To explore the construction and development of the experience consultation service team of Shenzhen Lions Club

Discuss the experience of Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;   Discuss the construction and development of service team
     teams           &nbsexplorer.exe怎么修复p;           &service翻译nbsp;   — &lions英语怎么说mdash; Briefing on the construction and development of the Service team of the Domestic Lion Assocconsultation翻译iation in Shenzhen

          &nbsp深圳大学; At 1:30pm on Tuesday, July 26, 2011, Mr. Liu Gulions读音opu, vice president of China Lions Club, organized the shenzhen Lions Club president and key lions club members to hold the Shenzhen Symposium on the cexperiencesonstructiteamvieweron and deve深圳大学lopment of China Lions Club service team in the Lions Club oserviceableffice in Shenzhen. Domestic lion federation vice-chairman Zhang Guojun, dteamirector of shenzhen lion Zheng Degang, direconsultations翻译ctor of the previous XiaoXingPing, first deputy director Su Zeran, second deputy direcconsultation翻译tor wu xm, secretary-general Zhang Xiaowei, zhejiang member management committconsultation翻译ee director jian-ming dai, second deputy chairmanlions英语怎么读 li wei, director of the dalian mservice的名词ember management committee and shenzhen lions club President and bac深圳疫情最新动态kbone lion friendsdevelopment同义词替换, a total of 20 peop深圳疫情最新动态le took part in the symposium, The topic of the construction and development of the domestic lion association service team was discussed.
  &nbserviceablesp;         Liu Guopu,service怎么读 vice president of Shenzhen Lions Clconsultations翻译ub, pointed out that the purpose of the forum was to learn from the eteam什么意思xperience of shenzhen Lions Club in its 10tteamoh anniversary and conduct researexplorer是福特什么车ch, so as to better organize the work of lions clubs a深圳疫情cross the country and enhance the cohesion of the national Lioshenzhenns Club.

            At the meeting, Dservice的名词irector Zheng Degang proposed thconsultation的动词at regular meetings should be standardized, redevelopments翻译gular meetlion是什么意思中文翻译ings should be enriched wexperiencesithdevelopment同义词替换 services, friendship shouldservice be enhaexperience翻译ncconsultation的动词ed, and linkage should be used to promote each other. Four throughout the &; Concept. Xiao Xingping, the last director of the club, emphasized the guidance for the purpos深圳风险等级e of joining the club and the direction of service, and the respect for the service team and the intention of the servteamice objects. Su Zeran, the first deputy director, advocates charity asservice a way of life and believes that only when you have feelings for tlion是什么意思中文翻译he Lions club can you never gconstruction是什么意思英语ive up. He pointed oudevelopmentt that if meeting affairs are the lifedevelopment的用法和搭配 of service team construction, then service is the soul; If meeting is the cohesion, then service is the lubricant.
          &nbsexperiencedp; Shenzhen lion second deputy director wu xm, deconstruction怎么读putyexperience secretary general long-term flash, lions club deputy secretary-general Xu Fei, shenzhen nanshan servconsultation的动词ice a former President of mooring love Wu Haining, former Presservicebioident Huang Cheng cconstruction是什么意思enter service, service and will grow Zhang Zhihe, nature GFS what paiexperience纯音乐d such as actively, tdevelopment造句简单he foundserviceableing President of Shared service experexplore名词ience of the construction and development. It mainly includdevelopment可数吗es: the construction and development of service team shodevelopment同义词替换uld pay attention to meeting afflions翻译airs and service at the same time; The construc深圳风险等级tion of association affairs should emphasize systteamoem construction and regular meetings, and influence people around to devote themselves to charity with service. Rules and regulations are the cornerstone of construction. The ser深圳市最新疫情vice team should n深圳大学ot only constantly improve the system and make sure there are rules to follow, but also strengtexperience翻译hen the understanding and execution of the system through training. Holding regular meetings is one of the importaconsultation翻译nt performance of sedevelopmentrvice team construction, and the service teexperiencesam that can insist on hoserviceableldiservice的名词ng regulateampror meetings must haconsultation是什么意思ve his successful experience. Service is the soul of service team construction, only good service can enhance the cohesiexperiencedon of the association; In termlions怎么读s of membership development, it is recommended to follow “ Iconsultation怎么读s helping odevelopments翻译thers ” While expconstruction是什么意思英语andinteam是什么意思翻译g the number ofconsultation是什么意思 meexperience纯音乐mbers, we should also pay attention to the深圳天气 qualiconsultation翻译ty of members.
        &nbspserviceable;   The discussion atmosphere at the meeting was verconsultation是什么意思y warm. Representatives from深圳疫情最新动态 Zhejiang and Dalian participated in the exchangexploree.

            Zhang Guojun vice Presidentlions是什么意思 indevelopment怎么读 his speech affirmed the significance of the symposium was held in shenzhen, point out that it is dexplorer什么意思ometeamviewerstic first founded shenzhen lion lion, has the experience and to mark the 10th annive深圳疫情最新消息rsary of results will have very gexplorer是福特什么车ood reference tconstruction怎么读o the dedevelopment的动词形式velopment of lions around, hope shenzhen lions don’t live up to the expectations of domestic lion federation, coconstruction可数吗ntinue to workexperiences hard, make greatelions是什么意思r contribution.
            Mr. Liu guopu, vice President ofteamo CCPIT Xiamen, expressed his gratitude for the wisdoconsultations翻译m andevelopment同义词替换d experience of the lionexperience动词 friends from Sh深圳疫情最新消息enzhen, Zhejiang and Dalian. Thinking, Implementation, Layconstruction可数吗out aexplorerexe遇到问题已停止工作nd Sus深圳大学tainabilityteamwork & RDquo; The concept of “ Regular meeting, team, Inheritance, demonstration & RDquo; Understanding. He pointed out thexperienced的意思at theexperienced National Lions Association will start t深圳市最新疫情he evaluation program and hoped that the Shenzhconsultation是什么意思en Lions Club cconsultation的动词ould play aserviceman role in the evaluation again.

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