Pay tribute to sanitation workers for a civilized city - Shenzhen Lions Club launched a series of activities to care for sanitation workers

Sanitation workers are "road angels", "urban beauticians", the creators and guardians of a better life. To celebrate the 26th Sanitation Worke深圳市最新疫情rs' Daintributey, lions Clulionsb of Shenzhen lacitydo天眼查unched the 2019club用英语怎么说-club怎么读2020 "Harmonious Force: The Most Beautiful Sanitation Workers"citydo集团 community theme a深圳疫情最新动态ctivity in Lianhuashan Park, Shenzhen, on October 26, 2019. In the afternoon, shenzhen Liolions英语怎么读ns club held the second fun games for sanitation workers in xixpaypal是什么支付iang Public square, and invited sanitation workers to taste blionsig potted vegetables in Yantian District Yangang community. The service funds were 584,000 yuan. This year wilpaymentl also carry out care for sanitation workers in Luohu District, Guangming New Districlubmanctcitydo, Baocivilized是什么意思an District songgang Street and other places, the total service funds of the project nearly 1 million yuan.

The project is guided by shenzhen Municipal Administclub是什么意思ration Bureau and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and undworker是什么意思ertaken by 8 service teams, including Tien, Songgan深圳疫情最新动态g, Mingjilionsgatea Shanpin, Tai 'an, Yitian, Yantian, Zhuhui and Handshandou. Fukuda, virtuetribute词根词缀s, yi lu, datong, happiness, Le xinan, joitribute是什么意思nt, red azaleas, li, lotus, Vcity怎么读ictoria towers, zhongtian, hong ya, in the long run, shelltribute怎么读s, sea yun, ccitydo吴先生hild, the gold yue, flat land, land, Chinese businessman, charity collection, business kpaypal登录nowledge such as 33 branch of slionservice, support froclub用英语怎么说m the btribute结尾的单词eautiful shenzhen public foundation etc.

Liu Qingsheng, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee andpaycheck Executive Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, presentpay的用法ed the "2019 Sanitation Workers' Day" charity organization to S深圳疫情henzhen Lions Csanitationlub at the donation ceremony.

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"The Power of Harmony: The Most Beautcitydo集团iful Sanitatcity翻译ion Workeworkersrs" launch ceremony

At ninelions o 'clock on the morning of 26th, the l深圳风险等级acity翻译unch ceremony of "Harmonious Power The most beautiful Sanitation workers" was held as scheduled. 150 front-line sanitation workers who were icitynjured on duty and poor due to illness were donateclubman是什么牌子车d 2,000 yuan as consolation money and consolation materials such as cooking oil, rice and cakes, andlion是什么意思中文翻译 the s深圳大学ervice funds were 345,000 yuan.


City urbacivilized翻译n management and comprehensive llionsgateaw enforcement bureau deputy director Yang lei, beautiful shenzsanitation是什么意思hen public foundation secretary-general Zhang Xiacivilize的名词owei, domestic lion federation's deep representative li wh, President of shenzhen lions in 2lions翻译中文019-2020, WengHua, the last President Ma Min, second deputy President Guo Yongyong,tribute怎么读 former President of tian wang, chief ficlub是什么意思nancial officer Peng Daojian, deasanitation翻译n of general affair Liao Ronghui, sergecivilizedants-at-arms Du Peng long, Cui Weiying, chairclub是什么酒man of the zone, Li Zhou, RuChunXu shui-jin Yang, chairman of the partition, Yi Shumin, zhu feng, Zhang Zheqcitydo天眼查in, Tang Quanhusanitation和hygiene区别i, kevinbale深圳天气s, Wei Xin new, li xiaofeng, li Ming and well ChiMingHui, Ye Ning, ZupaycheckoHongYi, dong-mei Chen, deng mei, secretary genepaycheckral of the board of supervisors Taclub是什么意思n Fei, supervitribute是什么意思sors NieXiangDong, Li Chunchang, why to pay such as lions, friends and district sanitation worker representatives and more than 200 people were prespaypalent at the launching ceremony. Thecivilized怎么读 activity was initiateworker是可数名词吗d by Li Zhou and served as the ge深圳大学neral coordinator, presided over by Fang Shilei.

President Li Zhou introduced the background of theworker是什么意思 project and extended high respect and sincere greetings to thelions是什么意思 hardworkclub是什么意思ing sanitation workers. He said that The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched the "Most Beautiful Sasanitation是什么意思nitation Worker" public welfare prpaypal登录oject in 2017 and graduallysanitation和hygiene区别 built it into the Bcivilized中文意思rand pworker是什么意思roject of The Lions Club of Shenzhen. Up to now,workers怎么读 Shenzhen Lions Club has invested more than RMB 2 million in tpaypal登录he project of caring for sanitaticity是什么意思on workers, benefiting more thapayn 10,000 sanitation workers.


Yang Lei,civilized中文意思 deputy director of the Shenzclubman是什么牌子车hen Lions Club, spoke highlytributes of the caring activity, which made sanitation workers flions的音标eel the true feelings and warmth of the societsanitation翻译y. He hoped that shenzhen Lions Club could mtribute怎么读obilize more social forces to care for sanitation workers.


     Weng Hua, president and Guo Yongyong, vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club, said in his speech that the projetributesct of caring sanitation work深圳大学ers is one of the five kcivilize的名词ey scity翻译ervice projects of Scitydo集团henzhen Lions Club this year. Focivilized怎么读llowing this event, Shenzhen Lions Club willtribute怎么读 continue to promote the activity of caring for sanitation workers by helping families of poor sanitation workers and those who are disabled due to work, acitydo吴先生nd encourage various social forces to jointly donate to build a caring statiworkers'day怎么读on for satribute词根词缀nitaticlubmedon workers, so as to further create an atmosphere of suppaycheckport, respect and care for the sanitlions翻译中文ation cause in the whole society.

On the spot, lion friends distributed sympathy money and sympathypaypal materials to representatives of sanitation workers. The leaders of深圳疫情最新动态 the Urban Management Burecitydo天眼查au and The Lions Club of Shenzhen awarded MEDALS to the love ambassadors深圳疫情, the service teams that undpaypalercitydo吴先生took and co-organizedtribute词根词缀 the event and the love enterprises. Guo Yongyong, the second vice President, was awarded the "Most Beautiful Sanitation Worker Pcitydo杭州城市大数据roject" Love Ambassador. To thank the executive chairmen for their efforts, the project team gave them special chairman badges.

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At the end of the activity, Annie Zhao and Shilei Fang recited the poem "Praise of Urban Beautician -- To The Sanitation Workers" created for the project, paying tribute to the sanitation workers who have worked hard, and presenting a gcitydoift for the launching ceremony of "Harmonious force: The most beautiful Sanitation workers".

The 2nd Fun Games for Sanitation Workers

For rich spiritual and cultural life of sanitcitydoation workers, create a warm, pleasant working atmosphere, strengthen the sanitatiintributeon team's cohesion and centripetal force and the collective sense of honor, shenzhen lions, baoan district, the city environmental comprehensive management service center held hand in hand "harmonious strenworkers的中文意思gth, best sanitatiworkers的中文意思on workers" second sanitation worker fun games, 180 sanitation workers were distributed rice, cookinlion是什么意思g oil anlions读音d other supplies, and awarded prizes to the sanitation wtributeorkers who won the ranking, and the service fundcitydo集团s were 8club怎么读0,000 yuan.

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The evenlionst was helworkers的中文意思d at two o 'clock in the afternoon at xixiang Public square. The lion friends of the conference affairs group, logistics group, material group, picket group and other groups just finished prepari深证指数ng for the morning launch ceremony. They did not have lunch, and they devoted themselves to the preparation of the fun sports in the afternoon. They arranged the scene carefully, carefully and orderly, and implemented the details of each acpayoneertivity. The sanitation work深圳风险等级ers have bright smicivilizedles on their fclub是什么意思aces. They formed 12 teams, ready to go, full of anticipation in this belonging to their festival, through fun sports anworkers翻译d teammates to experience more fun.

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Hu Youliang, minister of sanitation深圳天气 department, Chen Qiong and Liu Feng, vice ministers, Guo Yongyong, second vice president of Shenzhen Lions Clublions翻译, Liao Ronghui, General dilions是什么意思rector of Shenzhen Lions Club, Cui Weiying and Li Zhou, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, Yi Shumin, Zhao Hui, Li Xiaofeng, Checlub用英语怎么说n Dongmei and other lion friends attended the activity. Activities by Peshenzhenng Xing as the chairman of the conclub用英语怎么说ference.

Guo Yongyong, the second vice president a深证指数nd Li Zhou, the president respectively extended their ho深圳大学liday greetings to the sanitation workers and wished all the participating teams could achieve excellent reslions英语怎么读ults and enjoy a special day of sanitation workers. Hu Youliang minister spelions英语怎么读ech, thank sanitattributeion workers for creatinglions读音 a clean living environment to make contributiolion是什么意思中文翻译ns, hope sanitation workers in the days to come can be more full of enthusiasm into the work, under the premisecity复数 of safepay operation, the city will be built more beautiful.

Wechat picture _20191026232306.jpg

Wechat picture _20191026232407. JPG

The representative of the sanitation workers mlionsgateade a speech, thanking the community for their concern and carepay的过去式, and saying that he wouclubmanld work harder to repay the care and love of the community and lions Club.

The team of sanitation workers competed ficitydo集团ercely in three subjects, such as transporting garbage cans, picking up garbage carts, and the sanitation teamcivilized是什么意思 race. In the end, the Fuhai team, the New 'an team, the Songgang team, the Shajing team, the Hangcheng team, the Songgang team won the excellent organizatiuncivilizedon award; Xixiang team, Shiyan team and Xinqiao team won the third prize; Yanluo team, sanitatioretributen department team won the second prize; The reprtribute词根词缀esentativelion是什么意思中文翻译 team of Chuanpaycheckgmei 'an company won the fir深圳风险等级st prize with excellent results. Lead the lion friends to award the prize to the winning team.



Happy big potted vegetable

When the fun games are stisanitation和hygiene区别ll in full swing, yantiaclubmed官网预订nclubman是什么牌子车 District along the深证指数 gang communityThe baskclubmanetball court has been dressed up, waving flags, flasintributehing lights, all permelions翻译中文ated with the joy of the festival. At 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, 550 sanitation workers from Shiota district have arrivedpay的用法 at the scene, smiling face tretributeo greet the evening of happiness big potted vegetable activities.

The activity was strongly supported by Yantian District Urbalions英语怎么读n Management and Comprehensive Law enforcement Bureau of Shenzhen City, Yangang Community People's Congress liaison station, Yangang Community Neighborhood Committee, Yanti深圳天气an Street Material Indcivilized是什么意思usworkers'day是什么意思try Party Committribute是什么意思tee and Shenzhen Jasmine Culture Medclubmania. Yantian district party committee standing committetribute怎么读e wei-hua lei,citydo吴先生 yantian district urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau Chen Wensheng and deppaymentuty director of the Peng Wuming, domestic lion fedepaypalration's deep representative li wh, President of shenzhen lion, WengHua, second deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, former President of tian wang, chief fcity怎么读inanclub是什么酒cial officer Peng Daojian, long picket Du Peng, deputy secretary-general Li Feng, chairmclubmanan of the zone Cui Weiying, Li Zhou, Rucivilized中文意思ChunXu, Mor深圳疫情最新动态e than 600 people, including dislionstrict chairmen Yi Shumin, Zhao Hui, Weiworkers Xinxin, Li Xiaofeng, Ye Ning, Zuo Holionsngclub怎么读yi, Chen Dongmei, advisor Lin Yanju, and sanitation workers, part深圳icisanitation翻译pated in the activity. The activity was hosted by Fang Shilei and Meng Chun.


In the condolencelions读音 link, the leaders of lion friends distributed 15 thouclub用英语怎么说sand yuan of condolence monlions读音ey, rice, edible oclubsil and other condolence materials to 30 re深圳大学preclubsentatives of the sanitation workers in extreme poverty, the sanitation workers in difficulties, the sanitation workers whoscity翻译e children had passed the examincity翻译ation of colleges anlion是什么意思中文翻译d universities and the representatives of the sanitation workers with long servicecivilized翻译 life in Yantian District. On behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club, President Weng Hua and vice President Guotribute是什么意思 Yongyong expressecity是什么意思d their sincere greetings to the sanitation workers. At the same time, Weng Hua, president of shenzhen Lions Club, Lei Weipay的过去式hua, standing clions的音标ocitymmittworkers的中文意思ee of Yantian District, on behalf of shenzhen Lions Cluworkers'pickets翻译b and yantian district official, presented the pennant to each other.

Copy initpintu_ 234 JPG

After thatpaypal登录, the sanitation workersworker是什么意思 tasted the delicious and rich big potted vegetalions读音bles, while enjoying the magnificent performance深圳市最新疫情. The leaders and guests sent their best wishes and cordial greetings to the sanitation workers at each table.

Wechat picture _20191028182043.jpg

At the end of the activity, Ding Hongzhe, the former leader of yantian Service Team, led everyone to sing "Ode to the Motherland", which pworker是可数名词吗ushed the activity to a climax.

Wechat picture _20191028182343.jpg

The sanitation workers care activities successfully concluded. Shenzhen lions through fun gameworkers翻译s, big ready-to-cook taste happiness and a serclub翻译ies of richpay是什么意思 and colorful activities, not only the workers fully experience coming from official and public wetribute结尾的单词lfare charity care about love, to stand incity怎么读 the fcity复数ront line of the sanitaticityon sanitation workers set up a bridge of interaction and communication, promoting thesanitation翻译 healthy and harmonious decivilized中文意思velopment of sanitation career. Wish more social forcecity翻译s to pay attention to the worklions and status quo of sanitation workers, wish every sanitation worker can get due respect, get due security, make this city beauworker是什么意思英语tiful all the time!


[Text] Shenshi News Agency, Zhao Anni, Zhintributeao Nianzhen, Chen Xinhong

[Photo] Wangcity复数 Haibin, Zhclubmed官网预订ao Annie, Xu Jinghua, Shenshi News Agency

[Edit] Zhao Annie & NBSP, Shenshi Nepay是什么意思ws Agency;

Ocityffice Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfensanitation是什么意思

[Composition] Hu Lei

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office & NBSP;

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