Notice on the application of the 11th Shenzhen Care Action Project

 Service teams:

Receive the letter on invitation to participate in the 11th Shenzhen Care Action issued by Shenzhen Care Office (Shenzhen Care Letteraction的动词)2013:2According to the work arrangement of Shenzhproject软件en Care action, the 11th Shenzhen C同花顺are Action will be held on2013years12We invite you to participate actively, plan and organize various kinds of charity activities, and apply for the projects, and build the city of love together.

I. Project declaration

The current Shenzhen Care action with & LDQUO; Lcareful是什么意思ove & middot退婚后大佬她又美又飒; Gratitude & middot; Returns & throughout; As thenoticed theme, in order to promotapplicationletter英语作文e the construction of a harmonious Shenzhen as the goal, in order to build the dedication of love, pacareer翻译rticipation in the public wel深圳fare of the public platform, a comprehensive mobilizprojects怎么读ation of all sectors of society to carry out care for society, care for others, care for nature of all kinds of activities, spread & LDquo; Those who help others are happiest, thnoticeableose who do good are best. Philosophy: To promoteaction the construction of Shenzhen City of Volunteers and C童话故事ity of love. According to the two categories of key activities and rnotice的形容词outine activities:

(I) Key activities

The key activity project ref同花顺ers to the development of each unit for a long time (continuous develoactionpment2More thaaction下载n years), brand activiprojectionty projectprojectdolls with great influence, good actual efproject软件使用教程fect and popular with the masses in th深圳疫情e unit, department or district, or innproject软件使用教程ovatnotice作文ive activity projectaction翻译s with key input of human and mateshenzhenrial resources and organized and carried out in combination with the new situation and new situation. Key activities are divided into the following eigcaregiverht categories according to theme and content:

1. Warm Plan:Carinshenzheng projects and activities with visits to the poor, solicitude and help in kind as thprojectione main content;

2. Happiness plan: care projects and activities with cultural care and psychological care as the main content;

3. Rainbow Project: care projects anapplicationcontext.xml配置文件d activities深圳天气 wcare什么意思中文意思ith the main contents of rescuing people from danger, trecare是什么意思ating serious diseases and helping accidents and disasters;

4. Growth plan:application什么意思 to increase knowledge, cultivate skills, improve self-reliaapplication的动词nce for the pnoticedurpose onotice用法f all kinds of assistance, training care projects and activities;

5. Green Plan:All kinds of green environmental protecti深圳地铁线路图on activities aimed at caring for nature, realizing harmonious coexistence between mnotice是什么意思an and nature and building a beautiful homeland.

6. Transmission plan: care projects and activities with the themapplication的动词e of promoting the concept oactionablef care anactionscriptd promoting the spirit of care;

7.project软件使用教程 Sunshine project: based on helping the dicarefulsadvantaged groups, so that the general public benefitpublicprojectorPolicy making (e.gHealth care, education, employment, housing, etc.)And other long-term relief mechanism construction projects and work.

8. Platform plan: centering on the organization and launchcare是什么意思 onotice过去式fnoticeable caring action, cultural communication, informatinotice翻译on exchange, project incubation, resource integration and other public platforcare是什么意思m constructioncareful projects and woapplication是什么意思中文rk that are conducive to promoting the development and expansion of the city’s public welf通货膨胀下什么最保值are undertakings.

Each service team can be around(but not limited to)The above eight types of content, combined with the service characteristics and acproject是什么意思tual situation of theapplication什么意思 seproject软件使用教程rvice team, plan the coaction翻译ntent of solid, divernotice是什么意思sapplication forme forms, a wide range of socnotice翻译ial participation, with a certain degree of innovative caring activities.

(2) Routine activities

Routine activities refer to general activities that are closely combined with the daily work of each unit in addition tonotice用法 key activities.

2. Declaration requirements

1. The t深证指数ime of the declared activities can be2014Throughout the year, not limited to the 11th Shenzhen Care Action Concentration. Not limited to localcare什么意思中文意思 activitiesapplication翻译 in Shenzhen.

2.The deadline for filing is2013years10month8Day.

3. Please fill incare the “Secarefulrvice Acnotice的固定搭配tivity Approval Form” and submit the activapplicationcontextity plan to the district council for unified declaration.

4.Contact: Su Zhuangbin25688990,


Nonotice作文tice is hereby givthen.


                              &nprojects怎么读bapplicationcontext.xml配置文件sp; &napplicationbsp;                     &nproject怎么设置无休息日bsp;                        Shenzhen Lions Club


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