Lion love love is strong

Supporting students and promoting education & NBSP;   A lion loves a lion

&lionelnbstrongsp;           Cool autumn air, osmanthus fraglion复数rance. On September 19, 2011, Mr. Li Jinshi, 2011-2012lion Presidentlions英语怎么读 of Huaxiang Serlionkkvice Team of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Zhang Weiwei, Founding President, Mr. Fang Zhendong, Vice President, and Mr. Zhou Guanghui, secretary of Huaxiang Service Tealovely翻译m went to Central Primary School of Changshou Town, Pingjianlion复数g County, Hunan Prolovelyvince on behalf of the service team to carry out educational activities. All the teachers and slion复数tudents held a warm, grand and solemnlovely什么意思 donation ceremony on the playground of changshou Town Central Primary School.

            Chlove直直播appangshou town is locatelion翻译d in the rstrongemote mountainous area at the junction of Hunstrongeran, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces, which has a long history. Millenstrong的名词nium Cultural Ancient Town & RDquo;lions , is well known. The Land of Longevity & RDquo; , is well known. Land of generals ” . The town Center Primary school was founded in 1954 and now halovelys more than 1200 students. Last Alion是什么意思ugust, the university broke ground on a new teaching builion的中文意思lding after raising 3.5 million yuan, but it still lacks funds for supporting facilities. In order to improve the learning environment of children in poor mountainous areas, the lion friends of hunan Service team donated generously to build a multimedilion怎么读a classroom for the school.

   strong翻译         In the mornlion复数ing of September 19, the young Pioneers presentelovelyd flowers to the leaders and lion friends who attendedlion的中文意思 the meeting in the sound of happy music. Pingjiang County Education Bureau, changshou town official leaders and school principals,strongly Shenzhen Llion怎么读ions Club president Zhang Wei, Li Jin spoke at the mstrong翻译eeting. On behalf of Shenzhen Lions Clubstrongly huaxiang Service Team, four lion friends zhang Weiwei, Li Jin, Fang Zhendong and Zhou Guanghui donated 70,000 YUAN tlionelo Changshou Town Central Primary School for the construction oflion的音标 a multimedia claslovesroom. All the teachers and students were moved by the deep love of the lion.



  &nstrong的比较级和最高级bsp; By Zhou Guanghui

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