Donation of “Hand in Hand sunshine schoolbag” for Blind Children held in Beijing

Caring for Blind Children & LDquo; Hand in hand sunshine schoolbag ” The donation was held in Beijing

  &nbsp北京天气;         Beijing, December 26, 2013 news (reporter Feng Gyong) on December 26, 2013, sponsored by the National Lions Association, co-organized by the National Blind Association theme is & LDquo; Care for blichildren英语怎么说nd Children mail sunshine ” — “ Hand in hand sunshine schoolbag &rdquochildren怎么读英语单词; The donation ceremony was hechildren’s day翻译ld at the National Disabled Persons’ Federation.

            Domestic blind Li Weihong, chairman ofsunshine翻译中文 the association, the do邯郸疫情最新情况mestic lion federachildren翻译tion vice-chairman Zhang Guojun, domestic lion federation secrdonation是什么意思英语etary general Chblinden Yaan, domestic lion lion fesunshine歌曲英文歌词deration association deputy secretdonationa北京出现蓝太阳ry-general li ling and domestic services committee chairman Su Zeran, domestic member management committee chheldenairman yu-chuan Chen, gold lion federation Beijing orchard farmer food co., LTD., chairmanheld的原型 of Zhang Shanjing and from all over the country’s domestic league lion Reprdonation怎么读esentatives of the achildren’s day翻译ssociation members and the staff of China Blind Association attended the donation activity together.
       blind是啥意思     At the ceremony, Zhang Guojun, vice president of The National Lions Association, and Li Weihosunshine翻译中文ng, president of the National Blind Association, delivered a speech and signed the donation ablind名词greement. Li Weihoheld怎么读的ng, chairman of thdonation翻译e National Blind Association, presented北京封闭小区开演唱会 a certificate of honor to the National Lions Association and Golden Orchard Old Farmer F北京师范大学ood Co., LTD., thanking them for their devotion to the pub北京天气lic welfare activities for the disabled.

 schoolbag英语怎么读           Then they wedonation可数吗nt to the Beijing School for the blind to donate. With the c北京封闭小区开演唱会old wind blowing in the middle of winter in Beijing, the auditorium of Beijing’s blind school was filled with spring-lheld怎么读的ike warmth, and the children recsunshine微信名含义eived what they had been waiting for. Sunshine schoolbag ” The bag contains audiobooks and reading equipment recorded by famous announcers and hosts of China Central Televisisunshine怎么读on, China National Rasunshine歌词dio and Beijing Radblindlyio and Television.schoolbag的中文意思 This is also a joint initiative of the Nationasunshine什么意思l Lion Association and the National Blind Assocschoolbag英语怎么读iation. Hand in hand sunshine schoolbag ” The first leg of whachildren是单数还是复数t wchildren怎么读ill be nearly 4,000 mor北京时间校准e. Sunshine schoolbag ” To hebei and other places in the hdonation可数吗ands of poor blind children.

     &sunshine歌曲英文歌词nbsp;    There are about 17.3 million bblindinglylind people (including those with low vision) in China, and about 60,000 blind children are studying in schools. At present, blind children’s learning and living necessities, especially the audiobooks and reading equipmentdonation动词形式 suitable for their reading, are in short supplyschoolbag的中文意思, and urgently need the care and help ofblind the whole society. To this end, the National Blind Association and the National Lion Association jsunshineoinblind是什么意思英语tly initiated. Care for blind children, mail sunshine — — Hand in hand sunheldbackshine schoolbag &sunshine组合rdquo; Public service activities.

            In just halfdonation是什么意思英语 a year, members of the National Lion Association have donated mor汉鼎余烟e than 4,000 school bags worth more than 700,000 yuan. The National Blind Association and the National Lion Association call for more caring people to pay attention and support. Sunshine schoolba北京出现蓝太阳g ” Project, lochildren翻译ve dedicated to the desire of bright children, let the fragrance oschoolbag复数f books spread all childhood.children

Caring for Blind Children & LDquo; Hand in hand sunshine schoolbag ” Donation ceremony held in Beijing (photo: Feng Ganyong)

Speech by Zhang Guojun, Vice President of Chinese Lions Association (photo: Feng Ganyong)

Thesunshine英语 chairman of the S北京科技大学ervice Committee of the Lions Association of China, Mr John So, donates to Mr Li Wai-hung (photo: Gan Yong Fung)

Chaheld的中文意思irman Li Waihong present邯郸天气ed the certificate of Hheld的中文意思onor to the representatchildren是什么意思ives of charitable donors (photo: Ganyong Feng)

Participants took group photos

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