Enabling digital management for Lion Enterprise -- Lion Enterprise Service Committee organized kingdee Cloud House Lion Enterprise Exchange Meeting

In order to let lion friends have more communication and learning in enterprise development, after multi-party contact and coordination, Lion Club shenzhen 2020-2021 Lion Enterprise Service Committee organized Lion Friends to visit Kingdee International Softenabling什么意思ware Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Kingdee) on August 28, 2020, through lecommittee怎么读arning, experience shakingdeering, discussion and exchange,committee eservicetc. Enable the digital management ofmanagement的动词形式 lion enterprises. Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club in 2020-2021, Zhang Zheqinenterprise形容词, Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club in zone 1, Gao Ling, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club in Zone 5, Yu Xiaoping, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club in Zone 2, Li Xuegang, chairmcommittee和councilan of Lions Club Service Committee, Jiang Gucommittee翻译owei, Huang Jiankang, Li Jian, Ma Juan, Wei Qiaozhu, and about 50 representatives from various service teams attended the event. Li Xuegang is the chairman of this activity, and Zhorganized怎么读ou Qing is the executive chairman. Tcommittee和councilhey are jointly responsible for the docking workkingdee金蝶工资如何 of Kingdee Company. Li Jun, Lin Xiaoyi and Yuan Yuan provided support for the live broadcast. Wang Hanrong and Tang Xishun sponsored the event.serviceman

First of all, under the leadership of the prlionofessional staff of Kingdee Company, lion friends visited the exhibition hall experiencdigital是什么意思e hall of Kingdee Company, learned about the brilliant development history oforganize的固定搭配 Kingdee Company, and visited Kidigital英语怎么读ngdee Cloud, industrialenterprise的中文意思 interconservice怎么读nection factory and cloud finance.

At 2 o 'clock in the afternoon, lenterprise支架ion friends attended theenterprise是什么意思 seminar organized by Kingdee Company. Xu Shaochun, founder of Kingdee Comkingdeepany, warmly welcomed the guests and started the experience sharing by saying "Follow the right path, follow the king's path". He not only introduced the corporate culture, conscience culture, innovation culture and sports culture of Kingdee Company, but also descenabling怎么读ribed the development history of the company for 27 yearscommittee造句 in detail.

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Kcommittee翻译ingdee cloud home, vice Presidenserviceablet of Cheng Kui Shared data center, the amanagement是什么意思中文翻译ge of the Internet industry and kingdee complionelany comprehensive cloud transformaticommittee和commission区别on,digital英语怎么读 lookienterprise是什么意思ng forward to thlion翻译e lion friends from control to assign can openterprise和company的区别en upservice和serve的区别 a new business model, with digdigital是什么意思italion的音标l ability to construct the core competitive advantakingdeege, new acroslion复数s business peenabling翻译rformance first growth curveorganize的过去式, greater contribution for the lions of charity undertaking. Lu zhiqiang's humorous smanagement专业peech brought shemanagement是什么意思英语nzcommittee和councilhen Lions Club closer to Kingdee Company. He nodigitaldesire无删减ted that the cumulative number of members of the Shenzhen Lions Club imanagement怎么读n 18 years of dekingdee金蝶云velopment is siservice的名词milar to the numbemanagement游戏r of employees of Kingdee. Over the past 18 years, Shenzhen Lions Club has inspired many entrepreneurdigital翻译s and caring people with consciencedigitaldesire无删减 and dedication to serve the society in Shenzhen. Kingdee commanagement的动词形式pany has been emphservice和serve的区别asizing conscience culture in corporate development and software design,management怎么读 which is similar to Shenzenterprise是什么版本hen Lions Club. He hopes that this exchange wilion怎么读ll make corporate management eservicebioasier and enable Corporate digital upgrading.

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Dong Yinlingserviceable of Kingdee software shared the working feelings of workers, the excellent quality and exclion是什么意思ellent results of enterprise denterprise和company的区别igitization. Mr. Weiservice翻译 Qing shared theenterprise翻译 cloud home, CEO omanagementf Lion Enterprise and digitization. Subsequently, Chairman Li Xuegang presided over the "sonorous three people." Lservice的名词u Zhiqiang, President, Hao Dengsheng, vice president of Kingdee Cloudservice是什么故障灯 Home, and Cheng Kui, vice presidorganized什么意思ent of Kingdee Cloud Home respenterprise形容词ectively talked aboutmanagement中文 the chanmanagement翻译ges broudigitalght to the enterprise by digitization. Lion friends also raised their hands and asked questions. After that, the lion Enterprise Services Committee presented a certificate of appreciation to the lion friends who had contributed so much to the event.

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At five o 'clock in the aftedigitaloceanrcommittee怎么读noon, we welcomed the long-aworganize的形容词aited rolion复数wing cservice翻译ultural movement. The lions were divided into 4 groups to do warm-up exercises under the guidance of the coach of the rowing culture sports club and experience the rowing culture sports on the boat.


This exchange activity not onlycommittees allowed lion friends to geenterprise翻译t a lot of cdigital camerautting-edge information of science and technology, but also harvested a lot of happiness. In the interview with the reporter of Shenshi News Agency, Lu Zhiqiang, Presidlionkkent of Shenshi News Agency, said that this was a very good activity, through communication and sharing, lionfriends re-examined the development strateenterprise和company的区别gy of the enterprise, thanks to the careful organization of the Liservice翻译onshi Service Committee; Fan Meirui, the leader of baihe Service team, said thadigitalt high-tech companies are worth learning from. The application of Kingdee software is conservice是什么意思ducive to improving the working efficommitteesciency of enterprises, reducing the operating costs of enterprises, realizing paperless office and being more environmentally friendly. Li Bin, leader olion是什么意思f datong Serviceorganize的意思 team, said that by visiting leading enterprises in the field of digital information management, he could further understand the development direction of enterprise digserviceitization in the future. Through face-to-face communication, he got the most clear and qservicemanuickest help for hisdigital own enterprise.committee是什么意思

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[Text] Chen Xinhong

[Photo] Chen Xinhong

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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