Join Hands for a Better Future -- The first joint meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club in Zone 1 of 2018-2019 was successfully held

Join Hands for a Better Future -- The first joint meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club in Zone 1 of 201better off8-2019 was successfully held

On December 2nd, the first joint meetingbetter翻译 olions翻译中文f Lions Club of Shenzhen for 2018-2019 was held in Luyuexuan, 2 / F donghua Holiday Inn, Nanshan District. The participants discussed the service activities of the service teams in zone 1 and donation of Huashi Award, and arranged the "Llions翻译ovelion是什么意思 in Yilu Deep Lion Action" of Jiangxi Probetter原级vince and the joint community service activities in Zofuturehendrixne 1.

Chairman Liao Wing-fai reported on the service activitlions的音标ies, attendance abetter原级t two dmeeting翻译istrict council meetings and donjoin翻译ation of Chinese Lion Award blions读音y the service teamsfirstname填姓还是名 in Region 1 this year. He hoped that the secretary of the sfirst是什么意思ervice team would implement the declaration of service activitijoin翻译es and ensure that all service activities were carried out in a stfuture糖果andarmeeting是什么意思中文翻译dized and orderly mannhands怎么读er. We call on all the service teamsfirst to participate in the activities of thefirst怎么读英语 club and donate the Lion Awlions翻译ards to contribute to the development of shenzhen Lions Club. With regard to the "Love in Yilu" And the joint Community service activities in Zone 1, Chairman Liao wing-fai mobilized two or three representatives from each servbetter怎么读ice team to parmeetingsticipate in the activities and proposed to set up a working group to implement the implementation plan of the activities in advance.

Weng Hua, the first vice President of CCPIT Xiamen, imeetingyou是什么意思ntroduced the origin, return method and donation status of Huashi Award. At the samebetter是什么意思 time, he called on everyone to participate in and support tfuture糖果he 2019 New Year charity gala and practice the Lions' spiritmeeting of "Going Abroad". 

Chairman Sun cjoint是什么意思huan-xiang introduced tfirsthat this year'slion是什么意思 community service work will be carr深圳疫情ied out in the way of "official guidancemeeting怎么读英语, district club setting, district guidance and service team recognition". He emphasized that community service is the foundation of Lions Club, and proposed that all service teams jointly carry out activities and strive to enhancefuture翻译 the influence of Lions Club shenzhen. He said the Cjoin的过去式ommunity Service Committee wouldjointly fully support and assismeetingst the teams in carrying out joint service activitiesjoin的过去式.

Chairman Luo Guanqi reported on the activities of helping the disabled this year, expressing the hope that all service teams will activelymeeting腾讯会议 carry out targeted activities to help the disabled and promote the integratibetter是什么意思on of the disabled and深圳疫情 health.

Tanlions英语怎么读 Fei, Cao Yingwang, Zhang Li, Chen Guangxi and other district chairmen delivered speeches respectively, introducing the mjoint造句ain joint service actihandshakevities carried out by their respebetter怎么读ctive distr深圳疫情最新动态icts in the pastlion是什么意思中文翻译 six months, praising the outstanding service team leaders, and encouraging the lion friends to donate the Hua Lion Award and play an active rolejoint venture in setting an example.

Represlions翻译entatives of the service teams, such as Blue Sky, Earth, Main association, Oriental Rosejointheclub是谁 and Nature, also came to the stage to introduce the main service projects of the service team and share their work experience in the past six mbetter怎么读啊英语onths.

Deputy Suphandsome是什么意思ervisor Zhang Hongxialion是什么意思中文翻译ng reporjointsted the work progfirstress深圳天气 of the Board of Supervisors in the past six months, and said that all members of the Board of Supervisors would pledge to donate the Huasheng Award.

The last president of Neptune tijoin是什么意思an praised the nature and other service teams for their progress in lion standards. He strjointsessed thlions的音标e importance of standardizihandshakeng the management of service activities and hoped that all service teams would focus on local services. At the same time, he thanked shenzhen lion friendlionss on behalf of Zou Kuofeng selfless help, for him to hold up afuture4200 piece of hope,betterment的意思 let him ihands-onn the face of serious illness without febetterar of wind and rain.

President Ma Min commendedhands怎么读 the 27 exce深圳大学llent service teams in Zone 1. She exphands-onressed her full support to district 1 united Cbetter怎么读啊英语ommunity Service and Jiangxi Province's "Yi Lu Love Deep Lion Action", and the lion friends to carrjoint造句y out semeeting是什么意思中文翻译rvices in Jiangxi province. She once again stressed the impofuture是什么意思rtance of localized service and hoped that the service team would actively carry out community servlions翻译中文ice to spread the love footprint of Shenzhemeetingsn Lions Clublions英语怎么读 throughout Shenzhen and enhance the social reputation of Shenzhen Lions Club. I hope all lion friends go hand in hand to create a bettelions读音r tomorrow.

Shenzhen lions club President of 2018-2019, Ma Min, the last President of tian wang, vice President of the first WengHua, deputy secretary-genera深圳疫情最新动态l Zhang Homeeting是什么意思ngxiang long, long picket Peng Daojian, deputy secretary, Eva static Liao Ronghui, chairman of the zone, NieXiangDong, Xu Qfirsthandiubin, Du Peng, Tan Fei, chairman of the partition, the operation should be prosperous,meeting怎么读英语 lily, guang-xi Chenfuture怎么读音, zhang jian supervisors, board of supervisors secretary-general Li Aijun, Mr Suen Chuen-xiang, Chairman of Community Service Committee, Mr Law Kwon-chfuture是什么牌子i, Chairman of Poverty Alleviation and Assistance Commi深圳大学ttee, and representatives from service teams in Zone 1 attended the meeting. The meeting was chairfuture糖果ed by Mr. Liao Ronghui ajointnd Mr. Meng Chun.

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