Decision on 2011-2012 Award of Shenzhen Lions Club

Decision on 2011-2012 Award of Shenzhen Lions Club

            Lions in 2012-2012 work in shenzhen, have produced a larg深圳大学e number of service work in lion, and service actidecisionvities and fundraising activities madeaward翻译 outstanding contributions, the chairman of the commitdecision英语tee, council members of the service, secretary, financial and lions, friends, and for shenzhen lion lion service, meeting and sedecision-makingrvice and so on various aspects has obtained the unprecedented achievement, Improve the social influence and reput深圳ation of tlion是什么意思中文翻译he Lions Club.
    &lionsgatenbsp; &nbsclub怎么读p; &nawardingbsp;   To promote & other; We serve ” The lion spirit, set an example, promote shenzhen Lions club to a new level, Shenzhshenzhenen Lions club by the distri深圳地铁线路图ct comprehensive seleclub是什么酒ction, decided to award Xiao Xingping, Su Zerclub怎么读an, Wu Xiaoming, Zhang Xilions翻译aowei and other 23 pawardedeople & LDquo; Diredecision可数吗ctor's Special Contribution Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to liu Xiaoganlions翻译g, Liu Guopu, Zhang Guojun, Wang Jinliaclubmed官网预订ng, Zhang Weixian, Sun Yun, Sha Haiyu, Dai Tongxiclub用英语怎么说n, Xie Jianwen & LDquo; Director's Specclub是什么意思ial Suppordecision英语t Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to the main assocaward是什么意思英语iation, oct 21 service teams & LDquo; Serv深圳地铁线路图ice Team Award & RDQUO; ; Awardeddecision翻译 to 17 people including Peng Kulion是什么意思中文翻译n and Ma Min. Developing and Retaining Membership Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to pengcheng, Pengzheng and other 10 service teams Outstanding Service Projecdecisiont Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded feng Qijiang, Chen Qingfeng and other 6 lion friends & LDquo; Exclions英语怎么读elledecision动词nt Committee Chair & RDquo; ; Awarded to li Chaolions英语怎么读, He Xinru and othlionser 33 lion friends & LDquo; Excellent President Award & RDquo; ; Awardclub是什么意思ed sondecision怎么读英语单词g Yu, Liu Gawardeduojiang and othlions读音er 37 lion friends & LDquo; Excellent Secretary Award & RDquo; ; Awarded to Zhan深圳天气 Fenglan, Gu Liang and other 26 lion friends & LDquo; Excellent Financial Award & RDquo; ; 127 lion friends such as Xia Lili and Wu Di were awarded as ldquo; Excellent Lion Friend Award & RDquo; ; Awarded to Yu Qiang, Wan Xiaoning and other 157 lion friendlions的音标s & LDquo; Ten years senior Lion Friend Award & RDQUO; ; 182 were pledged. China lion prize & throughout; ; Fifty-eight were pledged. Mervyn Chessman Award & RDquo; .
       clubman     Hopclub用英语怎么说e to obtain the glorious title of collective and individual, cherish the honor, make persist深圳疫情ent efforts, adhere to & LDquo; We serve ” The spirit of social welfare undecision是什么意思翻译成中文dertakingsdecision怎么读英语单词 in the future to achieve greater achievemenlions翻译ts.
       深圳;     This year, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has carried out various se深圳大学rvice activities, such asaward什么意思 light travel, education, hclubelping the disabled and orphans, disclubaster relief, poverty alleviation, comm深圳unity service, and so on. The succesclubman是什么牌子车s of these activities深圳大学 has been strongly suppoaward翻译rted by shenzhen Disabled Pers深证指数ons' Federation, Shenzhen Second People's Hospital, Shenzhen Eye Hospital, Shenzhen Broadcasting Group, Shenzheclubmed官网预订n Press Group and many other units and media, and has made outstanding contributions to establishing the service brand of Shenzhen Lions Club. Here, special recognition isclubmed given tshenzheno show our gratitude.

            It is hereby decided.

Shenzhen Lions Club
June 25, 201decision怎么读2



            Attachment: 2011-2012 Honor Book ofdecision动词 Shenzhen Lions Club

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