Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team Transition Ceremony Reference Process (2019-2020)

Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team changing ceremony reference process


First, the hoclub怎么读st on stage opening remarks

The chairman of the assembly began the meeting by ringing the bell

Playing and singiservice怎么读ng the national anthem o深圳疫情最新动态f the People’s Republic of China

Four, play andteamo sing lion songs

Five, introduce guests(Can be introduced by the moderator or chairman, or bteambitiony threference翻译e teamservice是什么意思中文翻译 leader or district council member)

Order of introduction :(if aprocess什么意思中文ny, in the following order. If it is dual status, should be high accorditransitionalng to the post is not low)

1. The President of the Conference (the new First Vice-Captains shall act as the president, or if there is a joint change, all the first Vice-captains shall be introducetransitionald in turn);

2. Leaders of competent units or other official departments (in order of administrative level);

3. Leaders of Lions Club International: Zhang Guoyreference bookun, international Director and former president of Lions Club Shenzhen;

4. Leaders of the Domestic Lion Association (mainly president,深圳 supervisor, vice president, deputyreference格式 supervisor and executive director). At present,reference名词解释 shservice是什么故障灯enzhen lion friends are: Lin Ziyu, supervisor of The Nprocessedational Lion Associatlionsgateion, Zheng Degang, vice president of the National Lion Association; Su Zeran, former supervisor of the National Lion Association);

5. District Chairman, Supervisor, Vice chairman, deputy Supeprocessingrvisor (President Weng Huareference格式, Supervisor Shi Jianyong, last chairman Ma Min, First Vice Chairman Lu Zhiqiang, second Vice Chairman Guo Yongyong, depprocessinguty supceremony用什么介词ervisor Zhang Jian);

6. For深圳大学mer Chairman (current ranking: Xie Jteam什么意思ianwen, Tian Wangxinclubg, Shi Jianyong, Lin Tao, Wu Xiaoming, Xiao Xingplion是什么意思中文翻译ing, Wang Jinliangservice是什么意思中文翻译,processon流程图使用教程 Zhang Weixian, Sun Yun, Sha Haiyu,processor Dai Tshenzhenongxin);

7. Other executive directors (the current order is深圳: Secretary General Du Hengkun, Chief Financialceremony Officer Peng Daojian, Chief Business Officer Liao Ronghui, Chief picket Officelions英语怎么读r Du Peng, Executive Deputy Secretary-general Li Feng);

8. Members of other District councils (please refer to the list in the annual Lions Manual: Deputy Secretary general, Distrilion是什么意思中文翻译ct Chairman, Dservice的名词istrict Chairman);

9. The supervisors; In thetransition-property order of supervisors on your address book.

Also present were senior Advisor, speciserviceableal Assistant to president, committee chairman, executive Chairman and other service teams of Shenzhen Lions ClubLe深圳天气ader, vice leader, etc.

1service怎么读0. Special Assistant to the president and Senior Advisor;

11. Chairman of thceremony复数形式e Committee, Executive Chairman;

12. Service team leader, vice leader and other leading lions.

The president of the Conference delivered a welcome speech

Vii. Team leader of the year 2018-2019 to make work summary(Captain’s Speech 2018-2019)

Viii. Financial Report for 2018-2019(Revenue and expenditure of administrative expenses and service expenses in 2018processon流程图使用教程-2019 financial report)

Ix. Aservice的名词nnualprocessed Recognition

1. Member commendation (award of Outsclub用英语怎么说tanding team member, excellent Team member, etc.);

2. Other commendations (thanks to brother Service Team, other caring personages and caring enterprises)

[The award can be presented by the captain of the year 2018-2019, the founding captain and the former captain, or other guests can be invited to present the award together; The name of the thank-you note signed by the Shenzhen Lions Club ***, the captain of the year 2018-2019 ***, signed and dated by the captain]

Speech by Ma Min, President ofprocesson流程图使用教程 Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019(This link can be omitted if the president is not present)

11. Salute the captains of the year 2018-2019 and all team captains(This link can be omitted)

(According to the actual situation of the service team,It is usual to arrange for two captains to exchange gifts, also can clap hands or send flowersceremony造句 and gifts)

Xii. Handover Ceremony

Handover content: ribbon, bell hammer

The two captains take the stage aservice和serve的区别t the same time, 2018-2019 standing on the left (facing the audience), 2019-2020 standing on the right (facing the alionsgateudience);

【 inviteWclub用英语怎么说itnelions读音sses (usually 3 ~ 5 perteamprosclub翻译ons): Leader of the association, president, supervisor, last president, vice presidteams会议ent, deputy supervisor and secretary general of Sheservicenzhen Lions Club. If the aforementioned leaders do not attend or the number of palions是什么意思rtiprocessing编程语言cipants is not enough, they can aprocesslso invitransition的动词te other standing diretransition-durationctors, deputy secretary-generaceremony翻译l, district chairman and districservice的名词t chairman to witness.]

13. New capprocesstain’s speech(New Annclub用英语怎么说ual Work Plan and Outlook)

14. Team leader’s commitment to team members

The new team leader will introduce the team members of the 2019-2020 service Team Leader and take the stage one by one (if you are ready, you can issue letters of appointment one breference和bibliographyy one).

[Special reminder: the last captain was the natural member of the captain team of the service team. The order of introduction should be: the last captain, the first vice captain, the second vice captain, the third vice captain, secretary, finance, general affairs, picketing and other members of the captain team.]

Led the oath:Theprocess是什么意思 vice president of the district council usually tareferenceerror怎么解决kes the oathprocess. If the vice President is not present, the oath may be taken by otherprocessing standing directors, district chairmen and district chairmen.

The prclub怎么读ison oath:The oath is usually administered by 3-5 guests at深圳疫情最新动态 the top of the list, such as the leader of the asservice的名词soreference格式ciation, the president of shenzhen Lions Club, the overservice是什么意思中文翻译seer, the last president, the vice president, the deputy overseer, the secretary general, etc.]

15. Membership commitment of new members(If there is no new team member, thiceremony的名词s link cateams手机版n be omitted)

[Standing position: New members stand in a row facing the audience, the oath taker stands on the right, the oath supervisor stands on the left]

Led the oath:The oath is usually taken by the district council vice president or secretary general. If vice President and Secretary General are not present or authorized, they may be sworserviceablen by other standing Directors or deputy Secretaryteamo general and regional chairman.

The prison oath:The oath is usually administered by 3-5 guests at the top of the list, such as the leader of the association, the president ofclubs shenzhen Lions Club, the overseer, the last president, the vice presidelions翻译中文nt, the deputy overeference名词解释rseer, the secretary general, etc.]

If p深圳风险等级repared, the oath-warden and the oath-taker will wear the Lions club badge on the new member.

Addressing the session of the presiceremony造句dent(Speech by Weng Hua, President of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020)

(If the president is not present, the first vice President or the second Vice President canlions怎么读 be arranged to speak)

Leaceremony的音标der of the Nationaclub用英语怎么说l Lions Association(or leaders of other units, enterprteam什么意思ise represenclub是什么酒tatives, etc.) speech

(If the leaders of the associatioservice翻译n and other units are not present, this link can be omitted)

18. Membeceremony和celebration的区别rs take photos with guests(service怎么读This link can be omitted)

19. The President of the Cservicebioonference delivered a speech oceremony翻译f appreciation

The chairman tolledtransition造句 the bellprocess是什么意思 and adjourned the meeting

After the bell is rung, guests (federation leaders, district council members, etc.) and service team leaders and teprocess什么意思中文am members ca深证指数n be invited to the stage before thlions的音标e dinner beginsA toastDilions读音nner can be held simultaneouslyArt performance, lucky drawSuch as liclubsnk 】


[Special note: if multiple service teams change the term together, the 7th to 14th agenda should be completed according to their respective service teams, and the 15th agenda can be arranged for all new service team members to take the oath together.]

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