Happy Service and Perfection –2011-2012 Zijin Fengkeng Primary School Aid Activity of Shenzhen Lions Club Wutong Mountain Service Team

Happy service, perfection
        —-2011-2012 Shenzhen Lion紫金矿业s Club Wutong Mountain Service Team Zijin Fengkeng Primary School support activities

            “ Gather a little lion heart, show infinite lion love &service是什么意思中文翻译rdquo; On October 16, 2011, brother and sister Lion of Shenzhen Lions Club wutongshan Service team came to Zijin Fengkeng Primary School under the organization of President Wei Luan-ying. We serve ” The lion spirit, respect teachers and education, once again for Fengkeng Primary scschooldayshool d紫禁城是由谁建造的edication of our love, to carry out the anperfectionalnual student activities, the whole activity is full of love, warm, harmonious atmosphere.

          &nbsphappy张江; Brother Shi and Sister Shi of Wutong Mountain Service Team have been p紫荆花aying attention tprimary副词o the construction of Fenprimarygkeng Primary Schoprimaryol and the healthy growth of students since they launched the aid activities to the school in 2008. In order to improve the teaching environment of Fengkeng Primary school,happy翻译 the Wutong Mountainservice翻译 service team donated 30,000 yuan to buy computerservice是什么意思sschooling,primary怎么读英语 desks anperfectionist翻译d chairs and other office teaching equipment for the school through a return visit at the beginning of this year, so that every child in Fengkeng Primar紫金花y school sat on new desks and chairs. Seeing tservicemanhe happy and happy smiling faces of the children, lionschool是什么意思中文 friends are very happy to personally bring practical care to the children of Fengkeng Primary School. President Wei Luan English on behalf of all the lion lion sister friend of von den expect冯铿怎么读ed a deep out operfection是什么意思f primary school children, hope children feel thick love for them at the same time, sservice可数吗ociety has learned the grateful heart, study hard, to trainhappy birthday to become useful to societprimary schooly, have sense ofhappysugarlife responsservice是什么意思中文翻译ibility are desirableperfectionism, pass the baton love when I grow uschoolp, social returns.

            Zijin County TV station has carried out relevant tracking reports. Zijin Couservice是什么故障灯nty Jingzi town secretary, mayor, fserviceengkeng Primary School principal to shenzhen Lions club Wutong Mountain service team long-term attention to the school construction of the activities of the lion friends made a dprimary的中文意思是什么eep respect and presented the flag.

            All the lion brothers and lion sisters of wutong Mountain Service Team will act in accordance with the principle of ldquo in the year 2011-2012. We serve ” Leo spirit and physical practice, withperfectionism翻译 a high sense of social responsibility and sense of mission, to love, love, good practservice的名词ice, happy servicehappy的比较级, happy life, spread touching, to the best.


Article/photo & have spent Contributedperfectionism by Wutong Mountain Service Team

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