Lion friends fellowship to learn from each other — high-tech and central district service team joint birthday meeting in November

Lions socialize and learn from each other
— — November joint birthday meeting of highfriends翻译tech and central district service team

        &nblion的音标sp;   On November 24, 2013, a bus full of shiytechnicianou from Gaoxin and central Diseachother什么意思中文trict drove to the Dongguan farm of Bi Yongtao Slearnedhiyou, former president of Gaoxin Service Team and 2013-2014 director of Shenztechniquehen Lions Club.
 learned           Brotfriendshipher Bi shi not only provided sotherwise什么意思umptuous dinner for the regular meetechnicalting, but also went to the fields to pick vegetables, papaya and cut sugarcane and hellip. &helliphighest; Cake, fruit, birtotherhday doll gifts, heeach otheralth clearnedare products and other exquisite gifts from The first vice president of the highfriends是什么意思-teccentralizeh servilearn的过去式ce team, Brother Zhang Shengxfellowship和scholarship的区别infellowship奖学金g, expressed thecentral翻译 affection betwelion是什么意思en the lion friends and reflected the friendship between the two service teams.
            Two service teams celebrated their birthdaycentraliseds in December with nine lionlionel friends, wheacho happily cut cakes, drank wine and reccentraleived good wishes from everyone.
            Before dinner, the two service teams held their regtechnicianular meetings. Xiao Xingping, former director of Sfriendship的英语作文henzhen Lions Club, introducfellowship奖学金ed the founding and development of Shenzhen Lions Club, and gave a vivid alion是什么意思nd detailed introduction to the history and culture of lions club.
In 2012 and 2013, the scentral&kittyervice teams ofriends美剧f High-tech ahighestnd centrafriendshipl District went to Pengshui,other的用法 Chongqing for joint educatieachother什么意思中文on activities, wotherwisehich madehight the lion friends of the two service teams form a deep friendship. The pcentral&kittyresident of the high-learned怎么读tech and central area service teams anlearnnocentralizeunced on the spot that the two service teams were willing to establish a sister friendly service team, which peach后面加单数还是复数ushed the joint meeting to a happy climax. Everyone cheerelearn的过去式d enthusiastically for the friendship between the two service teams.

Photo:fellowship什么意思 Li Hua, High-tech Service Team

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