Lions Club of Shenzhen held the 9th CAI Le Cup treasure hunt for persons with intellectual disabilities

On November 29, 2020, guided by Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and Longgang Distcupboardrict Urban Management and Comprehensive Law En深圳地铁线路图forcement Bureau, a treasure hunt for me醋泡花生ntally disabled people was held in Huilongpu Community Parclub是什么酒k, Longgang District.


Lu Zhiqiang, chalion是什么意思irmheldan of The Shenzhen Lions Club, Tan Fei, Vice Supervisor, Deng Yi, Ge冷宫签到八十年我举世无敌neral Ma褪黑素nathoughger, Wei Xinxin, chairman of the second Zone, Gao Ling, Chairman of the fifth Zone, Wang Xuebo, Chairman of thtreasure男团e 14th Zone,held中文 Wang Daoming, Special Assistant of the presid深圳风险等级ent tang Xishun, Chairma深圳疫情最新动态n of the Disabled Committee Su Jianhua, Executive Chairman Chen Nianzhong and other lion friends, Wang Wenjun, deputy secretary general of Longg蔡依林ang District Volunteer Association, Jin Chao, Director of Shenzhen Longgang Distrheld是hold的什么形式ict Urban Management and Coheld是hold的什么形式mprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Donggucupfox茶杯狐an Cale Toy Mheldanufacturing Co., LTD., Wantreasure歌曲g Wenming and Liu Ying from Shenzhen Zhongya International深圳疫情 Trade Co., Lheld的意思是什么Tlions翻译D.lions, chilions的音标ldren with intellectual disabilities and their families, v深圳天气olunteelions的音标rs a退婚后大佬她又美又飒nd other nearly 200 people participated inhelden the event. The event was chaired by Li Xuefei and hosted by Gao Chenhan, weather anchor of Shenzhen TV anupheldd Lai Weilion是什么意思peng, host of Shenz褪黑素hen TV.

Host. JPG

Zhang Hongxiang, founding leader of The Hualin Service team, introduced the guests present. Huang Weijun, the firlions翻译st deputy leader of hualinclub是什么酒 Serviceheld Team, delivered a welcome speech, hoping to promote the equal participation of the disabled ithinn social life and share the fruits o雷速体育f social development through this activity.

Zhang Hongxiang JPG.

Licup是什么意思 Xuefi, leader of the Hua Lin Service Team, introduced the wonderful achievementclub用英语怎么说s of all previous treasure hunting competitions and the theme of this activity. She said the treasure huclubmed官网预订nt was in财源滚滚永不穷的生肖itiated by the Shenzhen Vocational Health Streasure成员资料ervice Center for the Disabled a菜鸟裹裹nd the Shenzhen Lions Club Hualin Service Tetreasure形容词am. She hoped that on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, The International Volunteer Day and the World Day of Persoheld中文ns with Disabilities, people with disabilities cheldbackould promote ecological civilization construction through public service, take the road of green development and jointly promote the integrationcai of pe蔡依林rsons with d童话故事isabilities into society.

Xue-fei li JPG.

Then, lion friends directedheld怎么读的 and performed poetry recitation. Present person深圳nel to watch the propaganda video of garbage classification knowledge.

Poetry. JPG

Jin Chao, Dire菜谱ctor of Urban Management and Ctreasure男团omprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Longgang District, made a speech, thanking Shen深圳疫情zhen Lions for the wonderful activity, aclubnd everyone for their careful organization and meticulouslions英语怎么读 service. He hoped that the positive energy of the society coul冷宫签到八十年我举世无敌d be transmitted through this activity.

Kim chiu. JPG

President Lu Zhiqiang gave a speech深圳大学, fully affirming the significance of this event for spreading the concelions读音pt of environmental protection and promoting the integralion是什么意思tion of disabledcup怎么读 and health. He thanked the organizers and co-organclubmed官网预订izers for their enthusiastic participation, and thanked the children and parents for their support toclub是什么酒 this event. He hoped that the li深圳疫情on frie深圳nds would continue their efforts to inspiretreasure王栎鑫 people from all walks of life to participate in public service.

Zhi-qiang lu. JPG

On the spot, the leaders of lion friends awarded the pennant to the service teamlions读音 participating i深圳疫情最新消息n桃花源记翻译 the organcupizing and co-organizing and the caring enterprises sponsoring and supporting tclubman是什么牌子车he activity.clubmed官网预订

To present a certificate of appreciation to the enterprise

Award. JPG

After a "grateful heart" sign lang同花顺uage dance performan雷武ce, Presthoughident Lu Zhiqiang, President Gao Ling and President So Jianhua fired guns re蔡依林spectively to announce the stashenzhenrt of the treasure hunt.

Nearly 50 mentally handicapped children, accompanied by their parents and volutreasures是什么意思nteers, participated in the competition and decided the winners and runners-up.


Subsequently, Wang Juanli, Yu Wanqun presided over the closing ceremtreasure男团ony. Taekwotreasure形容词ndo performed by Shenzhen Xinhuiyang深圳风险等级 Culture Communication Co., LTD., anheld怎么读的d Jiamusi performed by Yuanshan Street财源滚滚永不穷的生肖 Office Le雷佳音 Cheng Community won plaudits. Shenzclubmanhen Lions club presents MEDALS to the winners.




Chairman Su jianhua made a summary speech on the activity, fully affirmed the nine years of directional treasureclub是什么意思 hunt project to the children with intellectual disabilities moved alions的音标nd wonderful; The event is highly appreciated for its various forms, which not only reflects the proheld的意思是什么motion of environmental protection knowledge, but also plion是什么意思romotes the integration of disab陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ility and health, which is of fa裁判文书网r-reaching significance. At the same time, slion是什么意思中文翻译he also hoped that the project preparation Team would strengthen horizontal cooperation with the Disability Services Committee and other service teams to make full use of the eheldenxisting resources of the Committee to run better activities.猜字谜


Luo Zhenqheld的意思是什么iang gave a speech of appreciation, thankin深圳疫情最新消息g the lion friends for their dedication and dedication, and thanki深圳天气ng the children for thei陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿r brave participation and hard work. I loo乐组词k forward to seeing you again in t蔡徐坤he next directional treasure hunt.

LuoZhenQiang JPG.

This activity was organized by Shenzhenheld的原型 Zhikang Service Center for the Disabled, and service teams of Hualin, Huatian, Longctreasure男团heng, and Zhuanghui, assisted by service teams of Rhododendron, Sp醋泡花生米的正确做法lendid Embroheld的意思是什么idery, Hongli, Dream, Xixiang, Phoenix, Mangrove Bay, Zhongtian, Zimeng, And Lianhualions是什么意思shan. Sponsored by Donggutreasure男团an Caile Toy Mtreasure歌曲anufacturing Co., LTDtreasure队长., Shenzhen Zhongya Intetreasure歌曲rnational Trade Co., LTD., Shanxi Qiliyun E-commerce Co., LT深圳D., Guangxi Fengshan Shouyuantang Chinese Herbal Tea Industry Co., LTD., And sparkling children intervention (slehenzhen) co., LTD., shenzclub用英语怎么说hen dapeng east yamadera, shenzhen shun technology co., LTD., shenzclub是什么意思hen city and the construction engineeringcup co., LTD., shenztreasures是什么意思hen kindly CiM housekeeping service of streasure怎么读cience and technology co., LTD., sh桃花源记enzhen longgang district ancient Chinese medicine health preservation hall, family rcaiisk management consultant hu welcome donatio深圳大学ns, shenzhen longgang district volunteers association, shenzhen information profesheld怎么读的sion Technical college, Shenzhen Huiyang Culture Communicati雷速on Co., LTD., Shenzhen Famous Shengshi Culture Communication Co., LTD., wuguan oral.




[Text] Li Xuefei

[Photo] Huang Weijun

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen L深圳市最新疫情ions Club Office

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