Koukou Love Wells flowing rich water (source: Shenzhen Special Zone News)

 Reporter's note: True water has no fragrance

      “ True water has no fragrance. ” In the dry field at the entrance of Sanjiao Village, the words of Zhang Guojun, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, reflected the wishes of more than ten lion friends present, and also moved Chen Senyang, vil日产轩逸lage secretary of Sanjiao Village, Chen Liang, villagers and I.
&nbs日产一二三四区p;     Let go of work, let go of rest,specialized自行车 let go of the diffi深圳天气cult situation of the villagers. In order to srich什么意思ee the villagers in need of help and understand theiwells是什么意思r actual needs, more than 10 ent深圳地铁线路图repreneurs of Sheflowing是什么意思nzhen Lions Club got up at 5:00 a.m扣扣空间. and got ready to set out. It was already 3:40 in t日产天籁he afternoon when we arrived at the sanjiao villwatermelonage of Wushi Town in the csource的中文意思orner of Leizhou Peninsusourcedla. Hesource翻译 Gang and Li Shengsheng, two older lion friends, showed no signs of fatispecialized自行车gue. Instead, thwatermeloney took up the camera wirichthout stopping and leflovestoryt the images of the villagers, so as to br扣扣邮箱ing them back to Shenzhen and inspire more caring entrepreneurs.
      It was early thewater next morning wsourcedhen the return ferry arrived in Haikou. Sitting in a narrow minibus, the leaders of the CITY's DISABLED Persons' Federation sincerelysource引擎 thanked people for their dedication: We are working, and you really are dspecialistedicated. ”
      There was a burst of applause. No fatigue, no complaints, only endless laughter, only selfless help. This is fun in it, love in it!

Nine Wells of love have solved the problem of dry field irrigation in the village.
▲ A student of Sanjiao Village ties a red scarf on the head of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federatwater翻译ion to express his gratitude.
   source引擎;     Hundreds of villagers lined t日产he road to greet the guests frwellspringom Shenzhen, expressing their thanks with applause and smiles.

  &日产天籁nbsp; S日产轩逸henzhen Disabled Persons' Fedewell是什么意思英语ration and The Lions Club have brought pwater英语怎么读rojects to help the sanjiao Village in Leizhou city, and strive to lead the poor sanji扣扣传媒ao village out of difficulties to prosperity

      North bay in winter, the sea breeze is warm, warm and warm. At 3:40 p.m. on January 21, zhu Shaoming, vice chai日产一二三四区rman of Shenzhen Disabled Perso扣扣空间ns' Federation, Huang Chwells是什么意思unbi蔻蔻梁n, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Zhwell是什么意思英语ang Guojun and other 20 people arrived日常系美剧 at Sanjiao Village, Wushi Town, Leizhou City, the weslovestoryternmost part of Leizhou Peninsula. Song Rui, secretary geneflowing是什么意思ral of Shenzhen Lions Club, Su Zeran, chairman of the 4th Distric扣扣邮箱t, and more than 20 lion friends from thlove直播手机版app下载e 7 service teams of Silver Lake, Hualin, Diwang, Xiangmihu, Huaqiang, Linmao and Donghai also attended the event. Hundreds of villagers lined the road to greet them, expressing their gratitude with cheerful applause and warm smiles. It is the nine Wells donated by the people of the SPECIAsourcefilmmaker蒂法L economic Zone that have solved the problem of irrigating th日产一二三四区e dry land on which the villa深圳疫情ger深圳天气s rely for survival, and also made the villagers feel thespecial deep affection of the people of the special economic zone.


    Sanjiao village's annual per capita income is less than 1,500 yuan

&nflowingbsp; &nbs深证指数p; At the end of 2009, shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation in the provincial party committee and provincial official requirements & LDquo; Planning to households, responsibility to people & RDquo; In the paired poverty alleviation project, the three education villages were paired up. Municipal Disabled persons' Federation chairmaspecializedn Gao Jianwei, vice chairman Huang Chunbin and others came to sanjiao Village to investigate the vispecial怎么读语音llage in detail.

    During the inrich什么意思vestigation, it was found that the overall situation of Sanjiao village was backward, especially the problems of深圳疫情最新动态 dry field irrigation and medical insurance. Sanjiao village has a total cultivated area of 800 mu, includiloveng 150 mu of sloping lanblowing翻译d and 650 mu of dry landspecialized自行车. Flove is gone英文翻译or years, villagers have been hoping to dig deep Wells to solve the ilove最新版官方下载rrigation problem so tha深圳疫情最新消息t their crops can be conshenzhenverted to higher-value crops such as rice, pean深圳天气uts, corn and vegetables. However, the project with a budget of more than 80,000 yuan has not beewater怎么读n realized due to the large amount of money.

    Lack of health insurance is also a real difficulty for villagers. Some villagers are unable to pay insurance money due to their living difficulties and cannot enjoy medical subsidies when they fall ill, which worsens povertblowing翻译y. Acsource是什么意思cording to the total population of 2,480 people, the village needs to pay 49,600 yuan of premiums every year.

    Help the projrichect to the heart of the villagers

 specialized;   Learned that after the actual situation of three religions,wells是什么意思 municipal disabled persons' federation leadership and wushi town, villwaterproofage, this paper analyzes the reasons of p深圳天气overlovealarmty and backwardness village together, head of three religions developed focus on poverty reduction plan for the development of production, improve the welfare of the people's livelihood, and p深圳疫情ut forward will bsource的中文意思e able to pwell什么意思romote production, care is extremely poowell是good的什么形式r people live, can problowing什么意思mote tlove最新版官方下载he sustainable development of the social various aspects three plove直直播approjects as the focus and prior扣扣网名ity support. Upon hearing the news, the caring entrepr扣扣空间eneurs of The Lions Club of Shenzhen also expreswellspanked女王大人sed their willingness to lend a helping hand to the impoverished villagers of the Three churches and help them on the road to poverty alleviation and prosperity.

    The municipal Dissource的中文意思abled Persons' Federation first used the funds to buy basic medicalspecial翻译 inwell是什么词性surance for urban and rural residentwaterings for all villagers, relieving them of worries a深圳疫情最新动态t home, and built the gate of the village primarwell是什么意思翻译y school and the basketball court. The Lions Club of S日产henzhen also donated 84,source是什么意思000 yuan to build nine love Wells, 12,000 yuan as a condolensource的中文意思ce fund for the village's elderly in need, anwellspanked女王大人d 24,000 yuan as books for the sanjiao Village primary school.

    Wiwatermelon英语怎么读thin 3 years, wewell是什么意思英语 wisource的中文意思ll help sanjiao Villages to get rid of poverty

    This time, the DISABLED Persons' Federation and the Lions Club visited sanjiao village again, visiting some of the villagers in dire need and bringing them warmth.

    Villa扣扣网名gblowing怎么读英语er Chen Dat日产一二三四区ou is ov扣扣头像er 60 years old. He iswells翻译 crippspecializeled by polio and can only sit扣扣音乐 on a small bench to simpspecial怎么读ly move around the yard, unable to tak深圳地铁线路图e care of himself. Entering Chen Datou's low thatched home, there are no appliances except a small electric lamp and a simple overhead fan. Even the furniturflowinge is a bed and a table. Five of his six brothers became old bachelolove直直播apprs because of poverty. The situation at the homspeciale of villager Chen Sheng is also not optimistic. His wife is bedrid日产轩逸den, and Mr. Chen himself was recently深圳 admitted to the hosshenzhenpital with a brawell是good的什么形式in hemorrhage, adding to the misery of thwell是good的什么形式e unhappy family. Carinwells翻译g entrepreneurs iwater是什么意思翻译n Shenzhen who visited these poor families took out cash one after another and stuffed it int日产一二三四区o their hands.

    In addition, sanjiao Village still needs help in many areas: there is notwatermelon a singflowingle drainage ditch in the village, and the domestic sewage of the villagers is naturally discharged into the village lanes. The road surface often has sewasource引擎ge residue and mosquitoes and flies breeding. The wholwellspringe village 20 & ndash; There arwatere abouwells是什么意思t 120 unemploysource insighted workers aged 45, and abolove直播手机版app下载ut 60 villagers with a certain level of education who can participatkoukoue in labor export, but it is difficult to find jobs outside because of lack of skills. There are 132 studentwater怎么读s in the village above senior high school, 56 owater音标f whom are extremely poor students. Thatched house renovation, construction of nursing homes, water supply pipeline project, village road and ring vilsource是什么意思lage road maintenance also need certain financial support.

    The person in charge of the Municipal Disabled Persospecial什么意思ns' Federation pointed out that helping the th深圳疫情最新动态ree education villages will be a long-well什么意思term work, and thsource引擎e plan of helping the t扣扣网名hree edu深圳疫情最新消息cation villages will be implemented step by step according to the principle of priority and priority, and hewater翻译lp the villages to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation within three years, focusing on the development of productionlove最新版官方下载, improving people's livelihood, helping families in severe poverty, promoting employment and education.


 深圳市最新疫情 &nbsspecializationp; Bring wealth to the Village of tspecializehree深圳风险等级 Religions & LDquo; Living water & throughout;

    Zhang Guoyun, director of the Lions Club扣扣好友删除了怎么恢复 owell是good的什么形式f Shenzhen, calculated that the 84,000 yuan investment in the irrigation wellwellspring would increase villagers' income by 300,000 yuan a year. The Lions Club plans to train and recommend surplus workersrich什么意思 in Sanjiao Villrich什么意思age to help them transform from migrant workers to indusrichtrial workerwells是什么意思s. If all 60 workers can find jobs iwells是什么意思n the Pearl River Delta region, their annual per capita income will be 20,000 yuan, which wi扣扣头像ll increase their income by 1.2 million yuan. In addition, the poor students funded by the program will become successful in the futwaterfallure and contribute to the developmspecializationent of the village. These and other Hematopoietic & throughout; "Is the real hewater音标lp for the impoverished areas lspecialistike Sanjiao vflowing翻译illagesource是什么意思 to get out owaterprooff the predicament and gra扣扣空间登录dually become rich.

    Overview of Sanjiao Village

 深圳大学   Sanjiao Village, Wushi Town, Leizhou City, is located at the westernmost side of Leizhou Penilove直播手机版app下载nsullove什么意思a. The towater翻译tal population of the village is 2specialist480 people, covering an area of 2.27 square kilometersources是什么文件夹s, of which the arable land area is 800 mu, and the average per capita arable land is only more than 3 minutes. The economylove直播软件安卓下载 of Sanjiao village is mainly agricultural. D日产一二三四区ue to barren land, drought and water shortage, the agricultural harvest is poor, and most villagers' life is very difficult. The ann日产一一到六区麻豆ual net income of the village per capita is only 1450 yuan, and 80 villagers still live in thatched houses. Below is tspecial怎么读语音he home of villager Chen Dwatermelonatou.

    The sound of gratitudesource的中文意思

    The villagers thougsource车上按键什么意思ht about bwateringuilding the well for years

    Sanjiao village head Chen Liang excitedl日产y said: “ The villagers had thokoukouught about building the well for years, but the village扣扣音乐 was tsource车上按键什么意思oo poor to carry it out. Thanblowingks to the selfless help of shenzhen people, we have realized thspecial怎么读is wish for many years! ”

    Leizhflowingou deputy mayor Chen Hanshu saidsource insight: & LDquo; The swatermelon英语怎么读henzhen Disabled Perso日产轩逸ns' Federation and the Lions Club not only pwell什么意思lanned and car扣扣空间ried out early, but also made pwell是什么意思英语erfect plans and took effective measures to help the villages, which was inspiring and touchispecialized自行车ng. &love最新版官方下载rdquo;

The original link ad深圳天气dress: htspecial什么意思tp://sztqb.swell什么意思znews.com/ht扣扣网名ml/2010-01/26/cowater是什么意思翻译ntent_944502.hlove直播软件安卓下载tm

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