetingyou是什么意思ecember 11, 2013lions的音标

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