Shenzhen “Lion Friends” give gifts to needy families (source: B13 edition of Shenzhen Evening News)

Shenzhen & other; The lion friends & throughout; Give gifts to needy families

            Shenzhefriends美剧n Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofang Yu Junjie) 24 morning, Shenzhen Lions club Wutong Mountain service team in Yantian District haishan street launched & LDquo; Good wishes drifting plan ” Dream Realization activity, 80 lofriends是什么意思w-income families to send & LDquo; Christmas Pregivemepink免费看sent &rdq不接12304电话的后果uo; .

            The reporter learned that the program was launched in November, and the Haishan Street Good Bank cneed音标ollected wishes. According to the wish list of 8given0 families witlion怎么读h a per capita monthly income of lesfriends是什么意思s than 500 yuan, the lion friends ogifts是什么意思英语f wutongshan service team donated more than 4families0,000 yuan to buy rice, peanut oil, bedding, computer desks, rice cookers, pressure cooklion复数erfriendss and so on. A dream & throughout; Items to be distributed to needy families the day before Christmas. There are several households because of old age or illness can not move, lion friends will be. A dream & throughout; Itlionkkems are delivered to their homes.

            Area difficneed用法ult masses Chen Youcai got a new computer desk, he happily said & LDquogifts是什么意思; My son is going to college this year and needs a computer desk. We are talking about buying one. Thank you for helping us realize our dream. ”

         friends   Service of wutong mountain Ye Ke an interview with reporters at the scene oneed有被动吗f the event, said the gift of the event, to address the difficulties of low-income families, although is a drop in the ocean, trivial, but this is theshenzhen lion lion friends sincere love and best wishes, hosource车上按键什么意思pe that through this activity, can let the everyone feel the warmth of the socifamilies怎么读英语ety, can increase the confidence and courage to ovsource是什么意思ercome the difficultfriends怎么读英语单词y.

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