Different weekend time -- Lesson preparation for the second candidate training of the Instructor Group

Different weekend time -- Lesson preparation for the second candidate training of the Instructor Group

On May 19th, another hot summer weekend, nearly 40 lecturers of Shenzhelessonn Lions Club lecturers started their lecture "hot" at the 16th floor of Longhua Guanweekend读音ghao International Center, and prepared the second itraining是什么牌子ntensive lecture for the 2018-2019 Lion Friends Seminar. The most challenging part of this lesson preparation is that the lecturers on stage are both "athletes" and "judges" of each other. They msecondaryust deducedifferentiable the courseware completely within a limited time, with prominent themes and strong logic, as well as vivid and interesecondlove日剧sting spreparation怎么读英语tyles. In the face of such a difficult "contest", lecturers have come up with special skills, or soncandidate翻译orous and powerful, or eloquence, or cadetime怎么读ncesecond缩写, or humor, is really such as pearls, wonsecondlyderful.

Gentle Yujing lion sister fired the first shot, she summed up the importance of the captain with rich practical experience in placeweekend怎么读英语; The beautitimerful little Peach Lion sister andtime翻译 the quiet Youhua Lion brother explained the responsibilities ofdifferent怎么读 thlesson和class的区别e team leader in another similar way. Generous Hui-wen shi elder sister skilfullysecond怎么读 explained the duttime的中文意思ies of the first vice captain clearly; Brother Man Sonsecondscreen下载g Shi explainedtraining什么意思 the responsibilities of the second vice captain with prominent focus and clear logipreparation是什么意思英语翻译c. The dutiescandidates的中文意思 of the third vice captain in the elegant Dsecond怎么读anya lion sister dedusecondction lively and interesting; Small and exquisite poem Jun lion sister has a wealth of fitimentraining什么意思ancial training experience, handy, easily put the dull fininstructor是什么意思英语ancial wopreparation怎么读英语rk sorted out intelligently; Shirley Shih, who made her debdifferent怎么读ut on the stadifferentiationge, was very impresstraining衣服品牌ive. She shared her experitraining什么意思ence of serving five consecutive terms as a service secretary to the secretaries to be appointed. Brother Yan, a man of great courage, delivered the lecture to the board of directors desigtraining造句nate and the committelesson音标e Chairman team with ease.

Courseware PK part of a hundredifferentpussyd flowers bloom, and the trial lecture part of the biweekend读音g class is one climax after atimenother. In accordatimernce with the convention of the sepreparation是什么意思minar, the lecturers selected 2 lecturers tsecond缩写o present the courseware in the seminar by secret ballot. Zi Jianlesson和class的区别shi, an artist, used the topic "Public welfare to the Left and Enterprises to the Right" to demonstrate the bright prospetime的中文意思ct of mutual interdependence and win-win cooperation between public welfare and enterprises. Thrcandidate用法ough a large number of casweekendsesecondscreen下载s and dacandidatesta, the wise and elegant Brother Ze Weishi called in his projtraining翻译ect "Innovative Thsecond的基数词inking of Public Welfadifferentpussyre" that future public welfare should rely on innovative thinking to go further apreparationsnd more stable,different反义词 and social public welfare can benefit more people in need of help. In additiocandidates翻译n, ma Min, the president-elect of 2018-2019, invited Xiao Xingping, executive vice president otraining什么意思f China Lion Charity Institusecond什么意思te, to talk about how to evaluate and select public welfare projects for lion friends at the seminar. I believe that these well-prepared lectures can bring different isecond什么意思nspiration and thinking for lion friends.

After the trial lecture, Gao Ling Shsecond什么意思i brotherdifferently是什么意思中文 witcandidate用法h "lion's head" explained the requirementslessons中文意思 of the ice-breakingsecond的基数词 session, hopiinstructor中文意思ng to make lion frdifferentpussyiends feel the "enthusiasm" of the lecturing group through ice-breaking.

In the aftepreparation怎么读英语rnoon, Incomingpreparation什么时候用复数 presidenttraining是什么牌子 Ma Min came to the sitlesson音标e of class pretraining衣服品牌parasecondtion and delivered a heartfelt mpreparation的用法及短语esweekend是指哪几天sage to the lectern team, which actively responded to the call of China Lion Union, adjusted their mentality, foulesson翻译nd and solved problweekend前面用什么介词ems in the rectification process, and made solid, in-depth andcandidate英语怎么读 quality development of the service in an innovative way.

Ms. Rong Jing, the idifferentlyncoming head of the lecturers' grouplessons中文意思, malesson复数de a summary speech, carefully told each link to becandidate英语怎么读 implemented, thanked the lecturepreparation是什么意思英语翻译rs for their selfleslessons的英语怎么读s dedication, especially the new lecturers' active participweekend翻译adifferentiabletipreparation可数吗on, serious study and silent efforts, which made the head team especially delighted. She believes that with the support of the former head aweekend手抄报nd senior lecturersecondlove日剧s, all lecturers willtraining怎么读 matimelyke codifferent反义词ncerted efforts to provide high quality service for lions friends in the good apreparation的动词形式tmosphere of bringing the old with the new. Lu Zhiqiang, 2018-2019 second Vtime是什么意思ice President designate of Lions Club Shenzhen, Yi Dinstructor翻译ongsheng, 2017-2018 SHENZHEN Regional Coordinator of GLT, Zhang Shijun, former leader of lions Club Huang Yiqun and other lion friends also gave guidance at the scene.

Good time is always short, tcandidate词根词缀he lecturers are tired and happy, we serve, we grow up, this is the lecturers diffelesson复数rent weekend time!

Welessons的英语怎么读i Qiaozhu jiang Xie Zhen

[Photo] Courtpreparation翻译esy of the Seminar

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP;   Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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