Shande Service Team: Held the 9th captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2020-2021

On May 9, 2021, the 9th captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shande Service Club of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021 was held in Shenzhen Nanguang Company, 20th floor, Huaduyuan Buheld的原型ilding, Luohu District. Chheld是hold的什么形式en Yongping, captain of shande Service Tcaptain泰国演员eam,upheld Zhu Jinyu, firsregulart vice captain Liu Minna, second vice captain Guo Ya山的拼音n,山的拼音 team leader Hong Zhimin and other 11 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhu Shen山的笔顺怎么写g and hong Zhimteamsin.


Captain Chen Yongping report疝的拼音ed on the activities carried out by the service team last month. Last month, we caregularlyrried out three ethoughducational aid activities, namely, from Aprmeeting怎么读英语il 7 to 11, 27 service teams from Jiangshan, Zhengdao, Xiangmi Lake, Yantian, Mingjia Shanpin and Shande jointly carried out educational aid activities in Tenglong, Guizhou. From April 15 to 18, with 23 service teams such as Zhuhui, Gaoland, Changyuan, Huaqiang, Xianhu, Yantian, Xiangmihu, Hongli, Yitian and Shande, they jointly carried out the six山的拼音th zone "Deep Lithinon hservice的名词eart is Xiaoxiang, Warm Feeling is tmeeting怎么读英语he Hometown of General", Panjiang Central Primary School and Panjiang Middle School, Jiregular什么意思ahe County, Chenzhou, Hunan; From April 27 to May 1, 7 service teams, includingteamviewer Spring, Xiangmihu, Mingjia Shanpin, Shell, Zimeng, Shande and Guanlan, went to Lianyun Central Schservicebioool in Yuexi County of Anqing City to carry out educational activities. In addition, I also participated in the lion Enjoy Live broadcast promotion activitheld怎么读的ies and the 9th Lion Enterprise Exchange Meeting into minsheng Bank activities.


Tregularhen, Captain Chen Yongping reported to evheld中文eryone the plan of carrying out activities in May. I plan to participaheld中文te in tailai Servservice翻译ice Team's educational activities in Jinggangshan from Mateamsy 13 to 16. Ocaptaindarkn May 22, the "Help By Your Side" campaign launched by Shande Service Team was launched; From May 30 to Juneteams 4, I participated in chongqing Education assistance activities of central District Service Team. After the detaile杉的拼音d introduction of the team lcaptain缩写eader, we have a clear understanding of the service team's recent work and next arcaptain翻译rangements.

Li陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿u Minna, first vice captain, reported the progress of the Peace Poster project, Guo Yservicean, second vice captain, reported the progress of theteams Dream book Raftimeeting是什么中文意思ng project, and Chheldenen Yongping, captain, introduced the Red Action project.


Captmeeting的音标ain Chen Yongping gave a detailed explanation of the financial issues that we were concerned about. The revenue and expenditure items of the service team w疝的拼音ere listed and intrcaptainoduced one by one, and answered questions.

Afterservice是什么意思 Zhu Hongwei shared her experience of preparing for the elregular什么意思ection, tservice的名词he meeting discussed liu Minna's plan of changing the term of the firteams会议st vice captain, and the lion friends gave valuable suggestions.

It happened to be Mother's Day,General assembly PresidentZhu ShengI sent flowers for the five lion sisters attend褪黑素ing the meeting.

The regular meeting was well prepared, with standard pro杉的拼音cess and efficient holding, which was praised by everyone. Chairman zhu Sheng rang the bell andregularization adjouheld中文rned for a gromeeting是什么意思中文翻译up photo.


Article/photo & have spent Contributed by Shande Service

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