Shenzhen Lions club office to carry out fire safety knowledge training and hidden trouble screening

Shenzhen Lions club office to carry out fire safety knowledge training and hidden trouble screening

On January 23, 2019, in ooffice2016rdeclub是什么酒r to further strclubengthen the safety awareness of the office staff and enhance the self-protection and self-rescue ability of all staff, Lions Club Shenzhen organized a fire safetylions怎么读 training fo深圳天气r all staff. At the invilions怎么读tation of President Ma Min and Sclubsecretary General Du Hengkun, Chairman Zhou Fuhui, who is engaged in fire safety work, prfire是什么意思ovided free lecture service for the offcarry outice, explaining f深圳地铁线路图ire safety knowloutputedge and thesafety是什么词性 use of fire equipment to everyone, and assisting in the insafety微信名vestigation of potential safety hazards in the office.

Chairman Zhou fuhui introduced the fire hazards, common fire safety hazards, fire prevention and self-rescue methods to thlions翻译中文e staff of the office by analyzing the huknowledge翻译ge fire accidents in Shenzhen in recent years, and taughtlions读音 them how to use fire equipment correctly.

Later, Chairman Zhou Fuhui led everyone tfirefightero check the fire protection system of the officclubman是什么牌子车e, investigate the potential safety problems of the office one by one, and put forward relevant suggestions on eliminating the potential safety problems. During the investigation, the staff of the office shall record the hiddecarry的过去式n dansafety是什么词性gers. At that tclubmed官网预订ime, thfirede office will promptly implement the allocation of fire equipment accordsafety什么意思ing to the suggestions put fknowledgementorward by Chairman Chow Fuk-fai.

Dusafety网名 Hengkun secretary general summing-up, thank chairman Zhofirefoxu Fuhui bring you an entirely new classes, office staff to improve safety awareness, hope while completes the labor of duty, discover the hidden trouble in securifiredty, timely deal with offices, to eliminate all the security hidden danger in the bud, to achieve “zero” safeclub用英语怎么说 hidden trouble, To provide a safe and secure office environment for lion friend深圳大学s and offioffice是什么软件cers, and make the office a support centfireer for lion Friends service.knowledge可数吗

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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