Mile Service team: Love groups spread love

Mile Service team: Love groups spread love

On October 29, 2018, Yang Shuijin, leader of the 2018-2serviceman019 Mileaservice是什么故障灯ge Service Team of Sspread怎么读henzhen Lions Club, Li Chao, leader of the care team and Wu Haifang, deputy leader of the team, made a spe弥勒佛cial trip to guangdonglove is gone英文翻译 Provincial People's Hospital to visit Lin Lihua's mother and present love and condolence money to her on behateam是什么意思翻译lf of 107 members of the mileage Sspreading什么意思ervice team.

Lin mother because of kspreadnee inserviceflammation in hospital surgery replacement秘乐短视频, has basically respread是什么意思啊covered, the old mother saw from Shenzhen specially came lion friend very happy, happy to chat with everyone, the state of mind is very good,米勒手表 to vi秘乐短视频sit the lion frservice的名词iendlovely翻译 is also very happy.

The mileage service team always cares for those who need help. The mileage Care team transmits love and warmth to the peoplgroupstare around us. We believe that the power of "love" makes the world better!

By Wu Haifang & NBSP; Photo/Wu Haifang

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