Cultural Brocade Service: 2017-2018 annual tribute and inauguration ceremony held

Cultural Brocade Service: 2017-2018 annual tribute and inauguration ceremony held

On August 13, 2017, the 2017-2018 annual tribute and inauguration ceremonannualy of Shenzhen Liannual是什么意思ons Club Wenjin Service team was held in The Ocean View Austin Hotel, Nanshan Districeremony造句ct. Thcultural名词e ceremony was attended by more than 150 guests, including tian Xingwservice和serve的区别ang, president of shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018, Shi Jianyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Clattributeub last year, Ma Min, Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club first, Weng Hua, Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club Second, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary General, Peng Daojian, all lion club members of Wenjin Seannual造句rvice Team, representatives of lion club members and guests from each service team. The ceremony was presided over by Fang Shilei and Taceremonyng Huiru.

Wenjin Sbrocadeervice team ushered in the 15th milestone of love, looking back on the past years, lion friends have mixed feelings. With the eager eyes of the children and the ardent expectations of the teachers, the lion friends walked in the mountains and rivers of the receremony复数形式mote areas and on the plateau thannualsousands of miles awannual是什么意思ay, trekking, carrying their shoulders and carrying thservice怎么读eir hands, bringing rice, oil, booksceremony, stationery, mattresses and donations, bringing the love and care of the Wenjin Service team…  

From 2016 to 2017, Wenjannualizedin Servserviceableice Team has carried out 12 service activities with a service fuceremony怎么读nd of 625,600 yuan. Participated in 7 activities of the district counceremony的音标cil, and the service fund was 28,000 yuan; Donated 104,brocade交换机000 yuan to studentannualss andannually 4466,600 yuan to orphanages and scultural和cultured的区别choolsbrocade是什么品牌; 6 Mervyn Awards anservice是什么意思中文翻译d 1 Huashitribute是什么意思 Awardbrocade是什么意思; A total of 292,000 yuan was raised, and 333,000 yuan of materials were collected.

In order to thank the lion friends for their hard work, tang Qing gave awards to the lion frbrocade是什么意思iends who won the excellent member Award, caring enterprise Award, caring entrepreneur Award and the best companion award.

In the witness of each leader lion friend, Tang Qing will be the captain of the ribbon handed over to Fan Xiaoyun. After the handover ceremony, Captain Fan Xiaoyun delivered a speecannual的名词h and made the 2017-2018 work plan and outlook. She said, in the 15th anniversary of the founding of Wen Jin service, to standardize management, transmiceremony造句ssion lions, love, in order to getribute翻译t sattributehenzhculturally是什么意思en lion “future outstanding service award” for the work targeceremony造句t, with team buitributeslding, lion service specification, to donate for annual work key, at the same time in the field of environmental protectceremony造句ion and other community services to explore new service projects, the concept of serviculturally是什么意思ce adhering to sustainable development and happiness, Serve the future and enjoy the lion’s love.

Later, iannual是什么意思n the presence of President Tiservicebioan Wantribute是什么意思gxing, former Presserviceableident Shi Jianyong, first Vice President Ma Min, second vice President Weng Hua, secretary General Zeng Shiyang and other leaders, tceremony翻译he new council members and new mceremony翻译embers of the Wenjinannual英语怎么读 Serattributeviceceremony同义词 team took office and joinedintribute the club.

President Kculturally是什么意思ing Tian spoke highly of the lion work of man Kam Service and thanked everyone for their dedicatceremony是什么意思ion to the lions cbrocade是什么意思lub and the societceremony的名词y.

During the dinner party, Lijiang Xiaoqian and Dapeng respectively sang beautiful songs, lion friends Wu Wensheng anceremony翻译d Wang Dongying respectively performedbrocade是什么意思 taiji and Wudang dust to add to the fun.

This tribute meeting and inauguration ceremony is wenjin Service team since the founding of the independent held the lceremony复数形式argest, the largest number obrocade是什么意思f a general assemblyannual翻译, rich in content, not obrocadenly on the wenceremony是什么意思jin service teservicemanam was established 15 years of review, but also on the 2016-2017 activities mservice是什么故障灯adetribute词根 a comprehensive display, but also on 2017-2018 worservice是什么意思中文翻译k to do a detailed plan and deployment; We invited the represenceremony翻译tatives and teachers of the assisted students from Dongguan Lantian Ethnic School and Guangxi Pubei Middle School,retribute and also invited the famous singer “Lijiang Xiaoqian” to sing a happy song. In addition to rewarding the liannualon fculturalriends who made positive efforservice是什么故障灯ts in 2016-2017, we also devebrocadeloped morbrocade是什么意思e than 10 new lion friends to join the wenjin Service Team.

Article/Graserviceablephservice和serve的区别ic services team contributedceremony是什么意思

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