Aromas serve the future in June — 2016-2017 Shenzhen Lions Club Summary and commendation Conference of Shenzhen Lions News Agency was successfully held

Aromatic June serves the future

— The 2016-2017 Lions Club of Shenzhen Held a successful sumclubmary and commendation cerclub用英语怎么说emony of The Shenzhen Lions News Agency

On the evening of Juneclub用英语怎么说 14th, in order to comprehensively summarize the achievements of Shenshi News Agency in 2016aromasensei-2017,served encouraclub是什么意思gearomasin the advanced and do a good job in the work of the New Year, the summary and commendation conference of shenshi News Agency in 2016-2017 “Aromatic June, Servin深圳大学g the Futurservee” was successfully heldfuturelearn in the Lion Feng Hall of Chinese Restaurant in Silver Lake Resort.

Mr. Wan Chaolin, chairmlions音标an of Shenshi News Agency, extended a warm welcome to all the leaders. He Zhao Anni, Chen weiming, jia to countries suclionsgateh as news agency membership in this year’s hard work thumb up, thank them active in the area and the service, to carry out propagation work on the pictures, wrifutureting, interview, etc, with good beautiful photos, images and text recordaromasined the momentlions翻译 of clions英语怎么读ountless beautiful and moving, promote the propaganda work accomplished this yeafuture糖果r. At the same time, he thanked the staff of the Office led by Secretary-General Zeng Shiyang for their strong support to the workclub用英语怎么说 of SHensserve的名词形式i News Agency. He expressed that shenshi Nefuturehendrixws Agency has a long way to go to build a professional team. He hopefuturehendrixd tclub是什么意思hat all members have the courage to take responsibility andlions work together to do a good job in thearoma什么意思 publicity work. He also wished that u深圳疫情最新消息nder the leadersserve ashlionsip of Chairman Tang Haozhi, Shenshi News Agency would achieve more achievements in the New Year.

President Shi深圳疫情 Jilion是什么意思中文翻译anyong, The second vice President declubmansignserveate Weng Hua and Secretary General Zeng Shiyang delivered speeches respectiveclub是什么意思ly, affirming the work of Shenshi News Agenlions英语怎么读cy in 2016-2017,clubmed官网预订 andfuture糖果 expecting the memlion是什么意思中文翻译bersclubman是什么牌子车 of Shenshi News Agency to improve their p深圳风险等级rofessional level, actively participate in the publicity work, innovate in iclubman是什么牌子车nheritance, and pay attention to the overall situation consciousness, the sense of responsibility and the sense of limitation. Let the shenzhen Lions News Agency become a window to spread the lion culture and express the lion feeliserve翻译ngs, showing the characaromas是什么意思tefuturebassristics aaroma是什么牌子nd style of shenzheserve的名词形式n Lions Club. Li Feng, deputy Secretary-Generaaromasinl designate, congratulated the news agency on its achievements and said it will continue tclub怎么读o support its work.

Sharoma什么意思中文翻译iJianYong WengHua and director of the second deputy President elect, Zeng Shi secretary-general, Li Feng the deputy secretary-general, Tang Haozhi elect chaiserver是什么意思rman, chairman of Wan Chaollionsin together on stage, as this year’s members have made outstshenzhenanding cserver是什么意思中文翻译ontributions in propaganda work, presented Li Feng with spserve asecial direction and for Zhang Hongxiang, why to pay suaroma什么意思ch as, Su Youhua issued special here, For Zh深圳ao Annie, Jia Nengguo, Chen Weiming, Liu Jun, Chen Meiho深圳风险等级ng, He Gang, Yangfuture是什么牌子 Lihua, Li Huifang awarded the special contribution award, for Wu Wensheng, Yanlions英语怎么说g Hankun, Gao Ling, Su Jianhua and other more than 20 lion friends awardedfuturelearn the outstanding membership awardfuture糖果.

Tang Haozhi, chairman elect of Shenshi News Aserve翻译gency for 2017深圳市最新疫情-2018, thanked Chairman Wan Chaolin for leading the memlions英语怎么说bers of the news agency to work silently, laying a good foundation for taroma什么意思he Ne深圳大学w Year’s work; Thank you for your trust and support, giving him the opportunity to continue to lead the news ageserver是什么意思中文翻译ncy. He introduced the focus of work, organizational structure and division of responsibilities of Shansi News Agency in the New Year, and caclublled on the members to join the news agency groups actively based on their own interests and proffuture糖果essional expertise.

Subsequentlyaromas是什么意思, the news agency members show talent,clubman p深圳地铁线路图resented a wondservederful performance. Luo Yan performed a Mongclub怎么读olian danclions翻译e to the accompaniment of Swa深圳n Gclub是什么意思oose, which won rounds of applause and cheers. Many lion fri深圳疫情最新动态ends actively sp深圳地铁线路图onsored drinks and prizes for this commendation meeting, so that the lion friends come here and go home happily. The conferefuture4200nce was a great success in a joyous atmosphere.

Shlions读音i Jianyong, presidentlion是什么意思 of Shenzhen Lions Claromasinub in 2016-2017, Weng Hua, seclionsond Vice President designate in 2017-2018, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary Genera深圳l in 2016-2017,serve翻译 Luo Jinsong, Dirlionsector generaserversl, Zhang Hongxiang, Deputy Secretarclub翻译y General in 2016-2017, Zheng Yukuan, Li Feng, Chairman of The Membership Management Coaromasenseimmittee, Peng Daojian, Chairaroma什么意思man of districtaromasin 12, H深证指数e Xilion是什么意思中文翻译nrclub用英语怎么说u, Wang Daomingserve怎么读, Gao Ling, Tang Haozhi, Chairman of Shenshi News Agency wan Chaolin, chairman of Saroma什么意思中文翻译henshi News Agency wang Yan, chairman深圳天气 ofserve的用法 Shenshi News Agency Wu Yuqiong and memberlions是什么意思s of shenserve怎么读shi News Agency moreclub是什么酒 than 70 people attended the summary and commendation conference. Annie Zhao is the host.

[Text] Shen Shi News Agency liu Jun

[Photo] Jia Nengguo of Shenshi News Agency, Lin Yanfeclub用英语怎么说n of Hong Shengjunelong Office

[Edit] Ma Huijuan, Zhao Annie off深圳市最新疫情ice, Shenshi News Agency

[Issued] Shenzhen Llionsgateions Club Office

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