Standardize financial management and improve practice level — Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Financial practice training was successfully held

Lions Club shenzhen held its financial practice training for 2019-2020 at the Lions Club olevelsffice in Shenzhen on Oct 27, 2019. Peng Daojiastandardized翻译n, chief financial officmanagement游戏er of Lions Club shenzhen, Li Yuehpractice的用法ua, chairman of the financial stimprove的名词eering Committee of lions Club shenzhen, Caofinancial什么意思 Renzhong, Tang Jiaqipractices, Wang Shuang, Huang Fengyong, lecturers of Lions Club Ma Feng, Li Bizhen, Zhang Lizhong, Yu Xiaoping and more than 40 financialpractice造句 leaders from the ser深证指数vice teams attended the trainimanagementng. The training was chaired by Peng Daopractice的意思jianfinancial times and Li Yuehfinancial怎么读ua.

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Before the training,standardize instructor Yu Xiaoping led everyone to break the ice. Through the interactive games, everyone fimprove的名词elt the lion spractice的意思pirit of “financial timesse深圳地铁线路图rving and harmonious together”, especially in the activity of 8 people standing o深圳风险等级n a piemanagement游戏ce of A4 papfinancial timeser at the same time, the深圳天气 team members made concerted efforts, tacit cooperation, and successfully completed the task, creating a happy learning atmosphere.

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Chief Financial Officer Peng Daojian delivered a speech to express his gratitude to the financial staff of the service Team. He st深圳ressed the importance of financial work, and hoped tpractice的意思hat everyimproverishedone would fully cherish the training opportunityfinancial的名词, keep close contact wlion是什么意思中文翻译ith the actual work,levels concentrate on, study seriously, and discuss extensively. We hope that through learning, we clions翻译中文an standardizemanagement什么意思 fifinancial condition翻译nancial mclub是什么意思anagement, improve our ability to perform dutiimproveses, further improve the communication efficiency between the service深证指数 team and the district council, and better promote the orderly developmentlions翻译中文 of lion affairs.

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Chairman Li Yue-深圳地铁线路图hua intr深圳oduced theclub翻译 members of the lecture group and the financial settlement center of the office.

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Wanlion是什么意思g Xiumei, the financial director of the office, introduced the financial reimbursement process around the types of service items, and explained in detail thclub是什么意思e practical opelionsrations such as filling in financial documents, reimbursement of cash expenditure, online transfer of SPD Bank, billing, collecticlubson of membership dues, application for district council funds and other matters requclubmediring attentclubmanion深证指数 based on the case. After the explanation of practical operation, Wang Xiumei answered the lion friends concerned about financial isslions翻译uemanagement游戏s.

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After the break, lecturer Ma Feng exciting show “time managemen深圳地铁线路图t” course, with a small video about the time, guide you to clear tstandardizehe importance and priority, in limited time, leaveclub翻译 the past,levelled the better the planned to staclubmed官网预订y in the momenclubt, through the four qlevel2uadrant tool method combing, manage their time effectively, improve efficiency.

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Aftcluber the traininglevelled, Peng Daojian, chief financial officer, Li Yuehua and other leaders gave a beautiful gift to every lion friends who insisted on learmanagement游戏ning. Gifts were provided by Peng Daojian, Li Yuehua and Talevel2有必要买吗ng Jiaqi.

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Thelevel翻译 whole training was very careful in both site arrangementlevel怎么读英语 andfinancial怎么读 learnipractice的用法ng clevel是什么意思ontent design. Through learning, we solved a lot of financial puzzles and understood the methods of time management. With the service, a total of harfinancial怎么读mony, thick lion friendship flow in the heart of every lion brother lion sister.


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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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