Pengbo Elite Service Team: hold the first regular meeting of 2018-2019

Pengbo Elite Service Team: hold the first regular meeting of 2018-2019

On September 21, 2018, the first regular meeting of Pengbo Elitemeetings Service T鹏博金属行情报价万千商机领先eam of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfuteams会议lly held in Zhengyuan Buildingserviceman of Yantian, Dongguan. Peteamsngbo elite service team captain Hu Jianbo, the last captain Sun Weifeng, the first vice captain Wang Yanfei, the second vice captainhold的过去式和过去分词 Dai Kaidong, the third vice captain Fang Zhouchang, financfirst是什么意思ial Zhou Yang, generalteam是什么意思翻译 affairs Hong Xingen and other 30 people attended the meeting. The meeting wateamviewers presiservice翻译ded ovefirstlyr by Zhang Sanfeng as the chairman of the cfirstlyonference.

Jian-bo hu captain summarizes the eldfirsthanderly and disabled care pinghu as kang center activities, praiselite翻译ed the preparations at the eholderarly stage of the "student" sichuan liangshan and activitiesmeeting是什么中文意思 in the process of actively pteambitionay lion, unveiled a service plan, in the firselitest half of the student to respect of zhejiang activities in November and December of hunan chanelite俱乐部中的鞭打gsha studentfirst怎么读英语 activities are explained briefly. He hoped that lion friends would do a good job inservice怎么读 the activities of respecting and caringregularization for the elderly and helping the disabled, and serhold是什么意思ve the pteameople in need with a sincere heart so that they could feel the warmth of the society a鹏博金属行情报价万千商机领先nd the great love of lions Club.

Sun Weifeng, the former team leader, made a detailed explanation on the activity of helping students anteamd respecting the elderfirstname填姓还是名ly in Zhejiang province in November, and said that the service activity was the top priority of the work of the service team, and hoped that everyone would actively participate in and contrimeeting腾讯会议bute their own strength.

The particiregular的所有形式pants had a heatelitepain鞭打俱乐部12ed discussion on the recent service activities of lion fri蓬勃ends, and made suggestions on perfecting the service details, standardizing the prservicebioocess and paying attention to the substance. They all said that they wouteamold actively participate in the serregularityvice activities and鹏博金属行情报价万千商机领先 inherit lhold键是什么功能ion culture.

By Zhou Yangtu/Hu Jianboregularly

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