Focus on national Disabled Day to help disabled people run

  Focus on national Disabled Day to help disabled people run

On May 20, 2018, on the occasion of the 28th National Day fnationalitiesor Helping the Disabled, the 12th "Sharing sunshine Love Crossing" caringpeople翻译 activity and the 4th "Barrier-f大运通天ree" Fun Rfocuson翻译中文un join大爷不买高铁票称在铁路工作40年tly spodisabled造句简单nsored by Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federatpeople怎么读ion, Shenzhen Municipal Care Office and Shenzhen Evening News and supported by Shenzhpeople的复数形式en Lions Club was held as scheduled by shenzhen Bay. More than 100 disabled people from didisabledfferent districts of Shenzhen ran along the boardwalk with shenzhen Liopeople是单数还是复数ns Club, enjoying the accessibility of the city and feeling the power of lpeopleife in natu大鱼re and sports.

Lipeoplen Jie, municipal Standing Committee member andisabled翻译d Head of ufocuson翻译中文nited Front Work Department, Hou Yisha, President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Ding Shizhao, part-time Vice President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and Editor-in-chierun是什么意思f of Shenzhen Evening News, Chen Li, full-time deputy Director of Shenzhen Care Office, Ma Min, 2018-2019 president designate of Shen润滑油zhen Lions Club, Liao Ronghui, Deputy Director of Supervision in 2017-2018, Peng Daojian, Director of General Affairs, Li Feng, Zheng Huoping, Chairman of The 1st Zone, Nie Xiangdnational dayong, C闰年的判断方法hairman of the 5thhelping Zone, He Xinru,helpless Lian Wei, Huang Shaofang, Wen Yaoliday, Rong Jing, Deputy Secretary-general designate infocusing 2018-2019,help out More than 20 lion friends, including li Zhou, Ru Chunxu, Fang Shilei, Chen Qunhao, Li Chunchang, Li Xia闰年的判断方法ng, Chen Nianzhong, Cui Weiying and other district chairmans-elect, participated in the activity and cheered for the fun Run.闰月

The activity cdisabled是什么意思ombines "Love crossing" with "Fun running", allowing disabled peodisabled翻译ple to enjoy love and sunshine under the blue sky just like healthy people. At the scene of the actipeople是可数名词还是不可数名词vity, lion friends and volunteers carried wheelchairs and provided on-site guidhelpingance for the disabledpeople是单数还是复数. Busy as a lark.

The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 1 million yfocus用法uan to the Municipal Dfocuskyisabled people'speople是什么意思 Federation for the purpose of improving thfocus怎么读e lives of the disabled from low-income familifocuses in Shenzhen. In addition, she润滑油nzhen Lions Club will also carry out "Empowerment-Shenzhen-Lion Public Welfare School", "Empowerment-Most Beautiful Stage", "Empowerment-Maker Space -- Most Beautiful Balcony", "Empowerment-100 policy advocacy" and other servicedisabled造句 activities to provide all-round material and spiritual services for the disabled.

Ma Min, the incoming president, said that helping the disabled is one of the sfocusingixhelpless service directions of Shenzhen Lions Club. Shenzhen Lions Club has more th闰年的判断方法an 140 service teams, which carrynational翻译 out various kinds of projects for the disabled all year round. Lion fnationalrdisabled造句简单带翻译ihelplessends are willingfocus用法 to provide hepeople币lp for the disabled, and the spirit of self-improvement of t大鱼海棠he disabled also makes liorunning mann friendspeople是单数还是复数 feel the power of life. She mentioned that in the New Year, The Shenzhen Lions Club will continue to combine "teach pfocusingeople to fish" with "teach people to fish" and hold six pfocus翻译rofessional skills training courses in shenzhen to help the disabled find jobs. Establishing a maker space for the disabhelpled and incubating entrepreneurship projects for the disabled; Encourage people with disabilities to go out of their homes and integrate into society to help thrunem achieve greater value in lnational空调ife.

Ma Min, president-elnational音标ect, was ddisabled造句eeply impressed by大英公务员 the participation in the barrier-free fun Run. In her opinion, as a social organization, Shenzhen Lions Cludisabled翻译b sh润物细无声ou大鱼海棠ld not only give full play to its or闰怎么读ganizational advantages, gathepeople英语怎么读r social strength and promote the integration of disabled and health, but also become a supplement to the official power and a link between the official and civil society to better serve the society. She called on more caring peodisabled是什么意思ple tdisabledo care for disabled friends, give them more understanding, respect and help, improve their social status and promote their equal participation in socidisabled造句al life.

For many years, Shenzhen has benational是什么意思en c大鱼简谱ommitted to buildi润滑油ng a barrier-free city. This young city has defended the dignity of enational空调very resident with its unique insist大鱼海棠ence. Barrier-free construction is a public welfare facility thanationalt facilitates all citizens to parti大伊在人线一二区免费cipate in social activities. It is also andisabled是开启还是关闭 important link for disabled people to integrate into society and share urban development. Lin jie, points out that shrunenzhen will use general design idea,helper develop and practice of barrier-free "standard" in shen大运通天zhen, to mobilize all social forces, information resources, sensing technology, strengthenpeople币 the "barrier-free" shenzhen cityhelped copeople是单数还是复数nstruction, the implementation of "shenzhen" barrier-fre闰年e city, improve the power, shape the whole society barr大约是爱ier-free fusion vulnerable groups闰怎么读 developing humanistic spirit, promotepeople怎么读 urban dev大鱼简谱elopmehelp的用法nt and temperature.

Along the seaside boardwalk of Shenzhen Bay Park, disabled people pu大英公务员sh their whehelpedelchairs fast, running for happiness, running for public welfare and running for health, instead of pursuing results. From Sunrise Theatre to Lu Harbour in North Bay, nearly 5 km of beautiful seaside scenery allows FOD to enjoy the beaut大赢家iful moments of nature and sports. Shenzhen Lion friends in white T-shirts can be seen everywhere on the track, following closely behinrunning mand the runners and helping them to the finish line if needed.

Along the way, lion friends also saw a lot of touching shots: the old couplhelpede helping each other, eyes can not see but brisk大爷不买高铁票称在铁路工作40年, nopeople可数吗t lazy athletes...... In reality, as long as the heart to experience,nationalstadium to feel, life is fhelp怎么读ull ofpeople怎么读 sunshine and joy.

【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Su Zhuangbin

[Editor] Ma Huifocusky是什么软件juan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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