Happiness Service Team: hold the inauguration ceremony of the 2019-2020 annual change of leadership

On June 23, 2019, the inauguration ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club Happiness Service Team for 2019-ceremony造句2020 was held in Xiyong Community, Dapeng New District. Guo Yongyong, the second vice president of Shenzhen Lioceremony是什么意思ns Club for 2hold翻译019-2020, CAI Min, the president of The third Zoneteambition and the former captain of The Happiness Club, Tang SAN, the cservicebioaptain of the Happinesceremony的音标s Club for 2018-2019, Zhang Shengzhou, the captain of the Club for 2019-2020, Lin Xiaoyi, the first vice captain oannual怎么读f the Club, The ceremonyservice翻译 was attended byteamwork 22 people, including the second Vserviceableice-captain designate Cheung Pi-lung, the third viceremony用什么介词ce-Captain designate Chen Hiuhold不住-bin, thehold的过去式和过去分词 secretary designateams会议te Lam Choi Wah and the treasurer designate Zang Rui Yan. The ceremony was presided over by Lin Xiaoyi as thhappiness作文e chairman of the conference.



Lin Xiaoyi gave a speech of welcome and thanked theservice是什么意思中文翻译 lion friends for coming to attend.


Captain Tang sorted out the work of this year, focusing on the happiness award and teaching scholarship, gardener hand in hand, carannualizede for the elderly, jinghappinessliang action, red action, Jiangxi Yiyang aid, Gaozhou Guangming action anhappiness的同义词d other actiinaugurationvities reviewed and summarized. Cao Jiexiong made a financial report, giving a detailed report on the administrative expservice是什么意思enses of the service team and the income, expenditure and baannual的名词lance of the service expenses. The openness and transparency of the financial data of happiness Service team can not be separated from Cao Jiexiong’s rigorous and meticulous work in the past four years. Tinauguration是什么意思hanks for his diligent efforts.


Tang three captain of the happy service team this year outstanding performance, positive dedicatihappiness音标on of lion friends for recoceremony复数形式gnition.

After the end of the awardhold是什么意思s, in the witness of all lion friinaugurationends and guests, Tang three wiceremony怎么读ll be sash and scepteteambitionr handed over to Zhang Shengzhou.

President-elect Zhang shengzhou expressed hiteampros heartfelt thanks to President-elect Guo Yongyong and Captain Tang SAN for their constant suppoteamprort and guidance.inauguration翻译 At the same time, he introduced the focus of the 2019-2020 work of the service team, and set the theme of the New Year as “Helpannual的名词ing each other spread happinesceremony和celebration的区别s”. He hopedhappiness是什么词性 that lion friends woceremony用什么介词uld care more about thappiness的同义词he people arhold翻译ound them and make the happiness service team to a highceremony的名词er level. He also encouraged lion friends to devote themselves to public seannual同义词rvice, contrihold不住binaugurationute their wisdom and strength to the sustainable developmehold过去式nt ofannualized lions Club, and better sow the seeds of happiness.


Lin Xiaoyi gave a speech of appreciation, on behalf of the happy service team to the lion friends and gueshold不住ts to exservicemanpress their gratitude. The cerservice是什么故障灯emony drew to a closervicemanse between bottles of wceremony是什么意思ine.


Article/photo Contributed by Happiness Service Team

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