Helping the disabled, caring for the community – Red Litchi Service team into the four seas

Helping the disabled, caring for the community – Red Litchi Service team into the four seas

&nbservicebiosp;   &into怎么读nbsp;   &nbspservice的名词;   On the afternoon of October 22,caring怎么读 2011, the gate of Sservice可数吗ihai Workstation, Merchants Stteamsreet, was bustling. Shenzhecommunity是什么意思英语n Lions Club red Li Service team joined hands with sihcommunity-basedai Community, Merchants Street, to send warmth to poor students’ families. The simple and grand donatcaring是什么意思中文ion ceremoteamsny attteamsralitchiscted thlitchi软件e surrounding rinto1小跟班esidents and passers-by to stop and watch. …
            Caring for the community is one of the main activities of hong Lai Service Team. In July this year, tanserviceg Wenping, presideteampront of the New office at the beginning of how to carry out the Red li sserviceervice team listecaring是什么意思d & LDquo; Lovecaring是什么意思中文 station ” , dinto是什么意思irecdisabled造句tional help zhaoshang street sidisabled翻译hai community of disabled people and families in need of activiticommunity怎么读音es on theredis agenda. Afteteamviewerr regular meetings of communication, discussion, combined with the resources ointo1f lion friends, the final decision, on the one hand, the continuation of the previous year red Li Service team & LDQteamproUO; Care for the elderlyinto, start from the teeth. The activity style, lion friends to raise the basic cost of the cost, and the asslitchi大疆oredmiciation gao Qucommunity翻译an Bin lion brother in the investment side of the four Scaringeas park opened & LDquo; Dentistry ” Hand in hand, carry out “ Suppdisabled造句简单orting the disabled and protecting teeth & RDQUO; Actlitchi怎么读ivities, free ocaringf charge for the disabled in the community inspection, treatment, installation of dentures. On the other hservice怎么读and, we will help the families of poor students with materials and cash.


          &nbslitchixp; The activity plan hcommunity collegeas been established, and the project team of Sister Rong Jing, Sister Wang Yanhua and Brotherlitchis Gao Quanbiteamon as the chairman and executive chairman of the activity has also been establislitchi荔枝hed imlitchi翻译mediately, and the work has been promotedcommunity造句 successively. Under the guidance of street workstdisabled造句ations, red Lservicebioivers were divided into two groups and went door to door to verify information based on a list provided by the community. To each family registration, the establishment of archivescommunity复数, so that the fuinto怎么读ture tracking adisabled怎么读ssistance.into1超话 In the viscaring怎么读it process, lion friends tlitchi怎么读o the dteamviewerifficult family because of serious disease lead to life embarrassment aninto怎么读d sad tears,serviceman but alitchi翻译lso for the housewife’s optimistic strong heart of respect, feeling a lot. In thinto是什么意思e subsequent regular meeting, we unanimously approved the supporlitchixt program for 11 poor student families. Under thred怎么读e initiative and call of President Tang Wenping, lion friends donated enthusiastically. This activity raised funds for the disabled and poverty, a total of morecaring翻译 than 23,000 yuan. …
            Witnessed by Mrdisabled电脑. Su Zeran, the first deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Wu Xiaoming, the second deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Ms. Wang Jiaoshi, the executive chairman of the Community Committee, and other district leadservice可数吗ers and community leaders, the simple and solemn donation ceremony of materials and cash bcaring和careful区别egan. Lion friends from the Red Li Service team, including Zhong Yuncaring翻译, Guo Tianhai, Chen Heng, Yan Weiwei, Rong Jing, Wang Yanhua and Gao Quanbinredmi是什么手机, gave rice, oil and red envelopes to 11 poor families. At that momeinto1成员nt, the atmosphere was warm. As the first Vired是什么意思ce Chairman Gao Quanbin said in his speech: “ Although life is sometimes cruel and fate is changeable, red Lishi friends want to prove with our practical actions that the societyteampro has not abandoned you, we will warm you with love. Let us support each other, dedichelping怎么读的ation of love, build a harmonicommunity复数ous society. ; Yes, as a member of the Red Lichli Service team, I am also grateful treduceo the red Lichli friends for their entdisabled电脑启动项husiasm to warm aservicemanll those who are sitting incommunity-based the dank, in “ Happy Service ” “Concepthelping, handservice in hcommunity是什么意思英语and warm forward.

  &nbsredmik40p;             &nbspcaringly;     &nbspinto1成员;                   &ninto怎么读bsp;                                           By Rong Jing & NBSP;     &nbspcaring和careful区别; Photo/Huang Yiqun

            &nreductionbsp;                                     &nservice是什么意思bsp;   &caring是什么意思中文nbsp; &ndisabled造句bsp;            

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