Cooperate with each other -- wonderful story of 2020 New Year charity auction spot tracking group

2020 New Year charity party raised more than 3 million yuan auction money, can not be separated from all the lion friends of the participants, bstory怎么读ut also can not be scooperate是什么意思eparated from the auction site treach otheracking team in the audience's solidarity anwonderful是什么意思译d cooperation, tacit coonews可数吗peration, they are the party scene beautiful scenery line.

Medium shot scene (1).jpg

In ootherwise的用法总结rder to successfully complete the work objectives, the auction site tracking group leaderwonderful Chen Dongmei, deputy leader Li Xinew怎么读aofeng, Deng Meixin led members to hold a meetinewgroundsng to determine the division of labor. Early in the morning onyear怎么读 Decemcooperate是什么意思bercharity 23each什么意思, auction site tstorytellerracking group battcharity的动词le formallystorybook started. At 8 o 'clock in the morning, the vanguard several lion brothers went to the office to help carry the auction;   At 9:30 a.m., members of the auwonderful什么意思ction tracking group have been waiting in the Convention center West Gate, the auction arrived, lion friends have shoulder to shoulder to carry the auction to the fifth flocooperateor plum hall, and the designated person is responsible for the care; At 2:00 PM, the auction tracking group held a field group meeting to arrange work details andwonderful怎么读 subdivide group responsibilities.each怎么读.. When all the work is ready, we are looking forward tonew balance the arrival of the auction link.

Tracking group meets. JPG

Charity auction openincharity和love区别g, auction site tracking group members together. Chen Dongmother的用法ei Shi Sister assist tracking; Deng Meixin shijie ran incooperate翻译 time to register the bidding results; Other team members took the registration form to fill in the bidding situation, led relevant personnel to handle the payment procedures at the finance office, reminded the auctioneer of the bidding situation, and sentstory怎么读 the bidding results, including the auction code, the name of the winner and the amount of the hammer, tcharity怎么读o the wechat group... Due to the large venue, more participants, bidding is very intense, trackicooperate withng group lion friends must focus on the scene. Everyone perfstorytellerormed their own duties and coonew是什么意思perated with each other to enewspaperfficiently and successcharity和love区别fully complete the tasks of the auction tracking group.

Tracking group meeting (1).jpg

After the partyear翻译y, lionwonderful英语怎么读 friends drag tired body home, everyone hard and happy. Ceach后面加单数还是复数hen Dongmei group leader and Li Xiaofeng, Deng Meixin deputy group leader praised the auction site tracking team members perfect coopcharity音标eration, hard work, overfulfill thewonderful怎么读 task,wonderful英语怎么读 thank you for your great love and pay.

Medium shot scene. JPG

There are a lot of touching stories bcooperate短语搭配ehicharity翻译nd a wonderful evenstory翻译ing party. Thanks to the auction site tracking team for their hard work. Thanks feach什么意思or "having you all the way" tcharity和love区别o make thnewspapere world a better placestoryteller!


[Text] News Agency Liang Wenjuan

[Photo] Auotherwise翻译ction sistorytellerte tracking group provided

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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