Not as happy as the future of the new lion generation

Not as happy as the future of the new lion generation

Lunzhuang culture is one of the characteristics of lion culture. Generally speakilion的音标ng, lions only have the opportunity to serve as the captain once in their servichappy什么意思e life. The captainew是什么意思英语n plays a leading role in the service teamfuture翻译, being the navigator and commander who leads the whole team forward. However, the captain must not fight alone. The capgenerations日本组合tain's team is his biggest supporternew怎么读, and the collaborative work among the team members will strongly promgeneration英语ote the service team to achieve the set annual goals.

From May 2happysugarlife6 to 27, Shenzhen Lions Club held the 2018-2019 Annual leadership lion Club club Seminar. Duringhappy的反义词 this period, reporters from Shenzhen Lion News Agency intehappylambbarnrviewed mannew的反义词y team memgeneration翻译bers and recorded the different happiness and feelings of lion friends in the seminar fhappy张江rom another Anglehappy翻译.

During the ice-breanewspaperking part of the seminar, more thannewgrounds 700 lion friends from various sernew balancevice teams formed a ring track and passed thlion复数e goldlionelen football to the tune of the World Cup theme song. When the music stopped, the lion friends with the ball at their feet had tonew perform or receive a small "punishment". On the stage, a push - up, a dance song, the audience laughter and applause here and there. Xu Tong, the third vice-captain of the classic Service Team, sang "Heavenly Road", immersing many lion frigenerations翻译ends in her wonderful singing...

Mr Kai Ping-ying, first Vice-captain electfuture翻译 oflionel the Evangelical ServiceShe admitted that she knew too little about lions Club. Through systematic and standalionelrdized trainhappying in this seminar, she deeply realized the great responsibility of the firgeneration的意思st vice captain and enhanced the relationship with ohappy张江ther lions during the training. She is pafuture bassrnew的反义词ticularly grateful for the efforts of the Lectugeneration的意思rers and hopes to join the Lecturers and manew balanceke efforts tfuture是什么牌子o inherifuturehendrixt lion culture.

Ho Dong-yueh, first Deputy captain of spring ServiceHe has always been commitnew的反义词ted to public welfare. His foundation provides educational services to many schools every year, but he stfutureillgeneration的意思 feels that individual pgeneration的意思ower is small. He said that thfuture怎么读音rough the seminar, he found thnewsat there alionsre many lion friends like him who are silently serving the society and feel the powlioneler of the team. He hoped to help more people in need together with them.

Li Li, second Vicefuture糖果-clion怎么读aptainhappy怎么读 elect of Hong Ya ServiceThe word most frequently mentioned was "gratitude." She was gfuture4200rateful for the knowledge, friendship, and positive energy she gained in thhappy翻译is loving orlion复数ganization. Aphappy的比较级preciate the training to clarify their responsibilities and work priorities.future是什么意思 She said she would do hhappylambbarner best tonew balance assist the team leader in the implementation of the annual work plan and share her knowledge of lion managegeneration gapment with thfuture翻译e team members.

Mrgeneration x y z区别 Miu Yi, second Deputy Captain designatefuture of Treasure ServiceDue to a bad cold, I wanted to refuture是什么意思st in the hotel room, but when LION friends mentioned all kinds of wonderful traininfuture是什么意思g, I couldn't help followinnewsg other lion friends to the venue, listening to thegenerations lecturers' wonderful speeches, and takinghappy pictures of the lecturers' PPT with my mobile phone... Unexpectedly, I made it to the end of thfuture是什么牌子e seminarlions英语怎么读.  

Wong Yiu Wu, the third vice-captain designate of Lion Love Football Service teamI have been a member of lions club for 5 years. Hgenerations日本组合e said that since joining the club, he has participated in many service activities and seldom thought deeply about and understood the lions culture. What impressehappy的比较级d him most during the training was that in lion club service, "giving money" is important, but only byhappy birthday "paying attention to daily lion work" and taking part in the service and lion work activities, can people around him be truly affected.

As a senior volunteer in Shenzhen, Gao Yalionkknmin, joined the Beishan Servfuture是什么牌子ice team for more than 2future翻译 years. She said that this was the first time for her to attend the seminar as the secretary designate. During the seminfuture bassar, she learned more about the Lifuturelearnons Club, further clarifiedfuture怎么读音 the responsibilities of each position in the service team, and felt the warmth of the organization from the communication with other lions.

Ms To Fong Fong, Treasurer designate, Spark ServicesShe mentnew怎么读ioned that although thlione training of the financial team was only onhappy的比较级e morning, she systematically understood the responsibilities and working process of the financianew balancel team, effectively differefuturehendrixntgeneration翻译iated the use of "servicfuturee funds" and "administrative funds", and was full of confidence in the financial management of the service team.

Wu Zhijiafuturehendrixn of xinan Service team, Yu Fangfei of sprlioneling service team, Huang Weiqiang of mileage service team, Chi Jiangang of Taishan Service team, Wang Nina of OCTThe lion friends were also interviewed by the Shenzhen Lion News Agency, and they all expressed their figenerationalrm support for the clean-futurehendrixup and rectification work, andlion是什么意思 always maintained their entnew的反义词husiasm for publgeneration怎么读ic welfare undertakings. Underhappy的副词 the leadership of President-elect Ma Min, the lion shofuture是什么牌子w new momentum and share the new lion generation.

Finally, let's conclude this interview with gao Jian's impression of the sailing service team: We cohappy的反义词me tohappylambbarngether because of a trushappy翻译t; Because of a comminew的反义词tment, we trialsgenerational and hardships; Because of a dream, we go all out; We move forward because of a result; Because of a miracle, we crfuturehendrixeated together; Can not unite the mind, we unite the goal, we come for the rhappy张江esult, we whappysugarlifeork together! We fight side by side, we together to glory! One family, one heart, one thing, a lifetime!

[Text] Sgeneration gaphen Shi News Agency tang Quanhui, Liu Jun

[Photo] Wnew怎么读ang Haibin, Chen Weiming, Shenshi News Agency

[Edit] Jiang Xie Zhen, Shenshi News Agency

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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