Guidance on the 2014-2015 transition of Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team

          According to the constitution of Lions Club shenzhen, the relevant regulations of Lions Club China anlionsgated Lilion是什么意思中文翻译ons Club International, and in combination with the program arrang深圳地铁线路图ement of district club activities, the following suggestions are put folions的音标rward for the change of selions的音标rvice team in 2014-2015:


      Aguidance游戏攻略,The term o深圳大学f office is from July 1 of the current year to June 30 of the folloguidance攻略wing year. On 30 June, whenteam是什么意思翻译 the current presidenlions英语怎么读t and board of directors completeclubsd their work, the new president and board of Dirclub是什么酒ectors took office on 1 July. Preparations for the transitteamsion were completed between March 1 andteams手机版 June 30.

    &nteam是什么意思翻译bsp; Second, & have spentPreparatserviceableions for the transition are the responsibility of the Chairman-in-office and tlionshe Council in three areas:
      1. Cteam是什么意思翻译omplete the elecclub是什么意思tion and eguidance可数吗lection of the new president and board of directors of each service team before the geneguidance可数吗ral election olions读音f Shenzhen Lions Club (guidance是可数还是不可数the general election of district council is in late April every year)深圳大学 (i.e. before mitransition属性d-April, the work isclub是什么意思 usually arranged in the board meeting and regular meetingclub in March);
      2. Finish the work summary of the term of president before Juneservicebio 30; Financial settlement and handover; Summary and handover of the secretary and other committees anguidance怎么读dguidance游戏攻略 directors;
      3. It is suggested that the service team should hold the changing ceremony (the cclub是什么意思hanging pguidance可数吗arty) jointly with the district meeting. If it cannot be held synchronously, it should be held before June 30, and no later than July 30.

       Three,Each Service Team Council shall hold a service Team general Meeting in March to vote for a new board of directors. The specific work includes:
 service怎么读 &nbspclubman是什么牌子车;   1. Establishment of the election committee: the electiguidanceon committee shall be attended by more than two thirds of the service team board members, and may be invited or attended by previous presidents, guiding lions, district chairmen, district membership development committee, membership retention Committee and other relevant lions.
    &n深圳天气bsp; 2. Selection of new President: In深证指数 accordance with lions club cultclubman是什么牌子车ure and tradition, if there are no major issues of principle,club是什么意思 the first vice President shall be the candidate foservice是什么故障灯r the new president, and the second and third vice presidentteampros shall be the candidate for the first andservice和serve的区别 seconserviceabled vice presidents, and a neservice是什么故障灯w third vice presiservice是什么意思中文翻译dent shall be added.
      3. Elect a new board of directors: the current president will naturally enterguidance可数吗 the next board of directors. Other boarguidance可数吗d members may be selected according to age, ability, & LDquo; Oshenzhenut & throughout; Wait for the election.

&nbspguidance是什么意思;      Four,Ne深证指数ed to adjust and supplement the qualification of candidates:
  &nbslion是什么意思中文翻译p; &nbsteamp; 1. Inheritance and tradition: In p深圳疫情最新动态rinclion是什么意思iple, members of the board oservice和serve的区别f directors should be lion friends who ateam是什么意思翻译re m深圳市最新疫情ore than one year oldguidance是什么意思英语. The vice-presidents shall be elected from深圳风险等级 among the members of the Council; The president is elected from among the vguidance攻略ice-presidents.
  &transition属性nbsp;   2. Character and accomplishment: benevolence, dedication, unity, tolerance, team spirit and good resume.
      3. Ability and attitude: effort, atttransitionendance, dedication, money.

  &transition造句nbsp;    Five,responsibility
&nbsp深证指数;     1. When the term of thclubman是什么牌子车e president, it is duty-bound to tclubsake responsibility for the election of the nteamew president and the council;
      2. Divisionteamsal chairmen are required to participate in and direct the general election of their respectransition翻译tive service teams and to join the election committee of each service team rather than merely attend the general electteam什么意思ion ceremony.
   深圳 &nbservice的名词stransition-durationp; 3. The previous president, founding president (or previous president), lion brothers, dislions英语怎么读trict membership development, membership retention committee and other relevguidance是什么意思ant lionteams手机版 friends should actively participattransition-propertye in thclub用英语怎么说e election of the service team, which is an importantshenzhen measure for the inheritance and development of lions club.
      4. When the mclub用英语怎么说embers of the board of Governors are required to be members of the election committee, attendance at the election activities is an important guarantee for the smooth transition of each service team, and is aservice翻译lso an important work of the board members of the year, so attendance must be guaranteed.
&ntransitionbsp;   &nbsservice怎么读p; 5. All general elections should be completed within the specified time and the election results should be reported to the districtteams office.

       Vi.O深圳风险等级n the reguidance是什么意思英语lationship between district annual meeting and service tlion是什么意思easervice和serve的区别m general election
      1. One of the main activitlionsgateies of the district annual meeting is the election of the new district governor, the first deputy governor, the second deputy governor, the secretary general, thetransition的用法 directors and the supervisor, the depservice翻译uty supervisor and the supervisor. Each service team electedtransition的动词 official representatives to attend the district annservice是什么意思ual meeting, deliberated and approved the annual work report and financial work report, and elected 2014-2015 district governor, first deputy Governor, second deputy governor, secretary general, directors and chief supervisor, deputy chief supervisor and chief supervisor; Pass relevant bills for the year, etc.
      2. In June, the director designate will organize the board members designate and the committee chairman to hold a preparatoservicebiory meeting and service team presidenlions怎么读t designate, secretary and financial training meeting. The president deslion是什么意思ignate shall, in accordanceguidance游戏攻略 with the spirit of the meeting, organize a preparatory meeting of the board designate together with the current president to fguidance是什么意思ormulate the new lion annual work plan and organize to attend the trainingservice怎么读 meeting.
      3. At the regular meeting in June, each service team shall serve as the president and council, orglions翻译中文anize the incoming president, the Council and all members to review and approve the annual work report and financial work report, and handle the transfer, especially the financial transfer and other matters.
&nbsp深圳疫情最新消息;     4.service翻译 After the solid and smooth completiclubmanon of the service team’s iservicebionternal work, the service team will hold a changing ceremony aguidance攻略t the end of June or early July or invite other service teams to holdlion是什么意思中文翻译 a joint changing ceremony to renew friendship and carry forward the lilions英语怎么读on friendship.

Shenzhen Lions Club
                     clubmed      service的名词           March 13, 2014

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