High-tech Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2017-2018

High-tech Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2017-2018

On January 18, 2018, the 8th regularheld meeting of 2017-2018 of Shenzhen Lions Club Hiteamviewergh-tech Service Team was successeighth什么意思fully held in "Zia Farm" Hotel, Port Avenue, Shatan Town, Dongguan City. Xiao Xingping, former president of Shenzhen Lionsmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 Club, Deng Yi, chief picket officer, Chen Qunhao, captain of higmeeting翻译h-teregular是什么意思英语ch service team, Yang Taservice和serve的区别o, captain of central District service team and otteamviewerher 38 people attended the meeting. The meetinheld的中文意思g was chaired by Chen Qunhao.

At the meeting, Chen Qunhao summarized the work ofregular反义词 the month; Wang Bo briefed on the results of the "Red Acthighlightion"; Wei Chengqing arranged and mobservice翻译ilized the activities of Jiexi Gmeeting的音标uaregular什么意思ngming Trip, and called on lion Friends to actively participathigh怎么读e in the brand project of high-tech service team. Lion friends hheld的意思是什么ave raised their handregular的名词s to express their approval of this month's activiteighth怎么读音发音英语ies.

After the regular meeting,held的意思是什么 in the New Year's greetings of lion friends, the 2018 Spring Festival fellowhighwayship parheld是hold的什么形式ty of Gaoxin and Central District service teeighth音标am began. Bi Yongtao and Zhang Xuwen hosted the evening party. The host invites lion friends to randomly draw a name from the lotterteams会议y box, and the lion friends who are selected perform on stage, and give their carefully prepared gifts to the raffle winners, atech是什么意思nd so on. Lion friends are all talented, happy atmosphere will be the climax of the party.

On the day of the meeting, zhang Shengxing, the lion friend of the high-tech service team, was happy to have his son. We all offered our best wishes andheld中文 celebrated the birthdays of Bi Yongtao, Zhang Baoqing and Huang Lijuan. Tservice翻译he evening party ended with a sweet birthday song.

By Chen Ying & NBtechnologySP;     Photo/Chen Qtechnologiesunhao & NBSP; BiYongTao & have spehighlightnt Wei Chengqing

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