Forward | about lions 57th session of the far east and southeast Asia international convention related products, services, design and manufacture the tender notice

Forward | about lions 57th session of the far east and southeast Asia internationaleast翻译 convention related plions怎么读roducts, services,farm design aeasternd manufacture the tendesessionstorager notice


The lions 57th session of the far east and soutasian读音heast Asia international convention (hereinafter refabouterred to as the convention) organising committee commissioned, the conference organising committee according to the bidding prlions怎么读ocurement bidding group meabout-facethod and other related regulations, in line with the principle of "fair, just and open", to achieve optimal choice VI design and produc桃花源记翻译tion ssoutheastern怎么读ervices provider, ensure the quality of service, product, For the purpose osession的中文意思f shortening the service cycle and reducing the cost, we are now conducting public bidding for pfarerocurement of supplies, service design and production, costume design and production, and souvenir design and production services for the conference. Enterprises with certain credit, design and production capabilities are invited to parfarewellticipate inlions翻译中文 the bidding. Please refer to the attachment for details.

Welcome teast翻译o participate anfarmerd bid in time.


1.Notice of Tender 001- Assembly supplies, services VI design and produfarm怎么读ction

2.Notice of Tender 002- Costume Design and Production

3.Notice of Tender 003- Souvenir Design and Manufacture

4.Lions International 57th Far East and Southeforward英语怎么说ast Asia Convention visual identity system

National Lions Association

February 23, 2018

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