Gather the Hearts of all — wonderful story of 2020 New Year charity Gala sponsorship group

In the 2020 New Year charity party, the sponsorship group made good results under the joint efforts of the leader Chheartstringi Mheartshot战队inghui, the deputy leaderheartshot多少钱能出 Xu Qiubin, Li Jingming, Yi Shumin, Ye Ning and all the team members. All the sponsoring mwonderful是什么意思译atgala选手erials, suchstory复数 as mobile phones, drinknews, desserts, power banks, coffee machines, skigalan care products, tea and so on, were loved by the lion friends attendigala是什么意思ng the party.

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Chi Minghui, the lcharityeader of the sponsorship group for the first time, was a little nervous when he just received the list of spogather的形容词nsorship demands, but he beliyear造句eved that the power of the team is infinite. After he received the task, he immediately visited the previous charity party fund-raising group leader, and invited lion friends to quickly set up a team. With the help of xu Qiubin, deputy leader of the sponsorship group, the eargather的形容词ly work of Chi Minghui leader is off to a successful start. All the team members run argather的形容词ound and wogalark hheartshot英文怎么读ard to inspire, which has been actively responded by many enthusiastic lion friends and caring enterprises.

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Chi Minghui said with egather的名词motion that the work of the sponsorship group could not have progressed so smoothly without the enthusiastic support and active dowonderfulu歌词英文natistory翻译ons from many listory复数形式是什么ostoryn friends. As soon as she heard that the corsage, flogala选手wegatheringrs and garlands of the evening party had not been confirmed, Huang Jiawen shijie said nothing andgather directly sponsored all the flowers; Hearing that the lucky draw gift iwonderful什么意思s not enougwonderfulh weinewspaperghtcharity和love区别, Zhang Zheqwonderfulin took tgalanz是什么牌子he initiative to sponsor two mobile phones; In order to make it easy for lion club members to take away the accompanyingstory复数 gift, the sponsorshyearcon是什么牌子的ip group specially invited lion club members to order 1000 gift bags wyearcon是什么牌子的ith lions club LOGO. In addition, Lu Zhiqiang, the first vicheartshot中文翻译e President of CCPIT Xiamen introduced friends to sponsor thyear翻译e recegalanzption package; Captain Luo Yangui inspired beverage sponsorship; Chen Dongmei shi Jie volunteered to sponsorwonderful前面用a还是an dim sum; Brother Cui Weisheng donated 80 bottles of red wine. As a member of the sponsorship grnewsoup, Wu Man Qiong shi Jie donated 80 bottles of wine even though she was aware of the shortage of wine… All the drinks, wingalanz是什么牌子e and snacks on the day are sponsored, greatly saving money on the galyearbooka. In the interview, “gratitude” is chi Minghui shi brothgalanz是什么牌子er most want to express words. He thanked the lion friends for their help, thanked all the lion friends in the preparatory group for their efforts and efforts, thanked the charity people and lion friends for their donations and materials, and thanked everyone for their uncondyear造句itional efforts for the lions club and the public welfare.

In times of difficulty, we can see people’s hearts, and our lion friends, always takehearts the initiativnew是什么意思英语e to sstorytand up in times of difficulty, unite and unite together to achieve change agather怎么读音英语nd success. Pay tribute to all the members ostoryf the sponsorship group, pay tribute to our amiable and lovely lion friends!


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