Write Spring Festival couplets “fu” gas to send neighbors

Write Spring Festival coupletsfugas to send neighbors

A bustling Spring Festival, a th伏天氏riving New Year. To enrich the cufestival怎么读英语单词lture of the community residents life, increase the joy o夫人你马甲又掉了f the Spring Festival atmosphere, on Januarwriteas黎朔y 19, sponsored by the shenzhen lion, lion friendly style painting and calligrasendyournamephy club fellowsgas费用什么意思hip center, xiangshan, jin yue, service nacouplet什么意思tursend什么意思e, HuaQing park management office jointly orgsend怎么读anized the “Spring Festival, writing couplets, senfestival发音解读d blessings” activity held in HuaQing garden residential area for the first time. Yang Fuliang,festival怎么读语音播放 executive chagasirman of shiyou Cultural anwriteas简隋英d Sports Center and a powerful calligraphefestival怎么读英语单词r, accompanied by 20 calligraphers, sent more than 500 Spring Festfestival英语怎么说ival couplets and more than 150 calligraphy works to the community residents, bringing the festival to the residents in advance.

The scene of the event, the fragrance of ink floating. Calligraphers, full of creative enthusiasm, splashed ink to send the community residents the first best wishes for the New Year of the Pig. Call夫人你马甲又掉了igraphers have written Spring Festivcouplets英语怎么读al couplespring翻译ts with the theme of the year of the pig, such as “the pig arches a prosperous financial resource and thesend怎么读 drago夫人你马甲又掉了n ascends the country.” and “Tgasolinehe picture rises and kaitai, the golden pig ruyi gains abundant wealth.”

The ecouplets怎么读ventspring面试题 attracted many people frogasm the nearby commuspring漏洞nity. We enthuswriteas简隋英iastically watch calligrapher writing Spring Fes夫妻的世界tival couplets, praise the skill of calligrapher, one by one waiting in line to take the red fu and Sprinfestival是什么意思g Festival couplets. Holding freshly baked Spring Festival couplets and taking photos with calligraphersgaseous, people felt that the Spring Festival had a more unusual meaning this year.

Lines of elegant calligraphy and sincere blessings convey shiyou’s best wishes to the community residspringents, bringing a special warmth to the 2019 Spring Festival.spring框架 On the spot, lion fcouplet什么意思riends also provided health consultation, free diagastricgnosis and other services, for this activity addwrite的过去分词ed a beautiful scenery line.

Under tfestival怎么读语音播放he initiative and commisfestival英语怎么说sion of Presidensend什么意思t Ma Min, Brother Yang Fuliang organized this special community service. This event was held in the community where the Lifestivalons Club office of Shsend什么意思enzhen is located.festival怎么读英语单词 It not only carried forward the excellent traditional cwriteulture of the Chinese nation, sent festive greetings to the residents in advance, and let everyone feel the strong festive atmospherefestival怎么读英语单词, but also took this opportunity to express gratitude to the residents of Huaqing Yufestival是什么意思an for their support to the Lions Cl夫人每天都在线打脸ub of Shenzhen over the years.

Wu Xiaoming, formergastric president of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2019, Peng Daojian, chief inspector, Tan Fei, chairman of District 1, Li Zhou, chairman of District 6, Luo Junp夫妻的世界ing, chairman of District 20, Yanspring漏洞g Fuliang, Executive Chairman of Lion Friends Cultural and Sports Center, Zhou福建疫情 Shaorong, director of Shenzhen Children’s Palace, Huang Zhongcai, senior rfestival怎么读eporter of Scouplets怎么读henzhen TV, More than 500 people from various service teams and community residents participated in the activity.

【 Text 】 Yang & NBSP;   hin

[Photo] Han Young-jung

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Typesetting] Dgasu Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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