Notice | about shenzhen lions “best team lion” project solicitation campaign to inform

Notice on the solicitation and selection of shenzhen Lions Club “100 team Lions” project

Service teams:

In order to better reflect the purpose of shenzhen Lions Club “Helping others and serving the society” and show the achievements of shenzhen Lions Club’s 17 years of development, combined with the work plan of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020, we have decided to collect “100 Lions Teams” project from each service team of Shenzhen Lions Club. The relevant notices are as follows:
A, & have spent Collect requirementslionel
1. Participation is openbestwishes to all service teams, each te深证指数am can only apply for one service item;
2.lion的中文意思 The project should be guided by深圳疫情最新动态 theabout怎么读 spirit of the 19th Natiteam什么意思onal深圳大学 Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPCteam), closely follow the pulse of The Times, belions是什么意思 positive and progressive, follow tprojectionhe purpose of Shenzhen Lions Club “Helping others and serving the society”, and make positi深圳风险等级ve contributions to the construction of a halion的音标rmonious society;
3. Project type: snotice作文ocial public service actlion的音标ivities in poverty alleviation, disability assistance, community service, educational assistance, medical and health care, etc.
4. The service team participating in project solicitation shall prepare project report PPT and implementation plan (10-minutlion的音标e splion的音标eech on stage on the day of selection). The implementation plan should be interpreted from the perspectiproject翻译ve of thebestwishes district council, and the content should include: introduction of the projlionsect, service objects, service funds, implementation schedule, saboutcgervice benefits, etc.
Second, & have spent The serviabout怎么读ce team flions英语怎么读or the project of “Hundred Teams lion”
The “100 Lions club” project is supported by donation from each service team of Shenzhen Lions Club, and the funds actually raised will be used as the total supporting fund of the project. If the fund cannot be raised in full amount, the fund shnoticedall be matched according to the actual raised fund.
1. Servibestowce team. The service team elected as “100 Team Lions” will be awarded the honor of “100 Team Lions” project contractor;
2. Matching funds. Ibestdorif sufficient funds are raised, the “Hundred Teams lion club” project can receive 50% of the total service funds of the pshenzhenroject, and the maxiabouttime免费观看mum amount of support for a single projlions的音标ect is 1bestie00,000 YUAN. If it fails tlions翻译中文o raise the full amount of fundslion, the prproject怎么设置无休息日oportion of the amount of capital aprojectdollllocated shall be reduced;
3. Service team personnel support. The service team hosting theprojector “100 Team Lions” can organi深圳天气ze and arrange the lion friends of the co-organizing service team toteambition support the on-site service worklions是什么意思.
Thlionree, & have spent “lion的中文意思100 team Lions” projshenzhenect co-organized sabout怎么读语音ervice team
1. Donate money to support the service tbestselleream of the “project软件使用教程Hundred Team Lions” project and become theproject中成本分为 co-orbestwishesganizing service team of the “Hundred Team Lions” prolion是什么意思ject;
2. If you donnoticeableate more than 10,000 yuan (including 10,000 yuan), you will receive the Bronze Awbestdoriard of “One Hundred Team Lions” project of Shenzhen Lionsabout翻译 Club this year;
3project软件使用教程. Donate more than 30,000 yuan (including 30,000 yuan) to reclions读音eive the Silvernotice是什么意思 Award of “One Hundred Team Lions” project of Shenabout-facezhen Lions Club this year;
4. Donation of 50,000 yuan or more (including 50,000 yuan) will be awarded the Gold Medallions怎么读 of shenzhen Lions Club’s “One Hundred Team Lions” projectnotice翻译 this year;
5. The co-organizing service team has the right to participate in the services of 10 “100 Team Lions” projects;
6. In the annual selection of outstanding service teams, under the same conditions, priority will be given to the service teams that have won the special Support award of “100 Team Lions” project.bestseller
Four, & have spent The way in whicnotice用法h the pro深圳大学jectprojectdoll of “Hunteamviewerdred teams will be lions” was generated
On September 11, 2019, tprojectionhe selection meeting of “100 team Lions” project will be held in the district office, and each service team will vote on the participating projects in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness anlions怎么读d impartiality. Each team wibestdorill have one vote. The top 10 projects with the most votes will be selected as the “100 Team Linotice的固定搭配ons” candidates. The standing Council of Shenzhen Lions Club will vote on the candidate projects and sbestdorielect ten “Lions club 100” probest是什么意思jects.
Five, & have spent The selection way
1. Each team shall elect a votinproject中成本分为g representative, and each voting representative may nominate an altbest怎么读ernate representative. If the voting representative is unable to participate in the selection meeting due to business, the alternate representative may participate. In principle, the votinnotice作文g representative shall be the service team leader;
2. Reproject软件使用教程presentatives of each service team should bring identification documbestgoreents to attendnotice过去式 the meeting on time. Failure to attend the meeting on time will be regarded as abstention.
3. Representatives of the servlion复数ice team particiabout是什么意思pating in the project solicitation came to tteamprohe stage with the PROJECT report PPT and impproject软件使用教程leteams会议mentation plan and gave a 10-minute speech深圳风险等级;
4. After the preseabout怎么读语音ntation of all service team projects, a representative obestwishesf each service tabout怎么读eam (one) will vote on the selected projects by secret ballot (a maxlion是什么意思imum of 10 items will be checked oabout翻译n each ballot, and more than 10 items will be regarded aslions英语怎么读 invalid votes);
5. The topteampro 10 projects will be selected asteambition candidate projects of “100 Tealionelm Lions” througbesth open counting;
6. The standing Coulionkkncil of Shenzhen Lions Club will vote on the candidate project of “100 Lions Club”.
Six, & have spent Registration form
1. The service teams participating in the project solicitation should fill in thnoticee Application Form of shenzhen Lions Club “100 Team Lions club” (see Attachment 1 for details) and send it tbestieo befolion是什么意思re 5pm on September 9th (Monday). Contacprojectt: Su Zhuangbin 25688257lions, Yang Xin 25688590.
2. Each service team shall report to the voting represlionelentative (see Annex 2 for detlion是什么意思ails) and report to the regional officer belionsgatefore 5pm,project软件 September 9th (Mondalions英语怎么读y).lions翻译 Contacts:
  Zone 1: Hu Lei 25689756;深圳地铁线路图 The second zone: Du Shaoheng 25688980; Third zone: Lijiangping 25688576; The fourth Zone: Huangxinran 25689projectdoll752; Fifth zone: Zhou Wengulion是什么意思中文翻译ang 25688930.
Seven, & have spe深圳nt Other matters relatinlions翻译中文g to tnoticedhe
Lions Club of Shenzhen has the final right to interpret this selection.

Welcoteams会议me all the steambitionervice teams to participate in the solicitation. Let’s work together to cnoticedreate a better tomorrow fabout是介词吗or Sbesthenzhen Lions Club!


Notice | about shenzhen lionsAttachment 1about是介词吗: Shenzhen Lions Club “100 Team Lions club” Project application Form 1project是什么意思90829yx.docx

Notice | about shenzhen lionsAttachment 2: List of representatives of t深圳疫情最新动态he service team to par深圳疫情tbest是什么意思icipate in the Selection Meeting of “100 Team Lions” pproject怎么设置无休息日rojlion翻译ect of Shenzhen Lions Club

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  
29 August 2019

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