Careful, meticulous, warm and thoughtful — wonderful story of the reception group of the 2020 New Year charity Gala

2020 New Year charity party, Shenzhen Lions club invited leaders from all over the country to witness thmeticulous翻译e lion friends, with Zhao Hui as the leader, Dai Linhua, Liu Ming, Liu Jun as the deputy leader of the reception group to pick up the reception of non-localmeticulous的同义词 lion friends.


Awonderfulu歌词英文t the beginning of the establishment of the reception grreceptionistoup, leader Zhao Hui led the group members to formulate a thorough reception plan. In order to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations, the reception group formulated AB two sets ocareful是什么意思freception的动词 planswarmly, from the allocation of airport lion friends, arrange vehicles, contareceptionist中文翻译ct passengers, arrange athoughtfulness翻译ccommodation and rest before the meeting, the reception group conthoughtful同义词sidered everything.


After confirmmeticulously翻译ingreception是什么意思 the reception list, the reception group immediately contreceptionist怎么读acted the lion friendcareful的比较级是什么s from other places, and specially prepared a text message to inform the reception arrangement. Although there are a lot of temporary changes, but lion friends are calm. Afterreception是什么意思 arranging accstory什么意思ommodation for noncarefully什么意思翻译-local lion friends, Zhao Hui, Dai Linhua, Liu Ming and other reception group members still accompanistory复数形式是什么ed and participatedgroup翻译 in the lion affairs exchange activities betstorytellerween Dalian and Shenzhen lion friends. Lion friends of the meticulous arrangements and warm and thoughtful service has been the leaders of the lion friendstory复数形式是什么s of the unanimous praiswarmere.



In ordecareful用英语怎么说r to do a good job in this reception, lion friends put down their own work, so that non-local lion friends fully feel the warmth of “home”. Cao Haihonstorylineg lion sister got up at five o ‘clock in the morning, six o ‘clockwarmth arrived at the hotel lion friends to the airport; After the exchange, Zhao Hui shiyou took Dalian Shiyou togroup造句 Guangzhou Airport. Shishi Sister Xu Jinghua, a reporter from Shenshi News Agencycarefully什么意思翻译, carried her cwonderfulu歌词英文amera and followed her in the airport, capturing many wonderful and unforgettable moments. Liu Jun, Liu Qihai, Yu Xiaoping and other lion friends are also on standby, ready to meet new tascarefulnessks.


When the last group of non-local lions were sentcareful怎么读音 away, the lions in thcarefulnesse reception grreceptionoup were relieved. They successfullygroup造句 completed the reception task with their own efforts, and wrote the moving ballad of “With you all the way, you are willingwarm怎么读 to suffer a little” with practical actions. Let us hand inreceptionist翻译 hand to write athoughtfulness翻译 colorgroup造句简单ful new picture of our life in the brand-new year of 2020!


[Text] News Agency Wang Shuhua

[Image] Provided by reception Group

【 Edit 】 News Agency zhao Annie & NBSP; Mei-hong Chen

  &ncareful用英语怎么说bsp;   &nbwonderful是什么意思译sp; Office Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Lin Ywonderful什么意思anfen

【 Composition 】 Qwonderful是什么意思译ithoughtful同义词u & NBSP; peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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