The 2016-2017 Captains’ Fellowship of the fourth Member Management Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club was held successfully

The 2016-2017 Captains’ Fellowship of the fourth Member Management Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club was held successfully

On February 20, 2017, the 2016 — 2017 captain’s social activity of the fourth Member Manag深圳疫情最新消息ement Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in The Jia De Fu Copper Cultural Club, Bagua Third Romembers是什么意思ad, Futian Dimembershipstrict. Shenzhen lion ShiJianYong, the head of 2016-2017, chief financial officer Mmember可数吗a Min, secretary-general Zeng Shi, dean of general affcommittee和councilair LuoJin深圳风险等级Song, picket Zheng Hehua long, mefourth的音标mber management committee chairman WengHua, Guo Yongyong, partition, chacaptain是什么意思英语irman of the generation of the macro, Zhang Huiqing, Chen Hang, Peng Daojian, ray hd and fourth district each sefourth缩写rvice captain more than 40 a liocaptain缩写n friends to participate in the activities. The activity was hosted by Dai Jihonmembers是什么意思g.

Guo Yongyong, chairman of the conference, rang the bell and reportedfourth怎么读 the work of the fourth member manmember造句agement committee in the first half of this year. In terms of membership retention, the membershmanagement是什么意思英语ip losfourth-grades rate was controlled at 8.07%, reaching the target of less than 10% for this year. In particular, the 12th district under the jurisdiction of Chairman Peng Daojian achieved zero membership loss. In terms of member development, there are 4 new teams, among which, Baoqing service team hafourthlys been successfully ccommittee中文意思reated under the leadership of team leader Chen Xiaoan, and seven stars, Jingfeng and Concentric service team are afourth-gradelfourth缩写so in preparation; In te深圳疫情rms of donations, lion friends were also very helpful, donating a total offourth-grade 166 Chinese Lion awards, 33committee造句 Maowen Zhongshi Awards and 176 Chinese Lion Award深圳s, far exceeding the amount set in thefellowship翻译 annual plan. In terms of service activities, the service teams are also ver深证指数y active, and lion friends are active in every comanagement怎么读rner where theymanagement怎么读音 need hecaptains是什么意思lp. Chairmanfourth缩写 Kwok also said that all district chairmen anmanagement什么意思d captainmembership什么意思啊s would spare no effort to achieve all the targets and deliver satisfactory results.

Chairman Shih Jianyong, Chief Financial Offi深圳市最新疫情cer Ma Min, Chief Picket Officer Zheng Huoping, Chairman Zhang Huiqing, Chairfourth的音标man Chen Heng, Ccommittee和commissionhairman Peng Daojian and Chairman Lei Kwong Also spoke. President Shi jifellowship奖学金anyong affirmed the earnest and efficient work of the fourth member management committee and expressed his deep gratitude to the lio深圳疫情n friends for their effortscommittee. At thecaptain什么意思中文 same time, the leaders of lion friends also sfellowship奖学金hared the feelings of深证指数 work in the past half year, hard and happy. It is because o深圳大学f these selfless efforts of lion friends that sfourthuch an excellent district has been achieved. I hope evercommitteesyone will continue to work hard and make persistent efforts in the coming days.

Tan Fei captain, captain Cai Min, Yale captain, captain Wu Jiansheng also share their feelings, they said as captain face many challenges this year alfellowship和scholarship的区别so received a lot of growth, not only learned how to do more charity, is to apply what they have learnedmembersmark啥牌子 in their daily work life, everybody on the public road all the way to pcommittee是什么意思ay, a harvest.

This fellowship activity came to a successful end in the warm and happy sharing.

By Jin Jing

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