The establishment of the public welfare culture research Center and the first salon was held successfully

Shenzhen Lions Club public Welfare Culture research center was established and the first salon was held successfully

            On the a萨隆fternoon of October 27th, 2012, the founding ceremony and the first salon of lions Club Sestablishment翻译henzhen Public Welfare Culture Research Center was held in the Lions Club office of Shenzhen. Shenzhen Su Zeran lions club director, firsfirst翻译t deputy director wu xm, second deputy director Lin Ziyu, secretary-general Zhanpublicizeg Xiaowei, social the dean, professor yi song kingdom of spublic翻译henzhen university, shenzhen charity secretary-general tao, shenzhen academy of social sciences, the social development research institute Yang Lixun, shenzhen uncenterpoint是什么意思iversity schoofirst怎么读l of management, administrative deparwash怎么读tment professor, the dean Zhou Lingang, Zhao Huan, lecturer, Schowelfareol of Social and Public Administratiowashingtonn, East China University of Science and Technology, Dcenter什么意思irector of Shenzhen Social Welfare Development Evaluation Centercenter; Li Aiestablishment是什么意思jun, Secretary-general of Shenzhen Hongfa Temple Charity Morality Foundation; Wu Liujiang, Chairman of Public Welfare Culture Rwelfare翻译esearch Center; Liao Yu, Ye Dong,first怎么读 Yang Jiawash怎么读n, Executive Chairmen; Feng Qresearch怎么读英语ijiang, Liu Guoliang, researchers; And more than 30 representatives from other universities, reswelfare翻译earchfirst name iculture是可数名词还是不可数名词nstitutions, charitable organizations and The Lions Club of Shenzhen attended the event.
          &nestablishment翻译bsp; Thesalon是什么牌子 launching cesalonremony was presidedresearch怎么读英语 over by Liao Yu, executive Chairman of CCCC, and Wu Liujiang, cwelfare翻译hairman of CCCC, delivered a welcome speech anestablishment怎么读d read out the organizatwashingtonional structure of CCCC. At the lwashingtonausalon是什么意思nching ceremony,culture什么意思 representatives of Shenzhen Lions Club, the Public Welfare Culture Researcwelfare翻译h Center and the expert Committee inaugurated the public welfare Culture Research Center of Shenzhenfirst翻译成中文 Lions Club. Directowelfare是什么意思r Supublic404html最新网站 Zeran awarresearchded tcenter是什么意思中文he appointment letter to the first group of researchers and 22 members of the expert committee of the public Welfare Culture Research Center. The first group of researchers: Gresearch可数名词还是不可数ao Zhou, Wu Liujiang, Ye Dong, Liao Yu, Yang Jian, Feng Qijiang, Liu Yilin, Li Rong, liu Guoliang. Members of the Expert Committsaloniaswaniee: Yi Songguo, Yang Lixun, Fang Tao, Wang Ming, Yang Tuan, Xu Yongxiang, Zhao Huan, Wu Chong, Yang Peng, Li Guangming, Li Aijun, Zhou Lingang, Chen Li. At the meeting, Ye Dong, esaloni连衣裙xecutive chairman of the Public Welfare Culture Research Center, read out the working rules;first怎么读英语 Yang Jian, executive chairmanculture是可数名词还是不可数名词 of the Public Welfare Culture Research Center, read out the 2012-2013 work plan of the cenfirst翻译成中文ter. Director Su Ziran delivered a speech, he thanked the participants for coming to this activity in their busy schedule, and introduced to the participancenterpoint是什么意思ts the reason for the establishment of the public welfare culture research center and hoped the participants to make sugculturegestions on the development of thculture什么意思中文e center.
            The salon was moderated by Ye Dong, executive chaiestablishment怎么读rman of the Public Welfare Culture Center, and Yi Songguo, professor of sociology at Shenzhen University. Theculture theme of this salon is &LDquo; Opportunities aresearch期刊nd Challenges of Shenzhen Lions Cwelfarelub & RDquo; . Society the dean, professor yi song kingdom ofirstname填姓还是名f shenzhen university, shenzhen charitiewelfares, secretary general of the tao, shenzhen academy of social scienculture什么意思ces, the social development research institute Yang Lixun, shenzhen NieZhu soldier “non-profit organization development center director, director of the shepublicize翻译nzhen social welfare centre Tang Rongsheng, full love inati on the Red Cross, Yang Yang, a promoter, shenzhen polytechnculture shockic community management professional lecculture是可数名词还是不可数名词turer Sue, NiChiDan, Chen Fpublic是什么意思eng, deputy Director of the Service Departmpublicityent of Shenzhen Pengxing Social Work Ssaloniervice, Guo Xifeng, project director of Shenzhen Pengxing Social Work Seresearch可数名词还是不可数rvice, Huang Fengming, reporter of Hong Kong Business Dailsalon怎么读y, Li Zhaowei, founder and disalon怎么读rector of Qingyi Social Work Network and other experts and guests madwasn’te speeches. They congratulated the establishment of the Shenzhen Lions Club Public Welfare Culture Research Center. They affpublic是什么意思irmed the necessity of the establishment of the Pupublic怎么读blic Welfare Culture Research Center and exprestablishmentessed their views on the theme of the Salon, as well as their suggestions for the ffirsthanduture developmeculturesnt of the center. All of them had high hopes for the depublic翻译velopment of the Shenzheresearch可数名词还是不可数n Lions Club psalon翻译ublic Welfare Culture Research Center.
            Director Wu Xiaoming sawas是什么意思id that the salon was very successful,center的形容词 with strong partiwashingtoncipation and learned a lot. He saculture怎么读id that the Lions Club of Shenzpublicizehen wsalonpas药膏ould makepublicize a systematic plan for the next step of the public welestablishment是什么意思faresalon的中文 culturecenterpoint是什么意思 research Center. He also horeestablishmentped that all sectors of society would provide valuable suggestiofirst namens owashn the development of the center and make contributreestablishmentiosalon是什么意思ns to the development of public wpublicizingelfarfirst青年电影展e culture.

                                                        &public是什么意思nbsalon怎么读sp;                 &publicizingnbsp;     &nbspublic404html最新网站p;               &nbspfirst青年电影展;       Photo by Zhang Lichen

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