Illuminate yourself and warm others

The year 2020 has quietly arrived, with new expectations for the New Year. Looking back at the past year of 2019, THERE arilluminate是什么意思e so many wonderful and moving things that linger in my mind. On the evening of December 23, 2019, the “All the waotherspecial怎么读y with You” Shenzhen Lions Club 2020 New Yothers的中文意思ear charity party has come to a successful conclothersusion, behind the wonderful, is countless perseverance and dedicatilluminateionilluminate英语怎么读.


Thiilluminated翻译s evening party, a total of morwarminge tilluminatedhan 200 lion friends participated in the preparatory work. Ayourselfuction group, auction site tracking group, fundraising group, sponsorship group, party group, conference affairs group, etiquette gryourself是什么意思英语oup, reception group, financial group, picket group, publicity group and other 11 preparatory group tacit cooperation, seamless connection. In addition,illuminated翻译 zhiyourself怎么读音发音-qiang lu, chairman of the meeting, vice chairman Guo Yongyong, Du Hengkun, Peng Daojian (part-time) as a whole, Liao Ronghui) as a whole (who is vice Presiothers品牌dent, chief director Fang Shilei, executive chairman li Mingyourself主格形式怎么写 and well dong-meilluminate是什么意思i Chen, Tang Quanhuothers品牌i, li xiaofeng leawarm怎么读dership lion friends comprehenwarmingsive overall coordination, to carry out the responsibility, the social, to ensure the quality to finish the preparations for the drive; Ma Huijuan, executive Secretary general, Su Zhuangbin, ewarmxecutive Deputy Secretary General, assisted in mothers后面可以接名词吗obilizing office staff to support the Newotherspecial怎么读 Year charity party. With everyone’s joint efforts, the preparatory work has bewarm怎么读语音en orderly.



Four large prepothers.翻译aratory meetings were held before the charity evening, and more than 30 members of the preparatory group attended each meeting. At the meeting, everyone wwarm反义词as enthusiastic and gave full playothers和other的区别 to their intelligence and wisdom to offer suggestions for the party. Ayourself是什么词性fter thewarm怎么读 meeting, everyone did their duty, obeyed the assignment and worked carefully on their ordinary posts, constantly overcoming the difficulilluminated是什么意思ties encountered in the preparatory procilluminate怎么读ewarmthss. In order to inspire lion friends to book Taiwan, the general coordinator Peng Daojian and almost all district chairman have a telephone, one by one tilluminate翻译o understand the situation of the service teilluminate是什么意思am, mobilize lion friends actively participate in the charity party; Deputy general manager Liao Ronghui wrote the name of the captain of the servyourself缩写ice team on the paper, on the way to Heyuanilluminated是什么意思 to study, using spilluminate是什么意思are time to call the captains, told them to mobilizothers品牌e the lion friends of the service team to attend the party; In order to ensure that the party process smooth safe, chief director Fang Shilei meeting opened moreilluminate是什么意思 tyourself怎么读音发音han a dozen times and desiilluminate英语怎么读gn units, and constantlilluminated翻译y improve the pothers是什么意思英语arty details, and the construction uyourself和yourselves的区别nit communicatiowarm翻译n, strive for perfection, but also the day before the party, give up the moment with their families in the winter solstice, a person with stage build unit has been kept at the scene of the partyyourself是什么意思 until the wee hours, the second day early in the mwarm反义词ornothers是什么意思英语ing and rushed to the scene; Iyourself主格形式怎么写n ordeothers后面接什么r to enhance the participation of lion Friends, Liao Ronghui, deputyyourself翻译 generalyourself翻译 managerilluminated, repeatedly communicated with the person in charge of the convention and Exhibitionyourself怎么读 Cwarmingenter to solve the problems existing in the layout of the outfield exhibition area and group photo areayourself是什么词性; In order to present the wonderful party, many lioyourself的复数n friends did not even have time to eat dinner, has been running busy, the three hosts almost did not drink a few water……


Under the leadership of secretary General Du Hengkun, executive Secretary General Ma Huijuan, executive deputy secretary General Su Zhuangbin, the office staff worked tirelessly to pay silently for the party. From the beginning of the preparation for the party, the staff of the office took charge of the preparatiilluminated是什么意思on work of each group according to their work ryourself是什么意思espwarmingonsibilities, kepwarm是什么意思t close contact with each group and performothersed their respective duties. On the day of the party, thewarmly office staff carried all the materialswarm翻译 to the venue early in the morning, theyourself翻译 party waswarm的名词 withdrawn, and was responsible for transporyourself主格形式怎么写ting the remyourself是什么意思英语aining materials and unclaimed lots back towarm翻译 the office. The high-intensity work lasted for 17 hourwarms. Financial director Wang Xiumei and other financyourself是什么意思ial staff with financial group leader Peng Daojian, deilluminate怎么记忆puty leader CAI Min to adjust the budget of the paothers后面接什么rty, and continue to follow up the party billuminate怎么记忆ooking work, the number of the party booking continues to climb, and finallyilluminated more than 800 people atteyourself主格形式怎么写nded the party, made gratifying results… There are sothers和other的区别o many touching things. Everyone has participated in the preparations for the paothers和other的区别rty with enthusiasm and mailluminated是什么意思de everyothers effort for the success of the party. Let’s extend our deep respect and gratitude to them!  




Lu Zhiqiangilluminated翻译, chairman of twarm的名词he convention, said that he was grateothers的中文意思ful for the attention and silent support of more than 3,800 lion club members of Shenzhen Lions Club, for the enthusiastic participation of more than 800 lion club members to add lothers是什么意思英语uster to the pawarm反义词rty, and for the dedication and dedication of more than 200 preparatory staff in their respective posts to make theyourself翻译 party successfully held. As an ordinary person, perhaps we are unable to do some earth-moving things, but we can shine in the ordinary post, to the collective and social interests as totherspecial怎么读he starting point to do something meaningful, anyourselfd our collective, the motherland will be better and better. Let us strive to live ourselves as a light to illuminate ourselves and warm others.

[Text] News Agency Chen Meihong

Wang Haibin, Chen Weiming, Jia Neng,illuminated Guo He Xin, news agency

【 Edit 】 News Agency zhao Annie & NBSP;

        Office Ma Huijuan Lin Yilluminatedanfen

[Typesetting] Qiu Peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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