Behind the Scenes — behind the 2020 New Year charity gala auction

Gather force public welfare, lion love Pengcheng. The 2020 New Year Charity Gala of Shenzhen Lions Club was held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibitiauctioneeron Center on December 23, 2019. At thebehind的用法 party, the vigorous voice of the gold auctioneer Cao Yan filled the audiencegala, and the bidding sounded one after another, with one climax after another. Sixty-eight items were auctioned by the public welfare people who had a good eye foauction的发展阶段r them, and thbehind的中文翻译e total amount raised by the party exceeded 10 million yuan. Looking back on tscene什么意思中文翻译hecharity宽容的爱 whole evening bit by bit, every moment is a wnews可数吗itness of love. The true love flowing throubehind的用法ghnewgrounds the party, especially the behind-the-scenes story of the auction link, is unforgettable.


On November 19, the party auction group was formally established, with former president Tian Wangxing as the group leader. The auction group is divided into five grounew balanceps, respectively in accordance with their own group responsible for the corresponding area, we work together, run around to collect, for the auctionscene是什么意思英语 collection conscientious. Subsequently, the calligraphy work “Ren Ai”, the photography work “Soldiers in battle”, Ma Juzhong’s “Traditional Chinese painting” and other items have been in place.

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However, the auction collenew是什么意思英语ction is not as simple as imagined. Asyear函数 of Nov. 3behind是什么意思0, only 19 lots had been placed, putting pressure on the auction team. However, the gyearbookroup mebehind的用法mbers still moved around without a trace of complaint, “come on, collenewct the auction” has become the most common words of encobehind的中文翻译uragement in the auction group. With the joint efforts of the group members, the auction collectiogalaxy是什么牌子n work has become more and more effective. Onauctions December 10, 32 lots were in place; On Dec. 18, 66 lots were added to the list of lots;behind怎么读英语怎么说 On The 23rd, 68 pieces of lots with sweat, wisdom and public welfare feelings were presented inbehind的中文翻译 the party. The 68 items are like a warm current, making us feel the breyearningath of spring in winter and adding lusyear是什么意思ter toauction是什么意思 the 2020 New Year charity gala.


At the party, the auction site tracking group, led b旮旯怎么读y Chen Dongmei, fixed positions, fixed people and was responsible. The auction management team is responsible for the transportation and management of the auction, closely monitoring the progress of the auction to ensure the orderly staging onewgroundsf the auction. Members of the payment follow-up team are scattered in all corners of tauction翻译he venue, coopcharity的内涵意义erating with the auctioneer, paying close attention to the bidding situation and leading the winners to the finance department for payment procedures. Each person has a aucbehind的中文翻译tion manual, occasionallyyearcon是什么牌子的 lowers his head to record the bidder and the amount of bicharity音标dding, eyes with the situation and shinewspaperft to the auction scene tracking tyear翻译enewlyam members is also a beautiful scene at thauction怎么记忆e party scene. At the end of the party, the auctiocharity宽容的爱n snews可数吗ite tracking algalaso assisted the office snew怎么读taff will not yet take the lot to movegalaxy什么意思 onto the truck, to be all checked out before dragging the tired body home.

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Tauctionshe 202gala是什么意思0 New Year charity gala has come to an end, but tcharityhe bits and pieces that touched our heartauction怎么记忆s will negalaver fade away. With the joint efforts of Lu Zhiqiang cbehind翻译hairman, Peng Dcharity音标aojianscenes翻译 general coordinator, Liao Ronghui Deputy general coordinator, Fang Shilei general director and Li Jingming, Chen Dongmei, Tang Quanhui, Li Xiaauction翻译ofeng and other executive chayear翻译irmen, with the full support of all lion friends, and wicharity翻译th the persistencegalaxy and firmness of “you” accompanying all the way, thcharity的内涵意义e party was successfully held.







Party director Fcharity形容词ang Shilei said with emotion: “water does not seek overnight effect, so can insist to wear stone day; After the stone, still calm, adhere to their own pace, this is calm. The success of the charity evebehind的反义词是ning is attributed to the fact that the preyearnparatory team members calmly faced the challenges and were down-to-earth in beinbehind怎么读g themselves.” Wu Jinzhi said with gratitude: “Love comes from the heart, the heart with love as the souyearningl, the heacharityrt is the most beautiful placegalanz of lion fryear是什么意思iends, love is the most beautiful connection of lion friends. We have worked hard for the sucyearcon是什么牌子的cess of the gala, not only because of pugalaxyblic welauction怎么记忆fare, but also because ofcharity的内涵意义 the love that resonates with everyone.”


Some people into your life, some people into your life, along the way with you, a thacharity宽容的爱nk you too light, salute into my life you! Be thankful that everything can happen to enrich our memories; Be thankful that evegala乐队rything can be presenbehind怎么读t to increase our knowledge.scene什么意思中文翻译 Love is boundless, the road is longer, thanksyear造句 to everyone’s dedication and dedication!

【 Text 】charity是什么意思 Liu Jnewgroundsun

【 Edit 】 Zhao Annie, Chenscenes Meihong &galanz NBSP;Ma Huijuaauctioneern Lin Yanfennew balance

[Composition] Hu Lei

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Officebehind翻译

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