The second special Council of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was successfully held

On 18 April 2020, the second special Council meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was held by partial remotesecond翻译 video. Direclub翻译ctors attending the mwasheeting examined and approved the “about shenzhen lions 18th annual generacouncil词根l meeting emwas是什么意思ergency plan, the 18th annual genersecondhandal meeting rescheduled preparatory work schedlions是什么意思ule”, “the 18th annual member congress agenda”, “about shenzhen lions in 2020-2021 the President, vice Presidesecondlynt, director of the election method”, “the lion about shenzhen 2020-2 021 Election methods for the chief supervisor, deplionsgateuty chief superviscouncil怎么读ospecializedr, and supervisors.

Shenzhen Lions Club president Wenclubmang Hua, last president Ma Min, the first vice president Lu Zhiqiang, the second vice pres深圳疫情ident Guo Yongyonwasteg, secretary深证指数 General Du Hengkun, Financial chief Peng Daojian, General awas是什么意思ffairs Director Liao Ronghui, picket chief Du Peng, executive deputy secrewassuptary General Li Feng and other 32 directsecondlove日剧ors attended the meeting. Lai Zhuonicouncils, representative of publicity and Rights Protection Department of Shenzhen Disab深圳市最新疫情led Pwasteersons’ Federation group, Shiclub翻译 Jianyong, Supervisor, Zhasecondlyng Jian, supervisor nie Xiangdong, Wang Daoming, Tang Haozhi, and Executive Director Ma Huijualions是什么意思n attended the meeting as non-voting delegates. The meeting was chaired and presided over by Du Peng, the chief of the picket.


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Weng Hua, president of The Shenzhen Liolions英语怎么读ns Club, said that due to the development of COVID-19, Shenzhen still requires citizens to wear ma深圳市最新疫情sks when traveling and do not hold publiclubman是什么牌子车c gatherings. The venue for thlions翻译e 18th Membelionsr Congress of the Shenzhen Lioclub是什么酒ns Club to be held in the Civic Center on Aprspecializeil 25 has not been approved by relevant departments. He read the “online meeting, osecondlove日剧ffline time-shwashingtonaring vote” the member rep深圳resentative assembly of the emergencspecial怎么读y response plan, said it wilclubman是什么牌子车l held on May 23 in the form of remote video conference, on the afternoo深圳地铁线路图n ofsecond什么意思 May 23 to 24 afternlions是什么意思oon votecouncil词根 inspecial怎么读 the districcouncilst office for period of time will be offline, and a closing meeting in the morning of May 25, announced the coclub用英语怎么说unt and the election results. In order to improve the efficiency of online meetings, the conferencclubmane proc深圳天气ess will be further simplified. Candidates for directors and auditors will have to write briefs of less than 300 words instead of speeches. The preplan shall be i深圳疫情mplemented after being approved by the competent business unit and the Municipal Social Organization Administratioclub是什么酒n Bureau.


Du Hengkun secrlions翻译etary general introduction, the competent business unit in the articles of association of shenzhen lion (revised) “and” shenzhlions翻译en lishenzhenons work rules (revised) and examine the pre thought, according to the municipal party committee, the officia深圳疫情最新消息l “about deepening the reform of social organization and management system of some measures to promote the hwasn’tealthy development of the social organization, documentation requirements and the actual work needs, The Charter of Lions Clspecial怎么读ub shenwastezhen and the Working Rules of Li深圳地铁线路图ons Club Shenzhen shlions读音ould be further reviseclubman是什么牌子车d and improvedcouncil怎么读 in terms of supervision, management and internaclub翻译l governance. He saicouncil读音d, accordilionsng to the civil affaisecondhandrs department of the relevant articles of association change procedures, need to be r深圳天气eviewed by the council, to the members of the public, the congress of the review, the competent unit of the review and civil Affairs Bureau approval procedures; Shenzhen Lions Club will continue to cacouncilrry out the revision of the constitutio深圳大学n and worcouncil和committee的区别k rules strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements of the business authorities, but due to time constraints, it will not be submitted to the curr深圳entlionsgate congress folionsgater dellions怎么读iberation.lions翻译中文


Zhang Jian, depsecond的基数词uty director osecond的基数词f superlions翻译visor, commented on the hwashingtonigh efficiency and stan深圳天气dard of the council and affirmed that the members of the council kept pace with The Times and adjusted the work plan in time. He hoped that shenzhen Lclubmaniosecond怎么读ns Club would steadily advance the preparation for the rescheduling of thwash怎么读e 18th Congress on深证指数 the premise of adhering to the requirwashede深圳天气ments of the national epidemic prevention work.

WengHua President ospecial怎么读f summing-up,specialty thankwasn’t the directorclubman是什么牌子车s of the board of directors and the membesecond翻译r representative assembly emergency preplan of understanding and supportclub是什么意思, hope you carefully read relevant documents, guiding the attending member representatives, and jointly create a harmonious atmosphere, fair elections, elect a bear, willing to pay the cadre, elect for the healthclub是什么意思y development of shenzhen lionssecond do our best to fulfill.



[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Zhoclub翻译u Wengspecializeduang

[Edit] Ma Hsecondhanduijuan

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