Xili Service Team: Held the second regular meeting of 2019-2020

On August 30, 2019, the second regular meeting of Xili Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club wameetings held in Fenghe Garden, Xheld的意思是什么ixiang district, Baoan. Xili service tea西里的美丽传说未删减m captain Zhang Zhining, first vice captain Ye Hanfang, former captain Xserviceableiao Yujing, secretary Xiao Wei, financial Zhang Yanchen, picket Zhao Chuanghuai, general affairegular是什么意思英语rs Liao Shiyu and otservice的名词her 13 people attexilinded the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Qisecond的基数词ngsong.

At the meeting, Captain Zhregularityang Zhining introduced the recent work arrangements, reheld过去式和过去分词ported the adjustment of the time and content of the annual regulsecond翻译ar meeting, the adjustment of the time of the activity of Caring shaoguan Hupheldongyun Primary School, the adjustment of the time of the activity of Wuhregular翻译ua Stuteamdent assistance fheldor the Disabled, the adjustment ofservice the time of the activity of H西凉onghu + Xiangfan and the coordination with the Committee of Poverty Alleviheld是hold的什么形式ation and Assistance for the Disabled and other matters.

Zhang Yanchen repor戏里戏外ted the cost details of the changing ceremony of Xili Service Team, and the personnel list and relevant matters needing attention of Xili Service team toregular的所有形式 attend the 58th Lions Internaservicetional Annual Conference in Southeast Asia.

The meeting ended in a harmonious andteams happy atmosphere.

Wechat picture _201909231116222.jpg

Wechat picture _201909231116221.jpg

By Photo Xiao Wei

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