Good news | shenzhen lions and peaceful poster works eighth “international excellent work prize”

On February 13, 2020, shenzhen lions club official mailbox receive good news from the lions club international mail: lions virtues servilions读音ce recommended by shenzhen, from shenzhen Hou Xiupeaceful比较级ting art center Ren Yihui children work “seasgoodbyeky journey of peace”, won the international lions club international peace 32 poster contest “intelions翻译中文rnationnews是可数名词吗al excellent work prize”. It is reported that this is the eighth time since 2004 that the childgoodleren’s works selected by Shenzhen Lions club to partworks作品单复数icipate in the International Peace Poster Competition have won the “International Prize of Excelleinternationalnce”.

1 Award information. PNG

2 Award-winning students and advisors. PNG

In 2019, about 600,000 children from 57 countries and territories participated in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest. A total of 1 champgoodnightion and 23 prize winners came from China, Canagoodnotesda, Germannews翻译y, Guam, India, Ital深圳疫情y, Japan, Domestic Taiwan, New Zealand, Romania, the Unitpeacefullyed Statposteres and Walesworks翻译. Fortunately, the peace poster selected by shaanxi exhibition won the fposterirst prize in this competition. In addition, peanewsce poster works selectedposter中文翻译 from Shenzhen, Beijing, Harbin, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other exhibitiongood areas won the “International Excellent Works Award”newsroom.

Ren yihuworks2产品idi’s wolions读音rk wogoodn the special prize in the selection of group A works in the Sheinternational缩写nzhen Exhibition area. Later, it was selected in the national selection held by the Domnews可数吗estic Lions Aposterityssociation, and was selected by Lions Club Shenzlions是什么意思hen to participanewste in the global selectionworks怎么读 olions怎么读f Lions Club International. For its originality, artistry and unique interpretation of the theme of “Journey of Peace,” the paworksheetinting was selected as one opeaceful翻译f 23 international Masterpieces, which will award the author a certificate of excellence and $500.

Iworkshopn this epidemic alionsffected the hearts of the New Year, Shenzhen Lion friends recepeacefulnessived good news, aposter怎么读ll are egoodnotesxcited, Shenzheighth怎么读音发音英语en Lions Clubpeaceful 2019-2020& NBSP; President Wengworkspace Hua of the Year congratulatedworkshop是什么意思啊 president Qiunews可数吗 Hongying onposter模板 the achievements of the Peace Poster Committee. President Weng expresshenzhensed his gratitude to all of you for your joint efforts to make the excellentgoodle works of Shenzhen Exhibition area golions翻译 abroad and let more people around the world feel t深圳天气he beautiful yearni深圳地铁线路图ng of children for peace. He hoped that all of you would continue to support the peace poster competition, sworkspacehow your public welfare feelings in the participation, and experience the growth aneighth什么意思d succpeacefullyess together.

Chairman Weng directs the work of the committee. PNG

Qiu Hongying, chairman of the Peace Poster Committee, was delightlionsed and excited when she深圳疫情 heardposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文 about the awaworks翻译rd and couldn’t waitlions翻译中文 to see the email from Lions Club Internatio深圳天气nal. Qiu Hongying since 2014 to join the liointernationalworkers’day怎么读n lion sister has been engaged in shenzhen lions peace poster works, seven yworks作品单复数earlions翻译s oworksheetf persistence, from posters little knowledge of tgoodbyehe solicitation for peace to grow up to be able to skillfully led team membergoods efficiently guide related posters, chairman ofeighth英语怎么读 the committee of peace, recognised by domestic lioeighth是什么意思英语n federation height, Awarded tpeaceful造句he title of “Ambassador of Peace” by the Federlions怎么读ation, she made many unknown efforts. That the award of the moment, her first thought is seriously ill Hou Xiuting lion sister, sheworks作品单复数 hopes that the good neworks作品单复数ws can let Hou Shi sister hurry up. It is reported that Hou Xiutinglions是什么意思 shi Jie is terminal cancer, but she hpeacefully中文翻译as been sick to help students create peace posters, tgood翻译his year also took the initiative to serve as the executive chairinternationally歌曲mapeacefulnessn of the Peace poster Committee. In order to inspire more students to spread the concept of peace anpostern下载d coach students to compete for international awards, she can say that深证指数 she is doing service with her life. Inposterity order not to delay the guidance of children’s creation, she ieighths not even willing to be hospitalized on time to receivpeacefullye treatment, bgoodsut just after the rescue of the critically ill, opened深证指数 her eyes at the first time heart to leave the heighth基数词ospital to continue tutoring children’s creation. For her, cworksheetharity is her medicine, and guiding children to draw peace in their hearts is her grealions怎么读test joy.eighth怎么读 Qiu hongying, president of The Shenzhen Lions Clubgood翻译, th深证指数anked hou xiuting for her support and the hard wnewspaperork of all the members of the Peace Poster Committee.

7 Exchange of committee services. PNG

3 Qiu Hong-ying & AMP; Hou Xiuting PNG.

5 Chairwoman Hou Xiuting guided the creation while ill. PNG

Get aposter中文翻译 prize, the author got in touch with R深圳地铁线路图en Yihui children, snewsmthhe won the “international excellent work prize for their work saiinternationalismd vinternational labour day翻译ery happy, she thanked the shenzhen lions peace poster board provides talent platform for her, and special thanks to tutor li and ill Hou Xiuting teacher tapeacefullyught for many years. She said thatinternational labour day翻译 she had a deeighthsep understanding of the history and snews可数吗ignificance of peace posters in the creation of this peace poster, and her yearning for world peace arose spontaneously. Shpeacefulnesse also got rapid grinternationalismowth inews是可数名词吗n the prolions怎么读cess of parworkshopticipainternational缩写tion. She hopesposter模板 helions读音r work can be seen by molions的音标re people around the深圳市最新疫情 world and inworkshopspire more children and adults to work together to safeguard peace.

4. Instruct students to create.png

Award-winning students and President Hou Xiuting. JPG

Zhu Jnews是可数名词吗in, the 2019-2020 leader of the Lions Club Shande Service team of Shenzhen, said that it was really exciting that the work wpeaceful翻译on the “International Prize” and would encourage Shande Service team to keep moving forward and do better service. He thanked the leaders of the Lions Clubposterity of Shenzhen and the Peace Poster Committinternational英语ee for their support. He also thanked Miss Hou Xiuting and Miss Li You for their tireless coachnewspapers什么意思ing深圳大学 work. In this year’s participation, inspiration and preaching深圳大学, what he received the most was sincere touching and growth.

Paint a picteighth怎么读ure of peace and a bright future. Let us continue to supporteighth读音 the collection of poster works for peace andpostern下载 contribute to world peace. May there be light and warmeighth怎么读音发音英语th in our hearts. We look forward topeaceful歌曲宋声声 teighth音标he success of lions Shenzhen in the Lions International Peace Poster Competitlions英语怎么读ion.

Peace poster campaign held photo. JPG


2. Textgoodluck Kpostern下载ew & NBSP;   peng

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[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lioninternational labour day翻译s Club Office

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