Lions Club shenzhen strongly supports hainan representative office to organize lion training

          From July 29 to 30, the Hainan representative Office of Lions Club of Chinaorganize怎么读 held the second lion Friends Leadership Training camp and the second preparatory meeting of the joint founding Committee. Huang Yiqun, executive Chairman of the Leadership Academy of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2015-2016, and Zhang Shijun, deputy head of the teacher group, gave lectures anorganized什么意思d gave guidance.
   海南疫情       Hainan Representative Office has successfully established 10 service teams, and the nuorganize是什么意思mber of particsupport什么意思ipants has reached more than 100, whioffice2016激活密钥ch fully demonstrates the high enthusiasm of Hainan lion froffice2007iends to particirepresentative怎么读pate in public welfare underlion是什么意思takings. President Huang first led the “studrepresentative是什么意思ents” to carry out the ice breaking game, eliminate the strangeness and quickly get familiar with elions翻译ach other, then, hoclubmed官网预订w to carry outclub怎么读 service activities, team creation pclub用英语怎么说rocess and practicalstrongly是什么意思 operation explained; Zhang explailions是什么意思ned how to get to know the Lions Club, how to hold regular meetings of the board of directors, organizational structure and responsibirepresentatives翻译lities,lionsgate and the election of directors and president, etc., which was well received by everyone.
          With the support of shenzheclub翻译n Lions Club and leadership Academy, the hainan Representative Office has standardized and improved all lion activities, laying a solid fou深圳疫情ndation for it海南车牌上牌条件s future healthy devrepresentative翻译中文e深圳lopment.


By Cheorganized怎么读ng Zhaohua/Huang Yiqun and Zhang Shijun

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