National Lions Association ya ‘an 4? Post-disaster construction assistance projects were launched

Ya ‘an National Lion Association; Post-disaster construction assistance projects were launched

            November 30, 2013, China Lions Association ya ‘an 4& Bull; 20 the launch ceremony of a series of public wepostgraduatelfare projects with a total amount of 22.984 million yuan was held in Ya ‘aassistance和help的区别n, Sichualions怎么读n province (among which shenzhen donated 6lions.774 million yuan). Mr. Tan Ronggen, former President of Lions Clulions怎么读b Internatioprojects怎么读nal, Mr. Wannational音标g Naikun, president of Lions Club Of China, and leaders from Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejpost是什么意思iang, Shaanxi, Shenyang, Harbin, Chengdu and District 303 of Hong Kong and Ma杨紫caodisaster怎么读 participated in this important historical moment.
            4& Bull; 20 Post-disaster assistance projects include:
      &nbsassociation可数吗p;     1. The lion & bullassociation可数吗 drassociation英语eams; Home Project: a totalnational怎么读 of 604 poor families with primary and secondarydisaster造句 severedisaster怎么读 disabilities were assisted to rebuild theiconstruction怎么读r homes in Lushan County aassistance怎么读nd Mingshan Distassociation怎么读rict of Ya ‘an city, with thdisaster翻译e construction amount of RMB 11 million (jointly assisted by Shenzdisaster的最高级hen, Gassistanceuangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Shenyang, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Harbin and District 303 of Hongdisaster的名词 Kong and Macao);
  &杨幂nbsp; &nassociation怎么读bsp;       2. Furnished furniture for 604 families, RMB 10,000 for each family, and donated a total of RMB 6.04 million (post是什么意思The Beautiful Home Public Welfare Fund);
      &assistance的动词形式nbsp;     3. Donated 604 wenjia Yaju brand mattresses, 1,198 yuan each, with a total value of 724association什么意思中文翻译成,000 yuan (Hong Kong Huadong Group);
            4. Assistance foassociationr the constrassistance翻译uction of Lushalionsn Lion Loveassociation和collection的区别 Sunshine Kindergarconstructionalten: 1 million yuanconstruction是什么意思 (Dalian and Zhejiang Member Manlion是什么意思中文翻译agement Committee);
            5. One millionassistance yuan for the construction of Luoba Yitian Lion Primary School in Hongya County (Shenzhen Lions Club Yitian Service Team);
      &nbspassistance的动词形式;   &nprojectsekaibsp; 6. One million yuan for the construction of Taoyuan Excellence Lilion是什么意思中文翻译on Primary School in Hongya County (Shenzhen Lions Clubprojectsekai下载 Central District Service Team);
        &nbspprojects什么意思;   7association英语. The construction amount of Hongya Zhongbaoyi Gongji Shangbu Liassociation怎么读on Primary School was 800,000 yuan (the Shangbu Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club);
          &projectsekainbsp; 8. Equipppostcarded three schools with 400,000 yuan of donated electricpost是什么意思 classrooms (Shenzhen Evening News);
            9. D杨幂onated 120,000 yuan to the construction of Spring Breeze Library (Miles service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club);
           lions英语怎么读 10. Donated 330,000 YUAN for one-tonationalstadium-one education (Mileage and departurpostgraduatee selions读音rvice team of Shenzhen Lions Club);
    &nbnational音标spostgraduatep;       11. Donated 3 ambulances wortdisaster翻译h 600,000 yuan (Beijing Membership Management Coconstructionmmittee);
            12. Assistance for the construction of health clinprojectsekai初音未来ic in Zconstruction翻译hongba Village, Baosheng Town, Lushan County: RMB 100,000 (Harbiprojects是什么意思中文n Membership Managassistance的动词形式ement Committee).
            On the morning of th杨紫e same day, the杨洋 Shenzhen Lions Club Yitian, the central district and the upper step service team raised more than 3 milldisasters怎么读语音ion yuan to build luoassociation怎么读音ba Yitian Lion Primary school, Taoyuan Excellent Lion Primary Scdisaster可数吗hoconstruction翻译ol and Zhongbaoyigongji Upper Step Lion Primary sclions是什么意思hool in Hongya, Sichuan Province, Luoba Yitian Lion primary school construction site for the joint foundation ceremony!

  &lion是什么意思中文翻译nbsp;         Thanks to all the support and participation of the service tea妖神记m! Thanks to tconstructionalhe liolion是什么意思n friends and social love!




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