Long-term Service Team: Convened the eighth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On April 25, 2021, the eighth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club long-term Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in mingxiang Seafood Restaurant, Huafa North Road,regularly Futian District. Long-term service team captain Zhen Yongqian, last capt龙蛇演义ain Zheng Jianhai, theregularity second vice cregular是什么意思英语aptainregular什么意思 Guo Qmeetingsiang, seighth是什么意思英语ecretary Wu Yiying, financial fan Liangming, general affairs Ma Xiujie, picket Zhou Jun, captain team members Huang Tingyin, Yang Weisong, Yan Zhuzhu and other 18 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhou Jun and presided over by Yang Weiteamprosong.

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Former Captain Yim introduced andeighth怎么读 reviewed the activities of the long Term Service Team this yserviceear. Guo Qiang, executive chairman of "Help bterminologyy Your Side" first aid training activity, shared the experience of the activity; Zeng Xiaoling, executive Chairman of Red Action, said that this activity is the firtermst time for the long Term Service team to carry out independently, which has accumulated experience for the team to indepeteam什么意思ndently undertake red Action in the future. Maeighth怎么读 xiujie shared her experservicebioience of participatin龙猫g in student education activities and inspired everyone to participate in tlonghe journey of soul improvementmeeting怎么读英语.

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Fan Liangming toeighth什么意思 do the financial report, zhen Yong introduced the former captain of the long-tertermsm service team next work arrangement.

At the awarding ceremony, Former Captain Yim presented and wore MEDALS to the lion friends who had donated the Chinese Lion Award to the Semeeting是什么中文意思rvice team.

Chairman zhou Jun rang the bell to announce the end of the 8th regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club lonservice是什么意思中文翻译g Term Service Team 2020-2021.

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By Wu Ytermiteiying

Photo/Ma Xiujie, Zhu Li

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