Hualei Service Team: Hold the inauguration ceremony of the 2019-2020 election

On August 18, 2019, the inauguration ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club Hualei Service Team for 2019-2020 was held at Loceremony的音标ngyuan Restaurant in Longgang District. A to画雷锋手抄报tal of 260 people from the Shen画雷锋手抄报zhen Lions Club, lion friends’ families and caring people attended the ceremony. Lin Chun-bin served as the chairman of the general Assembly, presided over by Ma Juan, Xu Xiang-hua. A total of 84,500 yuan was raised at the ceremony.

At the entrance ceremony, the lion friends of Hualei Service Team and guangdoceremony是什么意思ng Lions Love Sunshine Serholdvice Team showed their good spservicemanirit to the othold过去式her lion friends and guests.


The chairman of the conference Lin Chun-bin introduced the guests an花蕾的拼音d delivered a welcome speech.

Xie Yonglingelection翻译, the former team leader, selection翻译ummhold oned up the liteam是什么意思翻译onelection work of Hualei service team in the past year,hold是什么意思 and commended the lion friends, caring enterprises, caring peopteamprole and the service team participatinceremony的音标g in the joint servi画雷锋精神的画ce who made outstanding contributions. Finance Pan Xiaoni reportteamproed the fund raising and ex花蕾的意思penditure of hualei Service Teservice的名词ainauguration翻译mteamwork‘s public welfare projects in the past year.


In the presence of Lu Zhiqiang, the first vice president and Wang Jinliang, Peng Yuanwei receivteam什么意思ed the rservice怎么读ibbon and the hammer from Xie Yongli花类大全ng, aninauguration是什么意思d the two captains exchanged gifts. Lu Zhiqiang, the first vice president oservice和serve的区别f Shenteamozhen Lions Club presented gifts to the two captains. On the day of the ceremony, on the occasion ofhold过去式 thhold翻译e 5th anniveteamorsary of the founding of hualei Service Teteamworkam, Former Chairman Wang Jinliang presented a special gift to tservice和serve的区别he founding leader Hu Xianzhong.


Captain Peng Yuanweceremonyi delivered his inaugural speech in the New Year, saying that he would actively carry out services such as helping the disabled, red action and educhold键是什么功能ation, and jointly carry out service activities with guangdceremony的音标ong Lions Club Love Sunshine Service Team, Shenzhen Lions Club Chang, Hualin, Baihe, Boya anhold键是什么功能d other service teamshold的过去式和过去分词. We believe that under the leadership of Captain Peng Yuanwei, hualei servelection中文ic花蕾的意思e team will continue to be brilliant.


Witnessed by the leaders of the distrservice的名词ict council, the members of the hualei Service team took the oath of office. The ceremony was solemn and grand.


Lu Zhiqiang, the first Vice Chairservicemanman of CCNA, spoke highly of the changing ceremony of Hualserviceableei Service Team and praised all the leaders for their dedication and devotio花蕾指的是什么意思n. He hoped that the lion friends would continue to carrceremony复数形式y forward the lion spielection中文rit and do more public service activities that are benserviceableeficial to the societyservicebio.

Then, the president of the conference, Mr John Lam, gave a speech of apprecelection翻译iation, and the performance, charity auction and lucky draw began.teams The charity sale of you Haiyan’s beautiful “Gooelection中文d People Are Around” and her personal album “Wonderful Sound Verve” pushed the party to a climax. The middle way of zen dance on the body, heart, gas, music, environment of the integration of people feel quiet beauty, peace; Lhold过去式ively, dservice和serve的区别ynamic, energetic jazz dance lit the flame of passion; When the classical and miinauguration是什么意思aoman cheongsam met “Peach Blossom rain in March”, the lion sisterselection temperament showedservice的名词 incisively an花蕾指的是什么意思d vividly, a memorable…… Beautiful ballads and graceful dance, let tteam是什么意思翻译he guests enjoy a shocking audio-visual feas画雷锋手抄报图片大全t.

Round after round of lucky draw, so that everyone went home, a lot of harvest. Charity auction is one climax after another, caring people have raiseteamworkd their cards, bidding wave after wave, the atmospheservice是什么意思re is quceremony和celebration的区别ite warm.

The success of this inaugural ceservicemanremony would not have been possible witceremony翻译hout the concerted efforts of all lions. Here, I would like to expservice和serve的区别ress my gratitude to the lion friends for their painstaking efforts, to all the lovservicebioing enterprisehold不住s and guests for their sponsorship and support, toteams thehold键是什么功能 lion friends who could not attend the scene due to their busy work or family for their silent attention, suppholdingort and dedication, to the harservice是什么意思d work of the staff on stage and behind the scenes, and to the lion friends of the Sunshine Service Tteams手机版eam for their cheering. I would like to thank yongteam什么意思ling fservice和serve的区别or her dedication in the past year. At the same time, I would like to congratulateamviewerte Peng Yuanwei on his appo画雷锋手抄报图片大全intment as the leader of Hualei Service Team 2019-2020. I hope that in the New Year, lion friends will stay true to their original aspiration, be enthusiastic about public welfaceremonyre, and open up a better tomorrow for Hualei Service Team.

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By画雷锋精神绘画手抄报 Fan Zteam什么意思hengbin & NBSP; Photo/Courtesy ohold不住f Hualei Service Team

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