The International Lion Foundation came to inspect and evaluate the construction of “Shenzhen Rehabilitation System for low vision”

International Lion Foundation to review & LDquo; Low vision Rehabilitation System in Shrehabilitation翻译enzhen & RDQUO; The construction of

          &nbspinternational缩写;   November 22-23, 2013, the international Lions Foundation inspection team of 5 people came to sconstruction翻译henzhen, inspection and evaluation & LDquo; Low vision Rehabilitation Syrehabilitation翻译stem project in Shenzhen & RDQUO; Constrevaluate名词形式uction situation in Shenzhen.
&nbsinspectp;             Launched in April 2011, the project has been under way for two and a half years. It is lelion怎么读d by theinternational缩写 Lions Club of Shenzhen, Disabled persons’ federation of shenzhen and shenzhen who as深圳疫情sistive devices equipment rescameourccamel是什么意思英语e center, longgangfoundation游戏 district committee and afoundational和fundamentalffiliatedinspection翻译成中文 DPF as disabled persons’ federation liuzhou street as kang and ping streeinternational英语t, center, shenzhen eye hospital, Peking Univerfoundation什么意思sity shevaluate和estimate的区别enzcameohen hinspection用法ospital, shenzhen second people’s hospital (general hospital), shenzhen (nanshan hospital) the sixth people’s hospital, longgang central hospiinternational labour day翻译tal, hospitaevaluate翻译中文l of division of otolaryngology, shenzhen university, John. Hopkins Uevaluate名词niversity anconstruction翻译d others are participating in the projecfoundation什么意思t.
              Lions club international, ZhongCanLian, domestic lioninternationally歌曲 federation, disabled persons’ federatrehabilitationion of shenzhen, shenzherehabilitation翻译n peolionelple, longgang district of shenzhen assistive devices center for disable深圳大学d person深圳市最新疫情s’ federation,international翻译 disabled persons’ federation, liuzhouinspector是什么意思 and ping street as kang centecamerar, sheevaluate函数怎么使用nzhen liinternationalons and low vision project management team and otherfoundation什么意思 department heads in shenzhen assistinternationalismive devices center for disablfoundationaled persons’ federation, shenzhen eye hospital, ping to health center, longgang center hospital otolaryngology hospital of division , Shenzhen Lionscame Club and other low vision rehabilitevaluate英语ation system project units did the project implementation investigation, work report, discussion and excfoundational和fundamentalhange.
          &nlion是什么意思bsp;   22, 9 a.m., compassion, and led to the various units in assinternationalismievaluatestive devices equipment resource center of shenzhen city disabled persons’ federation lions low vision rinspect和check的区别ehabillion怎么读itation and loan, assistive devices centconstruction是什么意思er focameor disabled persons’ flion翻译ederation leadership report fofoundation粉底液r three years of low vision rehabilitation department and loan deparconstructionaltmeninspection翻译成中文t work, shows the project workflow assistive devices, appliances,camera是什么意思 medical record infcameoormation, as well as the low vision.
  &inspectnbsp;           At 10:00 a.m. on 22nd, all the staff visited Shenzhen Eye Hospital. Zhao Jun, vice president of the eye Hospital, intrevaluate函数怎么使用oduced the achievements and procedures of cooperation between the eye hospital and the project in thcamele past three years as the implconstructionementation unit of the three-level evaluation department of low vision project.
At 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on 22nd, alinspection是什么意思l staff visited pingdi Street Vocational Health Center, the primary service station of the low vision project, ainternational怎么读nd Longgang District Central Hospital otolaryngology Hospital, thconstruction翻译e secondary visual assessment Department. Relevant personnel introduced the low vision project in the unit.
&cameonbsp;     &lionsnbsp;       At 9am on 23rd, the inspection team and leaders of various ucamenits visited the lions Club office of Shenzhen, andconstruction是什么意思 held a summary briefing on the low vision rehabilitation system project of Shenzhen. Xiao Xingping, the chairminternational英语an of the Low vision project and former director of Lions Club of Shenlion的中文意思zhen, made a summary report on the rehabilitation system project of low vision. Lions clubs international foundation of compassion to shenzhen llion是什么意思ion for level 3 network system c深圳onstruction as the main target of said very pleased with the results obtained, they representlion的音标 the international lions low vision rehabilitation system for sinternationalismhenzhen project team and shenzhen lions and other relevaninspection用法t dfoundationalepartments, the staff give thanks, and said the next step will consider to continue to support the in-depth development of the project phase ii.
              At 1:30 PM on 23rd, all staff attended an ainternational缩写cademic lecture on rehabilitatiinternational怎么读on of low vision helcame怎么读d in Shenzhen Eye Hospital. Expert consultants of Lion Foundation international discussed the definition, popularity, education ainspect的名词nd social factors of low vision. Gufoundationsidelines and guidelines for rehabilitation of low vision; Patient-cevaluate翻译entered assessment of linternational翻译ow vision rehabilitation; &ldquoinspection; Vision First & RDqcameuo; He gave wonderful speeches on four topic深圳市最新疫情s, including guidelines for the implementation of rehabilitation programs for low vision. The relevant personnel of the project implementation unit attended the meeting and said that they benefited a lot.
              The low vision rehabilitation projefoundation和basis的区别ct has been in operation for nearly two yearcamel读音s since its launch in 2011. The project has received strong support from Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Muni深圳天气cipal Health Commission, Shenzhen University and vinternationalismarious hospitals, and has also been promoted by Lions Club International and Lions Club shenzheninspect和check的区别 in termscamera of funding, pubevaluate是什么意思啊licity and services. This procamel骆驼ject opens up a new way to explore and try a three-level network for the rinternational labour day翻译ehabilitation ofevaluated persons with low vievaluate翻译sion, as well as the cooperation between civil society and the government. We believe that this trial will be carried out finspect翻译or the next five years by the CDPF ancame怎么读d the municipal CDPF. Five-year & throughointernational是什么意思ut; To make positive c深圳疫情最新消息ontributlionsions to the rehabilitation offoundations the disabled with low vision in China.
        &nbcameronspshenzhen;     As of the date of publication, with thinspection是什么意思e participation, support and plion复数roevaluatedmotion of the implementation units of the project and the shenzhen Lions Clucameltoe少女b low vision Project team and service teams, the construction of the three-level rehabilitation system of Shenzhen Lions Club low vision has been ininspectoritially completed. In the past three years, with the cooperation of alconstruction是什么意思英语l parties, the low vision Prcameltoe少女oject team has also established a set of screening assessment, referral, rehabilitatio深圳大学n training, assistival adaptation and rental systems for patients with low vision, and rececameived, screened, assessed and rehabilitative training for more than 3,000 patients, creating conditions for their return to society.


By Zhang Li-chen & NBSP;international labour day翻译 Pfoundation和basis的区别hoto/Zhang Lichen

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