Shenzhen Lions Club Futian Service team held the first member meeting of 2012-2013

Shenzhen Lions Club Futian Service team held the first member meeting of 2012-2013

            August 31, 2012, Sh付天氏enzhen Lions Club Futian Service Tefirst翻译成中文am 2012& MDaservice和serve的区别sh; The first member meeting of 2013 was successfully held in Chammixuan Windowfirst翻译成中文 of the World store. More than 30 guests, including 2012-lion是什么意思中文翻译2013 first Deputy director wu Xiaoming shih, former director Dai Tongxin and his wife,service是什么意思 13th District chairman Liu Ming Shih, founding President Sservice是什么意思un Canpei of Hong Kong Lions Club,shenzhen president Li Xiang Shih of Bijia Mountain Service Team and newteam是什么意思翻译 and old l深圳疫情最新消息ion friends, attended the meeting.福田汽车
            Li Yuanhui, presidfirst青年电影展ent of the Lion sister with & LDqlionsuo; Insist on & bull; Mutual & bull; Growth & bull; Sharing & bull; Happy & througheldenhout; , the themfirste of the five most can rmember怎么读epresent Mr Fukuda service creat深圳疫情e the characteristics深证指数 of five simember可数吗nce the head pays, summarize and preach the fukuda service spiri深圳疫情最新动态t, our homehelden culture, the club culture, sfirst怎么读tudy and gmember可数吗rowth, and the annual work pla深圳疫情最新消息n, enriched the contemembershipnt of fukuda service in the future the charity acti深圳疫情vities, extended the connotation of public culture.
        &nbspclub是什么酒;   Under the counfirstlycil volions怎么读ted by the conference and set up the entrepreneur group, a think-tank, assistifirstve potential team, student public interest research group three center, at the same time to improve the service to Mr Fukmember造句uda service structure formed member care execution group, publheld怎么读的ic relation深圳s, social charity fundraising team, lion managmember造句ement team, service team four team, project management preliminarily determines the annual service plan in the meeservice和serve的区别ting, Membership activities and hours. Each research group and tfutianhe executive group leader to their annual work plan, alsfirsthando made a detailelions的音标d report.
Li Yuan-hui stressed that this year we will be in & LDquo; There is love wit伏天氏最新章节hout sound. In the projects of community assistance for the disabled, Yushu Medical Station and Lion Love into the campus, other service teams and volunteer groups of the Alliance carrlions翻译中文y outeam是什么意思翻译t inclubmed-depth public welfare and charity sclubervices. At the meeting, Wu Xiaoming, the first deputy director of Futian Service Team, fully affirmed the culture, work content and charity direction of Futian Service team, and put forward relevantlion是什么意思中文翻译 suggestions, especiallservicebioy the profound service advoclub用英语怎么说cated by Futian Service team.

          &nbslions是什么意思p; A successful public welfare organizatiofirst怎么读英语n should have long-term vitality and a culture of inheritance. A great organization is a combination of collective wisdom and persistent commitment to pay. — This is the fukuda Service’s declaration of charity. I believe that the love of all the loving angels in Fmembership什么意思啊ukuda will surely bear fruit on the road of unity, pragmatism, innovation and development. Fruit of happiness ” !

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