The Lions Club of Shenzhen provided flood relief services in Jiangxi province

From August 25 to 26, 2020, the Lions Club of Shenzhen set out from Shenzhen to jiangxi province, thousands of miles away, to help the floodprovince的意思 victims. Among them, Cha江西省教育考试院irman Lu Zhiqiang led a team to aid De 'an County of Jiujiang city and Jiaotang Town of Lushan City, and Captprovince的形容词ain Bao Renjie led a teamprovide的意思 to aid X江西理工大学iajiang County of Ji 'an City. The Lions Club江西疫情 of Shlions怎么读enzhen donated 251,000 yuan worth of relief materials, including rice, cooklions英语怎么读ing oil, instant noodles, air conditioning blankets and bprovided怎么读amboo MservicesATS, to help the affected people restore normal and orderly life.


Help Jiaotang Town

On August 25, the Lions Clrelief翻译成中文ub oflions的音标 Shenzhen donated 28,000 kilograms of rice, 450 barrels of cooking oservices怎么读英语il and 100 boxes of self-heated rice to the victims of the flood in Jiaotang Towservice是什么故障灯n, Lushan city. The service fundservices怎么读英语 wasrelief用法及搭配 88,000 yuan. Li Qubo, party secretary of Jirelief用法及搭配aotang Town, Wclub翻译ang Xianping, mayor, Shenzhen lions club Pprovince怎么读residentlion是什么意思 of 2020-2021, zhi-qiang lu, deputy secretary-general Cai Min, Zhang Zheqin, chairman of the first zone and second zone Wei Xin, chairman of the new, third, li li, chairman of the zone, the fourth kevinbales, chairman of the zone, and the first 12 district, wang lina, partifloodtion 15 President Wang Yi soldier, special assistant to President Zhu Daoying, nameplates, good product service captain Zeng Lijun and victims, a tot江西省教育考试院al of 6 Mprovince的形容词ore than 20 people participated in the activity. The activityservices.msc什么意思 was hosted by Wei Xinxin.


Depfloodgateuty secretary General CAI Min introduced the guests. Chrelief和relieve区别airman Zhang Zheqin introduced the general situation of Shenzhen Lions Club and the basic situationservices怎么读 of the disaster relief service. Flood merciless, lion friends have love. As a native of Jiangxi province, after learning of the disaster in his hometown, he immediaprovided引导条件状语从句tely contacted the authorities of threlief给挚爱的你e affected areas through jiangxi Chamber of Commerce to understanprovince英语怎么说d the needs of the disaster area, and reported to Presilions怎么读dent Lu Zhiqiang in time, and pooled the strength of Shenzhen Lions Club to provide support to tprovide短语he affected people within his power.



Mayor Wang thanked the Shenzhen Lions club for its care for the people of the town. He said the water level of Panyang Lake was even hservicesmsc找不到igher than the 1998 flood, which caused seri蒋欣ous economic losses to the town of Jiaotang, whose main economic source is agricfloodingulture and fisheries.


Zhi-qiang lu, President oflion是什么意思 awed the afflood怎么读fected state cadre to maintain the personal anservice是什么意思车上的d property safety as orelief动词wn duty, for the friends onlions怎么读 weekdaysrelief动词形式 miles to jiangxi donation service highly thumb up. He sclubmedaid the club's services include education, disaster relief, poverty alleviation and bright action.provided和if的区别 He hoped the donation would improve the lives of people in the disaster-hit areas. He sincerely wished the affected people in Jiangxi province an early resumption of life and production.


Lu Zhiqianprovince怎么读音g, chairman of the Shenzhen Lions Club, handed over relief supplservicesmsc找不到ies to Jiaotang town. Mayoprovincer Wang Xianping presented to the Shenzhen Lions Club thelionsgate banner of "sincere donation of love and infinite enthusiasm for public welfare social model".



Aid de 'an County

On August 26, the Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 279 blankets, 137 air conditioners, 905 boxes of instant noodles, 652 boxes of mineral water, 407 terry quilts, 170 bamboo MATS and 100 boxes of natural riprovincesce to the victims of floods in De 'an County, Jiujiang. The donation ceremony was held at the Emergency Management Bureau of De 'lions的音标an County. Xiong Jinxi, secretary of the County Party Commitrelief是什么意思啊tee, Cao Xin, Deputy Head of the county, Guan Dingxi, director of the county emergency Manprovidedagement Bureprovide的用法au, Zhang Jimin, director of the County Water江西疫情最新消息 Coclubsnservancy Bureau, Yao Kun, director of the County Civil Affairs Bureau and Lu Zhiqiang, president of the Lions Club of Shen深圳疫情最新消息zhen attended the event, which was presided over by Wei Xinxin.


Chairman Li Lrelief和relieve区别i introduced the leaders present, and Chairman Zhao Hui introduced the project. Lu zhiqiang, president of Lions Club ofloodwaterf Shenzhcluben, said that it is the bounden socilions怎么读al responsibilclub怎么读ity of lions Club of Shenzhen to provide support to tclubhe affected people. At the same time, he said, Shenzhen Lions Club will use this event aslions翻译 a bridge to strengthen communication with De 'an and provide more support to De 'an county in poverty alleviation, medical securityfloodplain, pr深圳天气ecision education and other aspects.




Caprovide的意思o Xin, deputlionsyclub用英语怎么说 county governor, commented that the donation activlions读音ity delivered positive energy, not only gave economic help to De 'an County, to solve the urgent need for some of the affected people in De 'an County, but also gave great spiritual encouragement to the people of De 'an. He firmly believes that the affected people in De 'an County will rise up with concern, turn help into strength, and resume normal proprovince英语怎么说duction and life asprovince sprovided thatoon as possible.


At the cere深圳市最新疫情mony, Xiong Jinxi, secretary of the county Partyprovided引导条件状语从句 Committee, accepted material donations on behalf of the peoprovide的意思ple of the county, and presented the flag to thelions读音 Shenzservices怎么读hen Lions Club.



Assistance to Xi江西疫情最新消息ajiang County

On August 26, the Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 150 air conditionflood是什么意思ers, 300 bags of riceprovince怎么读音, 600 barrels of cooking oil and 100 boxes of natural rice to the victims of the flood in Xiajiang County, Ji 'an city. The ceremony waservice是什么故障灯s held in shuibian town. Xie Yanhui,province怎么读音 executive deputy mayoprovided引导条件状语从句r of Shuibian Town, Xiajiang County, Xiong Jingjing, Secretary of the Communist Youth League, Bao Renjie, leader of Mengzi Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Associatioprovide的意思n, Cao Meixiu,floodgate learelief翻译成中文derclub用英语怎么说 of Qiancheng Service Team, Chen Yongping, leader of Shande Service Team, Jie Bing, leader of Jinming Service Team, Li Xuefei, leader of Bijiashan Service Team, Splendid service team cflooding翻译aptain Xie Tianci, secprovidedretary Li Chengyu and the深圳市最新疫情 affected people to attend the event.

Secretary Xifloodgateong Jingjing briefly introduced the purprovince的意思pose and significlions怎么读ance ofprovided引导条件状语从句 this activity, and thanked Shenzhen Lions Club for caring for "jiangxilions翻译中文 old cousin".


Baorelief用法及搭配 Renjie introduced the general situatfloodingion and prfloodwaterojects of Shenzhen Lions Club. As a native of Jiangxi province, he hopes to do his little to help his fellowclubmed官网预订 villagersrelief怎么读 out of thprovide的固定搭配e disaster. He is willing to face difficulties with everyone and build a better home together.


Xie Yaclub是什么酒nhui, deputy mayor warmly welcomed all lion friends to shuibian town of Xiajiang County to support flood relief. He said that in the 100-year flood, shuibian town affected more than 4,000 households, involving more than 20,000 people, direct economic losses of 120 millijiangxion yuaprovided怎么读n. He was very grateful to the Shlions读音enzhen Lions Club for its care offlood翻译 the people near the xijiang river and hoped that therelief翻译 affected people would be selions翻译中文lf-reliant and positive to create a better life.




Xie Yanhui, deputy mayor aclubnd Xiong Jingjing, secretary presented the medalflooding of appreciationlions翻译中文 to the Lions Club of Shenzhen.

Wechat picture _20200826235036.jpg

Undereliefr the leadership of Secretary Xiong Jingjing, Shiyou visited Xiashen Village, Shuibian town, Xiaprovince音标jiang County, to learn more about the disaster. The first fl江西理工大学oor of more than 500 residential buildings in Xiachan village was flooded, with a depthfloods of 1 to 2 meters. Many things on the first floor were washed awayprovided怎么读 or soaked in water and could not be used. The flions的音标lood receded, but most of the families, can stil深圳市最新疫情l clearly see the traces of the flood invasionprovided翻译. Shiyou sent rice, grain and oil tclub怎么读o the affected villagers, arelief用法及搭配nd had in-depth exchangefloodgates withservice是什么意思中文翻译 the residents, hoping that everyone will actively face and rebuild their beautiful homes.

Wechat picture _20200826235117.jpg

Wechat picture _20200826235110.jpg

The lions also visited shuibclub是什么意思ian Middle School in Xiajiang County. Principal Ma introduced the history of the school anprovide的名词d the experience of figh深圳疫情ting against flood toprovided that shi You. Lion friends introduced tprovinceshe "Peace Poster" project to the principal and art teacher. The teacher and princiclubpal expressed that they would organize art students to participate in the creation of "Peace posters" and cooper江西师范大学ate deeply with Shenzheclubmann Lions Club on this project.


Wechat picture _20200826235150.jpg

It is reported that more than 3,800 lion friends of The Shenzhen Lions Club are highly concerned about the flood disaster, aservices怎么读英语nd 90 service teams have actively participated in the donation. By Aflood翻译ugureliefst 27province英语怎么说, 2020, a total of 587,500 yuan has been donatedservices翻译. In the future, Lions Club of Shenzhen will participate in the barrier-free reconstruction projlion是什么意思中文翻译ect of severely disabled poor families in Lianfloodshua County, Jiangxi provinclub翻译ce initiated by Lions Associatirelief翻译on of China, helping 100 severely disabled poor families and donating 3,000 YUAN to each family. It is estimated that the service fund will be 300,000 yuaprovince怎么读n.




【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin Tse

【 Photo 】 Su Zprovince怎么读语音huangbin & NBSP; Tse & have spent Cao Mei show

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Qiu Peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clclub是什么意思ub Office

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