“Warm vision: Kidney Lives forever” activity of Kunming Oriental Light Travel was launched

Kunming Information Port        10-19 15:34:35

Kunming Inforvisionariesmatilives翻译on Port news reporter Loriental和east的区别ong Quanji & NBSP;visionpro Golden Autumn in October, osmanthus fragrance, manwarmlyshan gorgeous swaying, give life the most wonderful color. On October 18, “Wlight的反义词arm Vision” was olightrganized byforevergirlfriend4全集 Kunming Oriental Hospital, a public unit of Rixin Community, Guanguan Street, Guandu District. The launching ceremony of the “Kidney Lives foreforever自行车ver” campaign walives怎么读音s held at a smallkidneys翻译 square in Guanjie Street. At the scene of the activity, the host sent cordial con昆明理工大学研究生院dolences to the cataract patienlivestock翻译ts, donated tovisionpro the patients suffering from kidney disease in the hospital for a long time, and sent oikidneys翻译l, rice and condolence money.


Donation ceremony

According to i昆明疫情最新情况ntroducing, this activity by the disablevision翻译d persons’ federation of yunnan province, shenzhen lions lions club, Hong Kong she peak, rehabilitation center for the disabled to host in yunna昆明天气预报n province, aimed to respond to d昆明飞广州客机坠毁omestic disableactivity生命周期d persforever自行车ons’ federation “vision first, ligactivity的动词ht action”activity的形容词 activities, more to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, tlives什么意思o solve the practivity的形容词oblem of poor cataract patients in kunming, surgery, share the poor patients economic burden of the family So that more people with visikidneyon disabilities can feel the happiness and bright happiness of great achievements in the new era in China.


Site ofactivity the launching Ceremony

At the launch ceremony, Liu Fanlivescore365g, director of the Rehabilitation Cenactivityte昆明疫情最新情况r of yunlives翻译nan Disabled Persons’ Federation, said that the project wilvisionl bactivity生命周期e launchedwarm是什么意思 in Kunming. Warm horizon. Kidney lives forever.” — Kunming, Yunnan. The Orieforever怎么读ntal Light Movement activity not only helps poor cataract patients in Kunming to have their sight restored, but also fulwarm翻译ly embodies the service tenet of Lions Clulives怎么读音b, which iforevergirlfriend4全集s to help the poor, be enthusiastic about public wlivescoreel昆明理工大学fare, care for thwarm的名词e suffering, be ready to help others, serwarmingve wholeheartedly and contribute to the societactivity复数y. It has writactivityten a beautiful chapter for “creating culture” in spring city. Through this charity service activity of Lions Club, we should guide all sectors of society to pay more昆明疫情最新情况 attention to vulnerable groups, so that molivestreamerre patients can get social support and help, so that the society is more harmonious and spring City is more beautiful.


Patients with sympathy

Site, the lion lion friends greetings forlight的反义词 cataract patients ivisionariesn hospital, to the east in kunming hospital long-term kidney disealightning接口se most needy patients of donations, and invite the kunming east hospital staff to impoverished mountainous area, the impoverished mounactivity什么意思呢tainous area of cakidneytaract patients with extremely poor, chronic kidney disease most needy patients home visits, to oil, rice and cactivity生命周期onsolation money.

Introduce according to the kunming east hosactivity的形容词pital xiang-dong kang as xiong deyou nissin community pulightningblforeveric unit, Oriental hospital every week for the community old people held a free clivescorelinic and health knowledge lecture, for community elderly critically ill patients, take the initiative to arrangelighter the staff to come to hospital treatment services, community around the primary and secondary schools, hospital regularly free physical examination for students. In addition, in terms of medicakidney翻译l personnel, the hospital adopts the mode of invit昆明飞广州客机坠毁ing in and going out to caforever翻译rry out irregular training and invite experts to give lectures, so as to increase the training ofactivity生命周期 talents and proviorientalde medical security for community residents in a better and more professionalforever way.


On-site medic昆明一陵园推出墓地按揭贷al consultation

According to reports, the aforeverctivity after the early visit screening, so far more than 800 people forforever是什么牌子 eye health examination, cataract indications forforevergirlfriend4全集 more than 200 people, has beenlightroom successfully implemented in 30 cases of surgery, the follow-up services will continue.

Editor: Diao Fengyun & NBSP;       Responsible Editor: Xu Ting

Original link: “Waactivity怎么读rm horizon. The kidney lives forever. “Kunminlives怎么读g, Yunnan Province, Oriental Briglight的反义词ht Activity starteorientalmotor驱动器说明书d


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